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Top Ten Scandal Countdown of 2016

Special Scandal: FBI: Hillary Clinton and Bil Clinton is a mobster Gang of the Gambino Clan,

Hillary Clinton

and everybody Knows this 15 years.

The EU Delegation in Tirana, A History of MaladministrationEU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin visits Vlora. Jan. 31, 2017. Source: RTSh.

Altin Goxhaj: die Mafia, Immoblien Betrugs Geschäfte der EU Botschafter Romana Vlahutin: 1 Million € gestohlen

Nr. 11 Der neue Durres Fischereihafen ein Super Skandal, wurde von der Super Mafia besetzt und wird als Privat Hafen in diesem Baubetrug der STRABAG betrieben nie an die Regierung übergeben.

Fischerei Hafen
Fischerei Hafen Durres besetzt von der Mafia

Kühl Häuser wurden nie gebaut, Reparatur Möglichkeiten auch nicht, und der Hafen wurde im Vorsatz Betrug ebenso 50 Meter schmäler gebaut. Ein Welt Skandal. Trotz unendlicher Skandale, geben die korrupte Weltbank, EU, KfW, neue Gross Kredite.

Skandal der Fischerei Gesetze: 1995, 2002, 2005, 2007 Albania: Fishery Directorate – DREJTORIA E POLITIKAVE TE PESHKIMIT

90 % der Drogen Geldwäsche über illegale Bauten in Albanien

Romana Vlahutin: Overcharged or corrupted?

Overcharged or corrupted?

The European Commission has recently purchased a €1.65 million villa in the area of Rolling Hills on the outskirts of Tirana, Albania.


Top Ten Scandal Countdown of 2016 (Part 2)

10. EU accession

German chancellor Angela Merkel and PM Edi Rama. Source: Facebook.
German chancellor Angela Merkel and PM Edi Rama. Source: Facebook.

This is perhaps the least scandalous scandal on this list, but simply typical for the increasing arrogance and impunity with which the government has treated its citizens throughout 2016. Claiming until the very end that Albania just had to pass the vetting law, part of the overall reform of the judicial system, Prime Minister Edi Rama was very certain that this year his enormous efforts and international leadership for peace and prosperity would be rewarded with the opening of the EU accession negotiations.

Early warning signs were ignored or ridiculed. The Chairman of the EU Affairs committee of the Bundestag, who made the effort to come to Tirana to clearly state that Albania had to seriously fight organized crime, drugs cultivation, and corruption as a condition for the opening of the accession talks, was called a supporter of the opposition and irrelevant, all the while his Minister of Foreign Affairs was trying to persuade the same German of Albania’s best intentions.

When the final decision was made not to open accession negotiations – and all conditions were once again confirmed black on white – Rama was quick to once again blame anyone but his own government for the failure, and, openly supported by the EU Ambassador in Tirana, continues to bury his head six foot deep in the sand. It won’t be until 2018 before the EU will reconsider Albania.

9. Skënderbeg Square

Construction work at Skënderbeg Square. Photo © Exit.
Construction work at Skënderbeg Square. Photo © Exit.

Even before finishing the Tirana masterplan, Mayor Erion Veliaj revived Edi Rama’s old dream to transform Skënderbeg Square according to the ideas of his beloved Belgian architecture firm 51N4E (implicated by the Belgian state in Albanian corruption, and designers of the TID Tower, Edi Rama’s private house, the monuments for the victims of January 21, the Center for Openness and Dialogue, the new Theater of Opera and Ballet, and the grave of the former owner of Top Channel) and national artistic treasure Anri Sala (currently featured as “ghost participant” in the Onufri exhibition to crank up its absent prestige).

The reconstruction of Skënderbeg Square was tendered out in a less than decent way, with both construction phases going to Fusha shpk without any other competition, with oversight run by 51N4E for a handsome price. At the last minute, Edi Rama decided on a parking garage annex farmers’ market, which was, again, won by Fusha and without a doubt in full violation of multiple environmental regulations.

Total costs to the public: nearly €13 million.

8. Higher Education reform

Mirela Ruko pouring tomato sauce on Minister Nikolla.
Student activist Mirela Ruko pouring tomato sauce on Minister Nikolla.

The higher education reform, passed this year in spite of resistance from both university students and faculty, envisioned the streamlining of the application system but did the opposite. Early warning signs that the reform would profit the private universities by including them in the government’s centralized student allocation system and public funding scheme fell on deaf ears, and many students – afraid to be left without department – opted to apply to private universities instead, at the cost of high debts. Private university applications skyrocketed.

Meanwhile, entire departments of the public university remained empty and hundreds of students without department. Minister of Education and Sports Lindita Nikolla, in spite of several emergency orders she had to issue to prevent the entire allocation process from completely derailing, refused to accept any criticism and called her destruction of public higher education “a great success.”

The Movement for the University – one of the last hopes of civic activism – has organized several protests against the reform, pelting Prime Minister Rama with eggs and dousing Minister of Education Lindita Nikolla in tomato sauce at a political party event. All protestors were subsequently prosecuted under an antiquated law form the communist dictatorship and face jail time. They will not profit from the end-of-the-year amnesty generously announced by the Prime Minister, nor from intimate contacts in the higher spheres of justice, which happily release gang leaders and multiple murderers at the request of a single mayor – the elections are around the corner, after all!

7. Hydropower plants in nature reserves

Protest concert "Mos ma prek Valbonën," Oct. 29, 2016. Source: Facebook. Photo © Shkëlzen Rexha.
Protest concert “Mos ma prek Valbonën,” Oct. 29, 2016. Source: Facebook. Photo © Shkëlzen Rexha.

While the government has already spent €4 million fighting Italian businessman Francesco Becchetti over the shut down of his hydropower plant project in the natural reserve of the river Vjosa, it continues to destroy Albanian natural heritage by allowing foreign companies to built hydropower plants in protected nature reserves such as Valbona.

In spite of international pressure and expert reports from hundreds of scientists, the government has claimed that “certain contracts” cannot be undone. Hundreds of citizens protested against the construction of hydropower plants in the protected valley of Valbona, yet the government has refused to stop the construction works, which are in violation of the law on the protection of natural heritage. Instead, the Prime Minister Edi Rama allowed a hydropower company to sponsor his own new year’s concert, which he then falsely advertized as “the Vienna concert in Tirana.”

Oh, and the featured artist is co-owner with the hydropower plant company of the main “sponsor” of his own musical event, cashing in €100,000 from the Ministry of Culture. We always thought that sponsoring meant giving money, not receiving it. But four times the annual budget of the National Gallery of Arts indeed seems reasonable public investment into a one-off event to which ordinary citizens could hardly get tickets.

