die Dumm Kriminellen aus der EU Botschaft, muessen endlich entfernt werden, denn solche Idioten braucht kein Land und alle Georg Soros, DAAD Organisationen bis zu dem LGBT Unfug

Ende 2023

Wird der Ranghohe neue US Botschafter: David J. Kostelancik, die Herrschaft der Unfähigkeit, des Betruges der Verbrecher Kartelle beenden?



The arrival of the new US ambassador to Albania, David Kostelancik, appears today before the Senate, here are the details of his plan to eliminate corruption in Albania

The arrival of the new US ambassador to Albania, David Kostelancik, appears

The well-known diplomat, David J. Kostelancik, re-proposed by the American president, Joe Biden to the post of ambassador of the United States of America to Albania, is expected to appear today (April 16) before the Committee on Foreign Relations in the United States Senate. This is the second time that David J. Kostelancik will appear before this committee as proposed for the position of ambassador to our country. Earlier, he had passed the hearing before this Committee, but the vote in the US Senate together with 40 other proposed diplomats due to exceeding the procedural deadlines was not realized. David J. Kostelancik is expected to be reconfirmed by the Committee, to be presented for a vote later by the Senate. A career diplomat, Kostelan?ik once served in Albania during the years 1992-1994, as the first representative for political and economic affairs. If his candidacy is approved by the Senate, diplomat Kostelanchik will replace Yuri Kim, who left our country on June 25, 2023, taking an important post in the US State Department. The US Embassy is currently headed by Charge d’Affaires David Wisner.