The residents of Spolat village have a close connection with greenhouses. Throughout the year they take the utmost care to ensure their lands are well kept, cultivating different agricultural crops.

This summer has found Spolat with fruitful production, but vegetables are almost free, at just 80 lekë per 1 kg.

„Tomatoes generally average a price of 130 lekë per 1 kg. However this year the price in the market is 200 lekë for one crate containing 25kg,“ said one of the farmers.

Farmers complain that they lack orientation and information from specialists of the Agricultural Directorate.

„There are no specialists who come to say what to sow this year or next year or to sign contracts, they do not even come to look at our plants,“ said the farmer.

Due to an overstocked market, farmers are being forced to throw some vegetables.

„By the end of the production, at this price, I am achieving a maximum of 10,000 lekë. The only way is to bury them in the ground as others did,“ said the farmer.

Farmers in the Spolat village say they cannot take back the money they spent, therefore they appeal to the government to create the conditions for trading their products.