6. Klement Balili

Klement Balili, Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj, Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, and former PS Deputy Koço Kokëdhima at the opening of Santa Quaranta, August 21, 2015. Source: YouTube/Ora News
Klement Balili, Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj, Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, and former PS Deputy Koço Kokëdhima at the opening of Santa Quaranta, August 21, 2015. Source: YouTube/Ora News

Klement Balili, a.k.a. the “Escobar of the Balkans” remains a free man after multiple state institutions failed to heed early warning signals given by the Greek police and the American DEA. Firmly connected to Albanian political circles, Balili has celebrated Christmas in freedom after a seven-month headstart over the Albanian police and justice system. Meanwhile, General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla and Minister of Interior Affairs Saimir Tahiri are trying to blame each other and clean their respective streets.

Tomorrow the top five!

5. The National Stadium

The construction site of the new national Qemal Stafa stadium. Photo © Exit.
The construction site of the new national Qemal Stafa stadium. Photo © Exit.

During the summer, a quick succession of decisions and maneuvers led to the lightning-fast destruction of the Qemal Stafa stadium including its historical and monumental façade. Through a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Culture and the Albanian Football Federation, all public procurement procedures were handsomely avoided.

The architect, Marco Casamonti, has been sentence in Italy to 2.5 years imprisonment for corruption, while another of his “creations,” the 4Ever Green Tower across the orthodox cathedral, languishes in bankruptcy. Other participants in this project, which was only legalized after it had already started, are Sfera Studios of Artan Shkreli, who also happens to be a councillor to the Prime Minister and Atelier 4, which has lined its pockets with money from nearly every large government project.

Thanks to the dust pumped into the air until 2020 and the construction works on Skënderbeg Square and elsewhere in Tirana, the city enjoys higher pollution levels than ever.

4. Fields of Weed

Albania Drugs

This has been the year of massive, wide-spread cannabis production in Albania, making it the no. 1 drug producing country in Europe. Italian anti-mafia prosecutors spoke about the shocking corruption in Albania and links between government and crime, the BBC produced a documentary  calling Albanian the “European capital of drugs,” and the Huffington Post published on Albania’s “deep-rooted drug problem.”

While drug planes literally fell down from the sky, Minister of Interior Affairs Tahiri claimed until the very end that the police had destroyed 99.7% of all marijuana plantations in Albania. Meanwhile, during five summer weeks, the public reports from the Italian police only mentioned the capture of 11.5 ton of marijuana.

3. Masterplan Tirana

Mayor Erion Veliaj and starchitect Stefano Boeri with the TR030 team.

The Tirana 2030 Masterplan has its origins in the territorial reform implemented by the government in 2015. All new regions, including Tirana, were required to produce a new general local plan. A series of public procurement procedures was started, showing a number of anomalies, such as Stefano Boeri Architetti winning in Tirana, and Bolles + Wilson in Korça. they were very lucky; they both won on their first and only bid. Albanian companies, meanwhile, struggled to divide the rest of the loot.

Boeri, a failed “socialist” candidate for the mayorship of Milan, has admitted in private conversation that the tender had been promised to him by Edi Rama, and in the first phase of what is now called TR030 produced an incredibly mediocre presentation of his vision, full of mistakes and last-minute work.

Subsequently, the second and third phases of the masterplanning were held in complete silence and media blackout. With the TR030 Facebook and website producing zero discussion or public engagement. By the end of the December, the TR030 masterplan became suddenly a fait accompli, when the municipality in secret and in haste convened two “public” hearings while banning the media.

The masterplan, which, in violation of the law of public hearings was only published yesterday on the “transparency” website of the municipality – after the public hearings – will most probably passed today in the Municipal Council by only majority votes. The effects of the masterplan, about which still little is known, are expected to be disastrous.

2. Four Healthcare Concessions

Vilma Nushi (with fuchsia scarf) and Prime Minister Edi Rama in the offices of Marketing & Distribution, at the launch of new customs declaration software. Dec. 3, 2014. Source: ATA.
Vilma Nushi (with fuchsia scarf) and Prime Minister Edi Rama in the offices of Marketing & Distribution, at the launch of new customs declaration software. Dec. 3, 2014. Source: ATA.

Technically, these would be four different scandals, but since they are all linked to one and the same person, Minister of Health Ilir Beqaj, and his unhealthy preference for public-private partnerships, let’s take them together as a single €30-million-per-year burden for the next ten years.

First we have the free healthcare check-up tender at a total value of €5.4 million offered to the companies Trimed and Marketing & Distribution. Whereas the latter company has no prior experience in healthcare services, both Trimed (50%) and Marketing & Distribution (100%) are owned by Vilma Nushi, a businesswoman close to the Prime Minister

The sterilization concession was given to another friend of the Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Ilir Rrapaj, again with no prior experience in the field. The tender procedure and point awarding scheme was skewed and favored a consortium of companies owned by Rrapaj. The annual costs for the sterilization concession is €9.1 million per year.

The hemodialysis tender was again awarded through a potentially fraudulent procedure, to a company called Evita with no prior experience in hemodialysis. It later appeared that the American Hospital had partnered with Evita, but this information was only made public after pressure from the press. The tender procedure had proportionally valued Evita’s tender higher because the American Hospital had profited from more hemodialysis contracts from the government than its competitor for the same tender. In July 2016, the entire hemodialysis clinic of the American Hospital burned down, but the hospital threatened to withdraw advertisements if media published the news.

The finally, there is the laboratory tender of €95 million, which remains to be awarded. Any party to wants to appeal the final outcome of the tender procedure (which is a legal right) will have to pay a €200,000 penalty.

1. The Death of Ardit Gjoklaj

Çeta's sticker of Ardit Gjoklaj. Source: Facebook. Photo © Çeta.
Çeta’s sticker of Ardit Gjoklaj. Source: Facebook. Photo © Çeta.

On August 7, Ardit Gjoklaj, a 17-year-old illegal child laborer, died on the landfill in Sharra, Tirana, after being hit by an excavator. The landfill in Sharra was managed through yet another public-private partnership between the municipality of Tirana and an Italian waste management company, which in turn had contracted the company 3R to manage the landfill.

Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj had personally, at two occasions, called upon to people to find work in this “new” recycling plant, where they would receive an official contract and health insurance.

After the death of Ardit was discovered, despite the efforts of the company to hide the body, Edurim Teqja, the owner of the company (who is also head of the Socialist Party in Peqin) fled. He has not been arrested. Contracts regarding the exploitation of the landfill have been hidden by the municipality.

The aftermath of Ardit’s death, for which Veliaj is personally and politically responsible, was characterized by censorship of the media. Journalist Alida Tota was fired after she produced a reportage on the scandal, and the television program Publicús of Artan Rama was pulled from another channel after producing a documentary on the same issue. No one has been convicted for this crime, and no apology was issued by the municipality.

