Wird der neue US Botschafter David Kostelancik, die kriminelle Herrschaft von EU Politik Verbrechern, Geldwaesche und Grundstuecks Diebstahl beenden?

die Dumm Kriminellen aus der EU Botschaft, muessen endlich entfernt werden, denn solche Idioten braucht kein Land und alle Georg Soros, DAAD Organisationen bis zu dem LGBT Unfug

Ende 2023

Wird der Ranghohe neue US Botschafter: David J. Kostelancik, die Herrschaft der Unfähigkeit, des Betruges der Verbrecher Kartelle beenden?



The arrival of the new US ambassador to Albania, David Kostelancik, appears today before the Senate, here are the details of his plan to eliminate corruption in Albania

The arrival of the new US ambassador to Albania, David Kostelancik, appears

The well-known diplomat, David J. Kostelancik, re-proposed by the American president, Joe Biden to the post of ambassador of the United States of America to Albania, is expected to appear today (April 16) before the Committee on Foreign Relations in the United States Senate. This is the second time that David J. Kostelancik will appear before this committee as proposed for the position of ambassador to our country. Earlier, he had passed the hearing before this Committee, but the vote in the US Senate together with 40 other proposed diplomats due to exceeding the procedural deadlines was not realized. David J. Kostelancik is expected to be reconfirmed by the Committee, to be presented for a vote later by the Senate. A career diplomat, Kostelan?ik once served in Albania during the years 1992-1994, as the first representative for political and economic affairs. If his candidacy is approved by the Senate, diplomat Kostelanchik will replace Yuri Kim, who left our country on June 25, 2023, taking an important post in the US State Department. The US Embassy is currently headed by Charge d’Affaires David Wisner.





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    Here is the "big American punch" in the face of Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta and Edi Rama, the USA comes out on the side of Altin Duman, demands that the opposition distance itself from "non-women" and gives a strong message that misgovernance and corruption must be fought WRITTEN BY RIGELS SELIMAN 19 PRILL 2024 Here is the "big American punch" in the face of Sali Berisha, Ilir The charge d'affaires of the United States in Tirana, David Wisner yesterday sent a clear message to the politicians in Tirana, as he declared that the future of Albania does not lie in the people involved in corruption. In an interview for "Voice of America" ??(VOA), diplomat David Wisner strongly condemned the accusations and attacks of the former president, Ilir Meta against SPAK, as he underlined that Albanians do not want politicians who fight for personal interests, but individuals who work for the interests of a better Albania. Wisner also expressed the unwavering support of the US to SPAK, as he emphasized that the words of the chief prosecutor Altin Dumani that the institutions do not cooperate with them and do not provide information on corruption cases, are quite disturbing. Among other things, he also spoke about the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the relations of the USA with the Opposition. Meanwhile, diplomat Wisner emphasized that the US attitude towards "non-women" has not changed, implying that relations with the former prime minister have been severed once and for all. On the other hand, the person in charge at the American Embassy in Tirana, David Wisner, asked to be careful with the disinformation commission. The deputies voted last week in the plenary session with 73 votes in favor of setting up the commission in question, while 7 deputies voted against. The Disinformation Commission will supervise foreign influences on the Albanian media or funding from unfriendly countries in politics and various parties. But there are doubts that it can be used by the SP to "shut up" the media. David Wisner emphasized during an interview with VOA, that it is important to respect the freedom of speech and that of the media. Thus, he declared that bad governance must be fought and described as meaningless the fact that corruption is not denounced. Armand, thank you very much for the opportunity to be here today. It's an honor to be with you and talk to your viewers. First and foremost, the role of any US embassy is to provide services and protection to US citizens. I am very proud of the work we have done in that direction in the last eight months. In terms of the work we are doing with Albania and Albanians, things fall into three categories: our support for Albania's democracy, our desire to build greater ties in the field of defense, and the promotion of business ties. In relation to democracy, it has been a privilege to work side by side with Albanians, to build important institutions, whether these institutions of government or independent institutions of justice, to work with civil society. That's been a real focus of the work, and it's something that Secretary Blinken really emphasized two months ago during his visit here, which we're very proud of. In the field of defense, Albania, 15 years as an ally in NATO, working side by side with the Americans and other allies everywhere in the world. The opening of the Kuçova Air Base, two months ago, was a truly special moment that underlined Albania's growing integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. And we continue to work, every day, through our defense mechanisms to build Albanian capacities to contribute to NATO. And, of course, we are working together with Albania as it aims to meet its defense spending commitments as part of the Wales Summit pledge. Then of course, for business connections. There are some really exciting developments here. For example, we have a threefold increase in the last five years of foreign direct investments in Albania from the United States. There has been a 60% increase over the last year in exports from the United States to Albania. This is real, tangible cooperation that takes place between our two countries. We have some really exciting projects in the field of renewable energy, in the field of hospitality that we are excited about and that would also bring real change in Albania and for Albanians. - Mr. Wisner, justice seems to remain a priority for American diplomacy in Tirana. 8 years after the start of the reform of this system, the evaluations are among the most diverse and there is an idea that it would be necessary to make an analysis of what has been done and what has not gone properly. Would it be the right thing to do? https://sot.com.al/english/politike/ja-grushti-i-madh-amerikan-ne-fytyren-e-sali-berishes-ilir-metes-dhe-ed-i658840


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