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Minister’s husband gains the status of “strategic investor” in coastal area, DP denounces Prime Minister Rama for abuse

21/06/2022 15:11

MP Gazment Bardhi on behalf of the Opposition Parliamentary Group PD has filed today in the special prosecutor’s office SPAK a criminal report against Prime Minister Edi Rama for abuse of office, after unjustly giving the status of ‘strategic investor’ to the husband of Foreign Minister Olta Xhacka .

‘Minister Xhaçka’s husband has obtained the status of strategic investor for the construction of a 5-star hotel in a development area of ​​10,592 m worth about 5.5 million euros, in Gjileka, on the coast of Himara.

The company owned by the husband of the Minister Olta Xhacka has benefited from the support measures allowing the use of the beach in front of the hotel for a period of 30 years, and also benefits from the VAT reduction incentive.

“This for the Democrats was done in flagrant violation of the legal prohibitions provided in the law on the prevention of conflict of interest.

“Prime Minister Edi Rama, in his capacity as superior of Minister Olta Xhaçka and as Chairman of the Strategic Investment Committee, has the legal responsibility to implement the prohibitions provided by law no. 9367, dated 7.4.2005 ‘on the prevention of conflict of interest in the exercise of public functions’, which clearly specifies that the deputy / minister cannot benefit from the use of public property and that this rule applies equally to his / her spouse “, writes the PD denunciation.

Minister’s husband gains the status of “strategic investor” in coastal area, DP denounces Prime Minister Rama for abuse

Typsiches Georg Soros Produkt des Betruges über „Mjfat“ und korrupter EU Kreise, wie auch Bosch Stiftung, Erste Stiftung. Olta Xhacka (Tochter der Natasha Xhacka,) Edi Rama Partner im Drogen und Kinderhandel), ist uralter Kommunisister Hochadel, ebenso Ex-Schwieger Tochter des Super Betrügers, Gangsters. der Pyramid Firma: des Shemsije Kadrisë (in 2017, nochmal verurteilt, wegen Betrug), Pyramid Firma “Gjallica”, ein ganz übler Betrugs Laden vor 20 Jahren. Ihr Ehemann ist ein Langzeit Gangster, der Schmuggler Boote als System ansieht und promotete, als Vlore Gangster.

Die neue sogenannte Ministerin, besucht nur einen in der Nähe von Tirana gelegenen Hubschrauber Stützpunkt, dazu braucht man die National Garde, das Musik Korp eine Truppen Parade und ansonsten denckt man an das Irrenhaus.


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SHBA e BE ndëshkojnë Arben Imamin, Mimi Kodhelin e Olta Xhaçkën për shitjen e pronave të Flotës Detare

OSBE ka vlerësuar sot një investigim gazetaresk që denonconte shitjen e pronave të Flotës Detare Shqiptare për llogari të oligarkëve nga dy ministra të Edi Ramës: Mimi Kodheli e Olta Xhaçka. Skandal që ‘Pamfleti’ e ka publikuar një vit më përpara, madje shumë përpara se të publikohet dokumentari i gazetarit Ferdinand Dervishi. OSBE është organizata që financimet më të mëdha i ka nga SHBA dhe Gjermania. OSBE ka seli vetëm në demokracitë e brishta. Në vende të tjera OSBE nuk ka prezencë diplomatike.

Për të rejat më të fundit behuni pjesë e grupit tonë VIRAL në facebook : PAMFLETI




  • BuckZiehsMutter
    Apr 09, 2024., 17:30 •

    "For the properties of Xhaçka's husband, we have mayors in prison", the DP deputy reveals the details: Here's what will happen on Thursday in the Assembly Written by SOT.COM.AL 9 Prill 2024 "For the properties of Xhaçka's husband, we have mayors in PD MP Saimir Korreshi said in a TV show that Olta Xhaçka should have resigned and warned of a possible protest in the parliament on Thursday precisely on the issue of Olta Xhaçka's mandate. Korreshi: Undoubtedly, being the leader of the opposition in those conditions is not good for the opposition, but this does not mean that the opposition will stop. In my opinion, the only way to keep Berisha inside is to burn the mandate. What the SP hinted at, we will wait for Thursday anyway, but what they hinted at is that MPs may very well violate the law. In my opinion, she (Olta Xhaçka) should have resigned. We have a mayor who is behind bars today for the properties of Xhaçka's husband. Today we also have falsification of properties. The majority continued with its rhetoric as if the Constitutional Court had no right to apply the law. Big surprise that during the day they trumpet the New Justice and at dinner they say why those people are too, this time they are wrong. So the SP will not sell it or will not allow the law to have its effect, so I think that Thursday will be a premise apart from that 11:00 o'clock protest to have another protest in the parliament. Maybe not pyrotechnics but something else absolutely because there is no logic.

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