Innocent deaths, widespread drug cultivation, abuse of office, corruption, and censorship of the media – these are Exit’s predictions for 2017. Happy new year!

Urban Requalification in Durrës, 40% of 2017 Budget, Ancient Heritage under Threat

15 Jahre Geschwätz der US – Botschafter, über Justiz und Drohungen gegen Mafia Politiker

Kaum zu glauben, aber mit diesem dummen Geschwätz, verdienen 100 Tausende von angeblichen Diplomaten und selbst ernannten Experten, OSCE, EU Commission und in Berlin  viel Geld. Im Moment droht der US Botschafter wieder, der einen guten Job macht. Identisch wie schon in der Ilir Meta Regierung um 2000 und später! Edi Rama, Salih Berisha, Ilir Meta Klinetel, wollen ihre geraubten Vermögen und Grundstücke behalten.

Edi Rama ist persönlich für viele illegalen Hochhaus Bauten wie den „Hawai“ Komplexe verantwortlich. Kaum zuglauben dieses Geschwätz:

„Wir bringen Recht und Ordnung ins Land“


Man kann nur hoffen, das Dana Rohrabacher Aussenminister will und diese korrupten Hirnlosen Pyschopaten, was sich heute US, EU, Berliner Aussenpolitik nennt zum Teufel jagt.

Lügner, Betrüger KAS – CDU Vertreter: Lulzim Basha, Motor der Inkompetenz. ,Lüge, Capo der Albaner Mafia und CDU Partner.

Dana Rohrabacher: The only secretary of state candidate to put America first

Joseph Limprecht Memorial Website: Erinnerung an den Drogen Baron: US Josef Limprecht, der nicht einmal ein Ehren Begräbnis erhielt in Arlington, seine Auslands Vermögen wurden beschlagnahmt und an Hilfs Organisationen verteilt.

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Joseph Limprecht Memorial Website



Speech to the National Judicial Conference — December 5, 2001

Speech by U.S. Ambassador Joseph Limprecht
National Judicial Conference
December 5, 2001

Mr. President, Chief Justice T.Kondi,  Honored Participants and Guests:…


We know this is a very tough fight. Like the terrorists of al-Qaeda, the traffickers and organized criminals have money and guns and take advantage of the freedom our open societies offer. But, remember, the fight against terrorism is not being undertaken by one nation alone. There is an international anti-terrorist coalition of all who respect freedom and order – and Albania is playing an important role in this coalition. Increasingly, we can say the same thing about the fight against crime. That is why the United States has established offices at the embassy to work with the police (ICITAP) and the prosecutors (OPDAT). It is why we also have an FBI liaison officer to work with his Albanian counterparts on regional issues involving trafficking in women and children. In addition, the European Union is building up its new police cooperation unit, and other countries such as Italy and Greece have strong bilateral cooperation programs.

2003: U.S. Urges Gov’t to Keep Pressure on Crime Lords und der „Rhinas“ Überfall

Das erzählten die Amerikaner in 2003

US Botschafter James Jeffrey (Deutsche Ehefrau) mit dem damaligen Innenminister Igli Toska

U.S. Urges Gov’t to Keep Pressure on Crime Lords
Tirana, October 28, 2003 – The U.S. ambassador warned Albanian crime lords on Monday that the international community was hunting them down and urged Albania to continue to pursue them because crime would harm its bid to join the West.

Albania became a key smuggling route for drugs, people and guns into Western Europe after the fall of communism and its weak and corrupt judiciary is often accused of letting criminals go free.

‘’Crime is still destroying your country and challenging its ability to enter Western bodies,’’ Ambassador James Jeffrey said in a speech to trainee judges in a seminar on people trafficking, NBC reported.

‘’We also have a message for the crime lords: We know or will soon learn who you are. My government, our European partners and the Albanians, are after you,’’ Jeffrey said.

Albania has been rocked recently by several murders of top businessmen, which have not been solved, and the gunning down of the chief prosecutor’s driver, in what is believed to be a warning by crime organisations to their investigators.


siehe CIA Fact Buch von 2000 bis September 2005!

„powerful organized crime networks with links to high government officials, and disruptive political opponents“

FP: Die Berufs Kriminellen US Botschafter rund um die „Bechtel“ Bestechungs Orgien in Albanien und dem Kosovo

Die vielen Betrugs Geschäfte der Amerikaner, mit Frank Wisner, Wesley Clark, Cherie Blair, RapisScan

Vetting, Lu: „We are hearing lies“. Ambassador defends Euralius and Vlahutin
Vetting, Lu: We are hearing lies. Ambassador defends Euralius and Vlahutin

The US Ambassador, Doland Lu, declared that the success of the justice reform depends on the expectancies of the Albanian people.

“This will work only of the people of Albania have expectancies and demand results from these institutions. You need to expect that many of organized crime leaders will be imprisoned, that corrupted politicians, from both sides, will be facing justice, and that drug traffickers, judges, politicians and prosecutors, they must be afraid of this”, Lu said.

The Ambassador left to be understood that one sign of fear is the history of the Democratic Party complaining about a wrong translation of the Vetting Law.

“Because of fear, they lie about the EU ambassador, about the EURALIUS mission, the Constitutional Court. As the President of the Court said himself, the Court sent a reviewed translation to the Venice Commission, and none of the translation differences was substantial. We are waiting for the Venice Commission to instruct Albania about the reform”, Lu said.

But PM Rama doubted that the Venice Commission would influence the Constitutional Court verdict. He used the property law as example, several points of which were declared anti-constitutional.

2 Tage nachdem der US Botschafter Klar Text redete. Die anderen hoch dotierten Komiker, plappern wie Kinder das Ganze dann nach, wie ebenso vor 15 und mehr Jahren und dann werden Bestechungs Geschäft organisiert, gemeinsam hohe Milionen Summen gestohlen bei Pseudo und Fake Projekten.

Schallplatten, wären billiger!

Vlahutin-Borchardt: Corruption is a serious problemThe EU and the OSCE Ambassadors participated in a forum against corruption today, where they declared that corruption remains a great concern in Albania. The EU Ambassador, Romana Vlahutin, declared that the Vetting Law will fight corruption at high levels …

EU Debakel und Fehler: hat man den EU Justiz Missions Leiter „Rainer Deville“ entlassen?

Edi Rama enttäuscht in Rekord Zeit: Propaganda, Lügen, Geldwäsche und Pass Geschäfte mit Kriminellen

Die menschliche Müll Halde der CIA Chef war ebenso gerade in Tirana

Abschieds Reise eines Kriminellen, bevor er gefeuert wird.

