Despite the wonderful beach and being close to the capital, the highway and the airport, the areas of Spille and Vile-Bashtova still do not have the proper touristic development to host thousands of tourists.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, property titles issues have become an obstacle.

During the cleaning at the Spille beach, Klosi stated that verifications of the violations that have occurred during these years are being made.

„We are in the phase of verifying the violations that have occurred throughout these years with land on the coast.

„It is unforgivable that this area still does not have real tourist development. There are no real hotels to welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists. There are no businesses to support this type of tourism.

„This whole situation really arises from problems with owning the land,“ explained Blendi Klosi.

„Together with the mayor we contacted the local business emphasizing the decision of the Albanian government that no one will be allowed to conduct activities in the tourist season if there is no final solution to the sewage problem,“ said Blendi Klosi.

Further, Klosi said the areas with a great potential should be turned into tourist magnets, which not only generate tourism but also contribute to the economy, well-being and employment for residents of the area.

The head of Tourism and Environment repeated the appeal to businesses to offer a definitive solution to sewage, or else nobody will be allowed to conduct activities during the tourist season.