Schon wieder ein CIA Chef, einer dieser inkompetenden und kriminellen Gestalten in Tirana

Albanien macht im Sumpf der Terroristen US Mafia mit.
Albanien macht im Sumpf der Terroristen US Mafia mit.

Banditentum der Stadt Polizei Tirana und Durres

Die Durres Stadt Polizei wird fest an Kriminelle verkauft.

Die Dreistigkeit der Tirana ist ebenso reines Banditentum. Waren von illegalen Händlern wird normal beschlagnahmt, was auch schon sehr selten vorkommt. Unter den Augen einer empörten Bevölkerung, stehlen Stadt Polizisten Waren von einem Verkaufs Wagen (wohl Stangen Zigaretten) und werfen ein paar Waren auf die Strasse. Reine kriminelle Kartells kontrollieren Albanien, denn so arbeitet jede Art von Polizei, vor allem die Bau Polizei.


Pamje të turpshme/ Polici i Bashkisë Tiranë i vjedh paketat shitësit ambulant (VIDEO)

Video më poshtë tregon një akt skandaloz e madje banditesk të Policisë Bashkiake të Tiranës.

Një efektiv i saj i ka marrë forcërisht disa paketa një prej shitësve ambulant në zonën pranë Medresesë. Nuk bëhet fjalë për sekuestrim të mallit, por për grabitje haptazi.

Polici është nisur tek shitësi me idenë për të mos paguar për paketat, por kur ka hasur rezistencën e tij, i ka marrë forcërisht dhe është larguar.

Skena është regjistruar në video nga kalimtarët, disa prej të cilëve edhe i kanë tërhequr vëmendje policit. Shihet nga pamjet se nuk bëhet fjalë për sekuestrim të mallit, siç ndodh zakonisht me shitësit ambulant, por për grabitje të tij nga punonjës të shtetit me uniformën e Policisë Bashkiake.

Shitësi i zemëruar nga ky veprim i policit, hedh disa prej mallrave në tokë. A do të vazhdojë ky efektiv të jetë ende në detyrë dhe të paguhet me paratë publike?

Die Mafia Staatsanwälte und Richter in Durres – Tirana, mit der Tradition als Partner von Mördern und Mafia Bossen

Als Krimineller Staatsanwalt bestens bekannt, schon in 2003, heute Generalstaatsanwalt in Tirana: Spezial Gebiet: Freilassung auch verurteilter Mörder und Drogen Barone, Schliessung von Ermittlungs Akten. Beweise verschwinden lassen, aus der Aservaten Kammmer, vor allem Handys, wie von Dritan Dajti, Hekuran Hoxha, E. Shullazi.

Petrit Fusha. Immoblien Millionär in „Farke“ mit gefälschten Dokumente und Experte, wo Mörder sich freikaufen konnten. Die kriminellen Umtriebe waren in 2003 schon gut bekannt, des Mafia Richters damals: Petrit Fusha **

Trotz einschlägig bekannter Fakten: EU Partner und gesponsert, weil die EU Ganoven, noch krimineller und korrupter sind.

Petrit Fusha, und nur noch peinlich.Deshalb konnte nie ein Mörder im Falle von Artan Santo ermittelt werden. Wurde Millionär, als er viele Mörder wieder frei liess, Ermittlungs Akten gegen „Eliten“, Drogenbosse  schloss.

Die Justiz Spitze, Staatsanwälte sind eine Art Dauerbrenner von Skandalen und wo jeder sich ein Urteil kauft. Auch Mord Ermittlungen, werden für Geld niedergeschlagen, die Akten geschlossen.
Ein neuer Super Skandal der Durres Staatsanwaltschaft ist, das der unbekannte und neue von dem Gangster Nasic Naco eingesetzte Staatsanwalt,

Mafia Staatsanwalt: Drini Pali - Durres im Falle des Mörders: Gezim Kajno
Mafia Staatsanwalt: Drini Pali – Durres im Falle des Mörders: Gezim Kajno

Mafia Staatsanwalt: Drini Pali Durres im Falle des Mörders: Gezim Kajno und der Bruder Bledar Kajno, inzenierten viele Vertuschungs Manöver, wollten die Leiche auch wegschaffen und verschwinden lassen.

inzwischen 3 mal die Anklage Schrift änderte, ohne das Anklage erhoben wurde und obwohl die beschlagnahmten Überwachungs Kamera, einen extremen Mord, am 1.3.2016 auf den unbewaffneten Gast: Asllan Kertushes zeigt, der sogar einen Streit schlichten wollte. Arzt Atteste (wegen Depression), bezahlte Presse Artikel, das das Opfer bewaffnet war, inklusive falscher Zeugen Aussagen, zeigen Abgründe in Durres.

100.000 Phantom Bürger, in Raum Durres, um Wahlen zufälschen, Geldwäsche der Organisierten Kriminalität zu tarnen und zu profitieren. Es dient auch den Phantom Zeugen Aussagen der Albaner Mafia. Der US Botschafter Donald Lu, über die Skandal Justiz in Durres. Ein uralter Artikel, über die Albanische Justiz

siehe die Morde von Gani Kapiti, wobei Skender Kapiti, einer Verbrecher Familie aus dem Kosovo schon Geschichte sind.

Durres zeigte immer wieder, das frei gelassene Mörder, erneut morden werden, eine Öffentliche Gefahr darstellen. Identisch in Deutschland, die kriminelle Jägerschaft in Bayern, Dachau, wo man korrupte Redakteure, Landräte, Politiker und Landrats Angestellte zu „Prominenten“ Jagden einlädt und alle Gesetze aushebelt, schlimmer wie bei der Mafia und Lügen Geschichten nur noch verbreitet.

Kamera, Depression: Der Mord an 29-jährige Aslan Kertusha ereignete sich am 1. März dieses Jahres in Durres nach einem banalen Streit mit Freude und Bledar Kajno Kajno. Nach dem Verbrechen, verließ der Killer die Szene und versucht, die Medien zu manipulieren, zu sagen, dass Aslan Waffen hatte und Kertusha Bledar Kajnon verletzt hatte. Zum Glück Räume Polizei beschlagnahmte Kameras und TV erschien klar, dass nicht nur die Opfer Waffen hatten, sondern versucht, Konflikte zu vermeiden.


Der Mörder und Mafiosi : das Opfer Asllan Kertushes

Ja kush është Gëzim Kajno, i akuzuar për vrasjen e Asllan Kërtushës

para 7 muajve – Albeu

Pas arrestimit një ditë më parë nga policia, është zbuluar imazhi i Gëzim Kajnos , i akuzuar për vrasjen e Asllan Kërtushës dy ditë më parë. 31 vjeçari mësohet se i ka marrë pistoletën Kërtushës pas..

Skandal në Prokurorinë e Durrësit/ Prokurori ndryshon akuzën për vrasjen e Asllan Kërtushës

Postuar: 01/10/2016 – 16:36

Vrasja e 29 vjeçarit, Asllan Kërtusha me 1 mars të këtij viti në Durrës, sipas të afërmve së viktimës, ka ngritur shumë pikëpyetje në lidhje me hetimin e fakteve nga prokurori i kësaj çështje, Drini Pali. Të afërmit e të ndjerit Kërtusha, kanë theksuar për, se prokurori Pali ka ndërruar akuzën fillestare nga vrasje me paramendim, në vrasje në gjendje depresive për të lehtësuar vrasësit Gëzim dhe Bledar Kajno.


Vrasja e 29 vjecarit Asllan Kertusha ndodhi në 1 mars të këtij viti në Durrës pas një sherri banal me Gëzim Kajno dhe Bledar Kajno. Pas krimit, vrasësi u largua nga vendi i ngjarjes dhe u tentua të manipulohej media duke thënë se Asllan Kertusha kishte armë dhe kishte plagosur Bledar Kajnon. Fatmirësisht policia sekuestroi kamerat e lokalit dhe në televizor u shfaq qartë që jo vetëm viktima nuk kishte armë, por u mundua t’i shmangej konfliktit. Vrasësi pasi i shtiu e qëllonte me grushta dhe shqelma në bashkëpunim me kushëririn.


Mafia Grundstücks Staatsanwältin Durres
Mafia Grundstücks Staatsanwältin Durres

Fatos Klosi: nennt Adriatik Llalla einen Kamikaze General Staatsanwalt des Salih Berisha

Warum ein gekaufter Generalstaatsanwalt Adriatic Llalla, keine Verfahren eröffnet wegen Bespitzelung der Diplomaten, Politiker?

Die Luxus Kinder des Mafösen General Staatswaltes Adriatik Llalla, wurden in Deutschen Schulen (bzw. Studium) eingeschrieben, der so sein zusammen geraubtes Vermögen in Sicherheit bringen will, mit einer erfundenen Bedrohung. Wohnsitz, in der Nähe von Uni „Einrichtungen“: Karlsruhe: Wilhelmstrasse No.5.
Eni LLalla
Die 17-jährige Tochter: Eni Llalla: private teure Schule zuvor in der Türkei, Chartier Uhr, usw. Teure Uhren, Dubai Einkaufs Tour und Autos sind typische Geschencke, der Albaner Mafia, an Polizei Chefs, Politiker,  Richter, Staatsanwälte.

Die Durres Justiz macht sich lustig, über die Internationalen und über Gesetze, denn sowas kennt man nicht.

Gerichts Verhandlung

Durres Justiz, vollständig von Kriminellen übernommen, seit 10 Jahren. Seferi Braho, Sokol Nishani, früher auch Nasic Naco, die Elite des Verbrechens darstellen und vor allem kennt niemand Gesetze. Fahrer Flucht besoffen Auto fahren ist ebenso Straffrei wie bei Arben Braho., wo die Mutter ein Stadt bekanntes Drogen Verteil Kartell betreibt, ebenso Versand Handel für Club Nachwuchs in der Prostitution.

Tirana Staatsanwalt Adrian Braho, erhält 18.000 €?

  • Ylli Manjani, will die Skandal Richterin. „Joana Qeleshi“ absetzen und Samir Tahiri schützt Kriminelle
  • Deutschland und der Generall Staatsanwalt „Adriatik Llalla“, ein Skandal
  • ** Teuerste Hochzeits Feier im Mafia Hotel: Golden Hill für den Sohn. Der neue und vor über 10 Jahren schon berüchtigte Verbrecher und heute General Staatsanwalt in Tirana. 2013, noch unter Berisha ernannt, obwohl er viele Mörder für Geld frei liess, Urgestein des Verbrechens in Tirana und Durres.: Petrit Fusha

  • Fusha, General Staatsanwalt von Tirana, unter dem Schutz des Mafia Generalstaatsanwaltes Adriatik Llalla. Es gibt Ermittlungen der Durres Staatsanwaltschaft gegen Petrit Fusha.Gegen Petrit Fusha, gab es immer wieder wegen kriminellen Verbindungen, Amts Missbrauch Ermittlungen auch vom damals in 2008 mächtigen Kriminall Direktor Sokol Bizgha, schon in 2003. Präsident Alexnader Mosiu, verhinderte jede Beförderung.
  • Für 600.000 $ müssen die EU finanzierten Palmen an der Autobahn Durres- Tirana entfernt werden

    25 Jahre Skandal Bau: Autobahn: Durres – Tirana! Die EU finanzierten a 5.000 € (normal 500,- €) geflanzten Palmen müssen nun wieder entfernt werden, im Spektakel der korrupten Inkompetenz. Riecht wieder mal stark nach Italienischer Mafia, welche EU Gelder stehlen will. Jetzt will man die Autobahn 3-Spurig bauen, wo Autobahnen das Betrugs Projekt vor allem auch von der US Department of State Firma: BECHTEL im Balkan war.

    FP: Die Berufs Kriminellen US Botschafter rund um die „Bechtel“ Bestechungs Orgien in Albanien und dem Kosovo

    Tausende illegaler Zufahrten, schlechteste Betrugs Bau Qualtität, keine Drainage, sind seit 25 Jahren das Haupt Problem im Spektakel, wenn EU, Weltbank, KfW, Weltbank Gelder in den „Schwarzen Löchern“ der Albaner Mafia verschwinden.

    Palmen zerstört, weil sie durch Unfugs Bauten ohne Drainage unter Wasser länger und mehrfach standen.

    Palmen Durres - Tirana EU

    Kashar: die EU finanzierten Wasser Dämme, werden zerstört: 8.11.2016

    Palmen Non-Stop unter Wasser, wo niemand auf der Welt in 2 Meter Abstand Palmen an eine National Strasse pflanzt.

    EU Projekt mit Lefter Koka, Edmond Haxhinastor

    Kaum zu glauben, was die EU finanziert: Das totale Wild-Chaos! Schon die erste Autobahn musste dreimal finanziert werden, ab 1995, wo jede Ordnung durch private Mafia Grundstücks Geschäfte der Amerikaner Alles zerstörte.

    Illegale Bauten ohne Ende, und die Bau Polizei, Lebensmittel Kontrolle wurden weg rationalisiert, auf Grund der Welt Verbrecher Organisationen IMF, Weltbank, der Rest an Kriminelle Clans verkauft.
    Der Albanian American Enterprise Fund AAEF, verkaufte wie hier mit einem Foto aus 2001 bewiesen ist, illegal Grundstücke, machte enerme Profite, im Gegenzug wurde der Drogen Schmuggel von Ilir Meta, Edi Rama, Fatos Nano damals schon geduldet.

    22.000 illegale Bauten allein an der Küste, an der Autobahn Tirana – Durres durch Kriminelle von USAID, dem AAEF Fund entwickelt, durch Michael Granoff, wie Fotos beweisen.
    Nächster Mafia Auftritt der EBRD, IFC, EIB Bank Abstell Kammer für korrupten Inkompetende Banken Gangster, wo ebenso das Aufforstungs Debakel ein Symbol, für eine Idiotie Verbrecher Kaste ist.Eine neu auftretende Italienische Mafia Consult SPEA Engineegin Albania, hat das Projekt entwickelt, direkt mit Edmond Haxhinasto und dem Transport Ministerium verbunden, um Geld in Tradition zustehlen. wo alle Strassenbau Projekte, Bau Qualitäts Betrugs Projekte sind.
    Direkte Vorstellung des Projektes mit 3 Spuren durch die italienische Firma, deren Website im Moment nicht aufrufbar ist. Albania – Widening project of 3 lane of Tiranë – Durrës Highway …

    Die Autobahn Durres – Tirana ist vollkommen ausreichend, nur 6 Wochen im Jahr gut ausgelastet, das Problem die illegalen Zufahrten (97 % in Albanien) überall sind und Tausende von illegalen Bauten. Die Zerstörung der früheren Eisenbahn Verbindung von Tirana nach Durres, eines der Grund Problem, identisches Verbrecher Modell wie „Stuttgart 21“, wenn Ratten auftreten.

    Eines der Super Idiotie Skandale war die Palmen Bepflanzung an der Autobahn, wo 6 Meter Abstand Vorschrift ist ,alle Drainage Kanäle verschüttet wurden und Palmen sind sowieso totale Idiotie an einer Autobahn, wo danach die Geschwindigkeits Begrenzung auf 90 km gesenkt werden musste. Sonder Ermittler wurden zur Show eingesetzt und der English Dolmetscher der US Mafia:  Edmond Haxhinasto, trat zurück.

    In 2015. Der erfahrene Ex-hohe Polizei Direktor ist nun Krisen Stabs Manager (Kreu i Shtabit të Emergjencave Civile) Shemsi Prençi und wird für den gesamten Betrug mit den Palmen an der Autobahn der Zuschüttung der Kanäle Strafanzeige nun erstatten, wie der Krisen Stab beschlossen hat.

    palma tirane durres

    Skandale rund um EU Gelder bei der Aufforstung an der Autobahn und in Durres

    Postuar: 03/09/2016 – 09:25

    Qeveria ka gati projektin për zgjerimin e autostradës Tiranë – Durrës me 3 korsi, ku parashikohet shtim i trafikut të makinave dhe lejim i shpejtësisë deri në 140 km/orë.

    Zgjerimi i rrugës ishte planifikuar nga qeveria që në zbatimin e projektit për gjelbërimin në Tiranë-Durrës, shkruan “Panorama”. Për mbjelljen e palmave u shpenzuan 600 mijë dollarë, në një kohë që qeveria e dinte se autostrada do të zgjerohej dhe se projekti i gjelbërimit ishte i përkohshëm.

    Në të njëjtën kohë që qeveria realizoi projektin për mbjelljen e palmave, u zhvillua tenderi për kryerjen e studimit dhe projektimit të zgjerimit të rrugës, ku fituese u shpall kompania “Spea Engineering s.p.a.”.

    Në emër të qeverisë shqiptare tashmë kompania italiane i ka dorëzuar Autoritetit Rrugor Shqiptar projektin për zgjerimin e rrugës me 3 korsi, zbatimi i të cilit kushton 120 milionë dollarë. Gazeta zbardh projektin e ri, zbatimi i të cilit është parashikuar i ndarë në 3 lote, ndërsa trafiku i makinave do të rritet nga 24 mijë në ditë në 67 mijë.


    Projekti parashikon 3 korsi kalimi për secilën anë të rrugës dhe një zonë me trafikndarëse 2,6 metra e gjerë. Në total, gjerësia e rrugës do të jetë 35.10 metra dhe kjo bëhet për shkak të trafikut të lartë të makinave në këtë rrugë, duke e shndërruar Tiranë- Durrës në superstradë të kategorisë A1.

    Studim-projektimi për zgjerimin e superstradës Tiranë-Durrës ka për objektiv kryesor projektimin e një infrastrukture të kategorisë “A”, e cila duhet të ketë karakteristikat për të përballuar volumet gjithnjë e në rritje të trafikut në këtë arterie kryesore të vendit, si dhe të përmirësojë gjendjen e shtresave rrugore ekzistuese, tashmë tejet të amortizuara në një pjesë të madhe të superstradës, duke ofruar kështu një nivel të përshtatshëm shërbimi për këtë kategori rruge”, thuhet në projektin e qeverisë.

    Në të dyja anët e secilit drejtim do të jenë dy korsi emergjence dhe dy bankina të paveshura, me gjerësi prej 1.3 metrash në secilin krah. Gjerësia e korsisë së kalimit do të jetë 3.75 metra, ndërsa gjerësia e korsisë së emergjencës do të jetë 3 metra. Shpejtësia e lejuar do të jetë deri në 140 kilometra në orë, kurse trafiku i makinave parashikohet të rritet në 67 mijë makina në ditë, nga 24 mijë që llogaritet aktualisht.

    Në projekt parashikohet edhe shtimi i mbikalimeve, nënkalimeve, ndërsa përfshin një strukturë ure, atë mbi lumin Erzen. Zbatimi i punimeve planifikohet të ndahet në 3 lote, si për mbikalimin e Kamzë- Vorë, Vorë –Sukth dhe Sukth –Durrës.

    Programi i propozuar i punimeve është bazuar në 5 ditë punë për javë dhe në 8 orë punë për ditë. Për të shmangur kostot e shpronësimeve, gjatë punimeve trafiku nuk do të devijohet, por do të rregullohet brenda rrugëve ekzistuese.


    Gjurma e projektit prek 19 fshatra të përfshira në zonat kadastrale të Tiranës dhe 3 zona kadastrale të përfshira në qytetin e Durrësit. Kompania italiane në projekt paraqet edhe vlerat e gjurmës së projektit mbi zonat kadastrale të prekura.

    Sipas projektit, zgjerimi i autostradës do të kalojë në një sipërfaqe tokë bujqësore prej rreth 752 mijë metrash katrorë, me vlerë rreth 3.5 milionë euro. Po ashtu, gjurma e projektit llogaritet të shtrihet në rreth 68 mijë metra katror tokë truall, me vlerë 4 milionë euro, e cila do të shpronësohet nga qeveria. /“Panorama”

  • Zgjerimi i autostradës Tiranë- Durrës/ Zbardhet projektideja, shpejtësia 140 km/h

    02/09/2016 – 12:04

    Autoriteti Rrugor Shqiptare prezantoi këto dite projektidenë për zgjerimin e Autostradës –Tiranës Durrës në të gjithë nga Vora në Durrës të përgatitur nga SPEA Engineering. Projekti i është ndarë në…
  • Strategische Projekte lt. Edi Rama, wie das Betrugs Projekt in der Currila mit der Aufforstung in Durres, was bereits unter einem Jahren nach Eröffnung schon zerstört wurde.
  • Nach den vielen Millionen aus Kuvait, der EU, stehen sogar erstmalig zentrale Verkehrs Plätze von Tirana unter Wasser, nachdem man dort eine neue Planung mit vielen Skandalen organisierte. *

  • Das neue Betrugs Geschäft: „Die Wasserwerke von Tirana, sollen privatisiert werden“

    Tirana Wasser Privatisierung erneut: Alle Tender und Ausschreibungen werden in Albanien Straflos manipuliert. Betrug und Klepotraktie als Staats System. Die Privatisierung mit der Firma CEZ, führte ebenso wie bei Strom ins Deaster. Die Albanischen Manager der Ausl. Investoren betreiben wie in Ministerien nur Klientel Wirtschaft, wo wie in Ministerien, die Dümmsten und vollkommen inkomptende Leute, Direktoren werden (ca. 80 % inzwischen)) Oft werden Verwaltung Apparate aufgeblasen, wie bei der KfW, IKB-Bank den Landesbanken.

    Die kriminellen Partnerschaften, sind oft vor der Lizenz Genehmigung eingegangen worden, wie in einem Erpressungs Kartell.

    Der IMF ist gegen derartige Privatisierungen, auf Grund der extrem schlechten Erfahrung mit Privatisierungen, welche Milliarden kostete, auch weil Investoren Insolvenz wurden, extreme Steuer und Kredit Schulden hinterliessen.

    Als besonders schwarzer Fleck, das Deutsche Flugplatz Geschäft, wo Klientel Wirtschaft pure mit der Albaner Mafia auch im Sicherheits Bereich mit der Firma ICTS betrieben wurde.

    Raub Überfall, am Cargo Terminal am Flugplatz „Rhinas“

    Desaster: 400 Millionen € Steuerschulden, haben ausl. Unternehmen und Konzessionare in Albanien

    Die grössten Lügen der Privatisierungs und Politik Mafia rund um die Weltbank, IMF, Berliner Mafiösi Kreisen: „Schlanker Staat, Privatisierungen führt immer zu einem besseren Managment und Profit für den Staat“

    Obwohl das Alles reine Betrugs Projekte, vor allem PPP Programme sind, was EU und Deutsche Gerichte sogar festgestellt haben, versucht die Mafia das nun nochmal nachdem Berlinwasser Debakel. Vor führte das Weltweit zu einer schlechteren Wasser Qualität und überhöhten Preisen. Null Kompetenz Betrüger, traten rund um Berlinwasser schon einmal mit GTZ, AA Unterstützung als Experten auf, was auch schon Betrug ist.

    Im Sinne der Banken Mafia: die Betrugs PPP Programme will Albanien ausbauen

    Water supply, Mayor: It will be privatized; water’s price will not change

    Tirana’s City Hall is in negotiations for the privatization of the water supply company, but the Mayor gave assurance to citizens that the water’s price will not change after privatization. Tirana’s Mayor made the statement during a work inspection of …

    Tirana Aqueduct about to be sold

    Lajmi shumë i dyshimtë i shitjes së Ujësjellësit të Tiranës

    Postuar në 23 Gusht, 2016 16:45

    Sot “Top-Channel” raportoi një lajm që duket si pa rëndësi. Ujësjellësi i Tiranës do të privatizohet. Madje televizioni në fjalë ka komunikuar me burime në Bashkinë e Tiranës, të cilat konfirmojnë ofertat e mbërritura. Emrat e kompanive që kanë prezantuar ofertën nuk bëhen publike dhe që këtu nis ai rituali i përhershëm i abuzimit me pasurinë publike.

    ………………………..“Burime pranë Bashkisë së Tiranës konfirmojnë ofertat e mbërritura. Kjo, sipas tyre, falë perfomancës pozitive të 6 muajve të fundit të ujësjellës-kanalizimeve investimeve të bëra në përmirësimin e rrjetit si dhe në rritjen e arkëtimeve nga qyetarët”.


    Burimet nga Bashkia janë kujdesur që të nënvizojnë se “investitorët e huaj që janë vetëofruar për blerjen e UKT janë kompani serioze që operojnë në fushën e ujësjellësit, si dhe kanë shprehur dëshirën për të investuar edhe më shumë në përmirësimin e furnizimit me ujë të pijshëm për qytetarët e Tiranës dhe në përmirësimin e mëtejshëm të rrjetit ekzistues të ujësjellës-kanalizimeve”.


    Natyrisht që jo. Sikundër nuk dihet nëse do të kemi shitje, apo dhënie me konçesion. Pa folur për atë problemi tjetër që është “harruar”: Si do të reflektohet në çmim ky kalim? Apo do të operohet me praktikën e CEZ-it, një kompani që operonte në shitjen fundore me çmime të caktuara nga një ent shtetëror?

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    Undurchsichtige EU – Mafia Geschäfte mit Edi Rama: Das neue Albanische Fussball Stadium in Tirana

    Wenn man Idioten als Adviser hat, schon als Bürgermeister, nur Betrugs, Mafia, Geldwäsche Geschäfte betrieb mit 400 illegalen Appartments Blocks in Tirana und ohne jede Genehmigung macht heute Edi Rama, auch als Drogen Boss schon vor 10 und 15 Jahren bekannt so weiter: nur für kriminelle Clans.

    Die Kultur Ministerin Kumbaro, verspricht, das das neue Stadium eine Fassade erhält mit den alten Steinen, welche gesäubert werden und wieder verwendet wird. In Tirana glaubt daran niemand.

    Andi Bushati: Rama i tha arkitektit “të rrafshonte gërdallën Qemal Stafa”

    Real. die geschützte Fassade, wurde zerstört, welche von einem bekannten Italienischen Architekten stammt unter Mussolini.

    Die korrupen EU Gestalten jedes Verbrecher Projekt, immer ohne Transparenz, wo viele Millionen die Taschen füllen bei der Weltbank, der korrupten EU. Der EBRD Präsident ist ein Profi Gangster, wie Draghi bei der EZB. Arroganz, Ignoranz, wird dem Verbrecher Edi Rama hier im TV vorgeworfen, weil auch alle Gesetze erneut ignoriert wird, bei so einem absurden Projekt erneut.

    Der Architekt, ein vorbestrafter Italiener:
    Salvatore Ligresti, wobei das neue 30-stöckige Hochhaus der Geldwäsche Clans dient von Edi Rama.

    Vorstellung des Projektes, ohne Transparenz und Ausschreibung.

    Strafor über Edi Rama, dem Capo der Albaner Mafia Salih Berisha und die Gruppen der Organisierten Kriminalität, die sich um die Macht streiten

    Ein früheres Projekt unter Salih Berisha, gewann ein Österreichischer Architekt

    Salvatore Ligresti, l’ex patron di Fondiaria-Sai, all’epoca proprietaria dell’area, è stato condannato a 2 anni e mezzo di reclusione con l’accusa di corruzione.a Fiorentina) lucrando il prezzo della cessione dei terreni“.

    Edi Rama macht Strategische Projekte, forciert sein altes Modell in Tirana. Mafia Syndikat Edi Rama: Amidst relentless oligarchy and European Union integration

    Edi Rama’s Projekt mit dem neuen Fussball Stadium in Tirana: Der Architekt Marco Casamonti, verurteilt wegen Bestechung

    Lubonja: E vërteta e krimit mbi stadiumin “Qemal Stafa”

    Analisti Fatos Lubonja ka hequr sërish dorezat duke komentuar shembjen e fasadës së stadiumit “…


    Albania’s Stadium Construction Draws Criticism

    After a cultural monument was demolished to make room for the construction of the country’s biggest football stadium, Albanians have voiced their frustration over transparency of the project.

    Lajm 14 Aug 2016

    Shqiptarët kanë ndjenja të përziera për fatin e stadiumit Qemal Stafa

    Shembja e stadiumit historik “Qemal Stafa” për t’i hapur vendin projektit 50-milionë euro të “Arenës Kombëtare” është pritur me skepticizëm nga qytetarët e Tiranës, të cilët kanë filluar të vënë në dyshim vullnetin politik për ruajtjen e trashëgimisë kulturore.

    Die normale Hinrichtung im Zentrum in Tirana

    Wenn die Albanische Mafia Justiz, alle Mörder, Drogen Bosse frei lässt, Partner des kriminellen Enterprise ist.

    Die Hinrichtung wird sich später herausstellen, hat direkt mit dem Oberbürgermeister des Bezirks Tepelene: Tërmet Peçit zutun, Drogen Handel und korrupten Polizei Direktoren. Es war schon auffällig, das erneut ein Polizist am Tisch sass, bei den Vorbestraften Kriminellen, wo das Opfer verwandt mit Tërmet Peçi ist.

    Berufs Kriminellle, welche frei herumlaufen, wo die Polizei zu korrupt und dumm ist, einfachste Vorstrafen, Verurteilungen, Festnahmen in den Polizei Computer zuerfassen.

    In Mitten der Ausgeh Zone von Tirana, wo viele Lokale Söhnen von Politikern, oder Verbrechern gehören. Es wird berichet, das Elton Cico, in Begleitung eines Journalisten und Polizisten war. Vor einem Jahr überfielen Räuber sein Elternhaus, in Tepelene, was ebenso auf einen Racheakt hindeutet. Verdächtige ( Robert Ramën und Ervis Imerin, verhaftet in 2015, als Auftragskiller mit Sprengstoff im Auto, läuft frei herum) kommen von der Verbrecher Region Kenete, bei Durres, welche aus der Verbrecher Stadt LAC, zugezogen sind. Robert Rame, ist als Auftragskiller bekannt, welche bekanntlich frei herumlaufen in Albanien, auch als „Schlichter“, für die Regierungs Financiers auftreten, im Modell des NATO Staates, der „Westlichen Wertegemeinschaft, welche diese Verbrecher Modell in Berlin schon eingeführt und finanziert haben. siehe der „Schlichter“ Auftragskiller, E. Shullazi, mit Immunität durch den Innenminister und Edi Rama ausgestattet, dessen OK Partner eine Legende waren vor über 10 Jahren schon. Aktive Unterstützung durch Mafia Richter, im Sinne eines NATO Staates und EU Kandidaten.

    Die Block Mafia wurde von Edi Rama in Tirana geschaffen, der Prominenz der SP Mafia, wo praktisch Alles schon im Drogen Schmuggel dokumentiert wurden, nachdem Vorbild von Berlin und der dortigen Libanesischen Kurden Gang.
    Nomenklautur SP Mafia in Tirana: im Block konzentiert rund um Drogen Schmuggel, von Gangster Clans auch von der Familie des Enver Hoxha

    Imazhi nga Arkiva

    Ebenso im Blok in Tirana, vor 5 Jahren. siehe Enkel „Ermal“ des Enver Hoxha und Drogen und Kokain Schmuggel bis nach Deutschland.

    Besnik Dabulla, Sohn der Super Verbrecherin Arta Dade (SP Abgeordnete) wurden wegen Schiesserei verhaftet

    Der Mhallamiye-Clan in Berlin, 30 Jahre Verbrechen geduldet, somit gefördert durch korrupte Politiker, identisch die Profi Kriminellen, die in Albanien Justiz bringen wollen. Identisch die Willkommens Kultur, und Verbrecher Roma Clans in Hamburg usw. Der Britische Justiz Minister Gove empörte sich über die Deutsche Förderungs Verbrechens Kultur (einem Volks Terroristen Politik System), was man an der „Camorra“ identische IRZ-Stiftung schon lange und überall schnell erkennt.

    Zwei führende Mitglieder der Clans

    Ihre Verachtung für uns ist grenzenlos

    Im Ausgeh Zentrum von Tirana dem „Block“, wurde wieder einmal eine Person hingerichtet: Bei dem Lokal „De Niro“::: Elton Cico, mit 2 Kugeln in den Kopf, wobei solche Namen oft falsche ID’s sind, denn viele Gestalten vor allem aus dem Kosovo, haben sich Phantasie Namen zugelegt. 2 Tage wird der Tisch Nachbar verhaftet, weil er sich weigerte als Zeuge bei den Ermittlern zu erscheinen: Redjan Rraja, 31, from Kruja., ein Club von Schwer Kriminellen, die bis nach Las Vegas reisten.

    Auftrags Killer:


    Eine nächtliche Schiesserei ebenso in Durres:

    Të shtëna me armë zjarri në Durrës 


    oldest albanian website