Bauschrott Betrug in Tradition: Die neue Korce-Erseke Strasse in Bau, brach schon zusammen

Wenn Ziegenhirten ohne Ausbildung Regierungs Aufträge für Strassenbau erhalten. Drainage unbekannt und Beton Verankerung im Boden

Keine Geologischen Untersuchungen mehr, noch Statik ein Beton in die Landschaft kippen und in Lehm Böden bauen

Alles bekannt, noch in 1995, aber dann mussten die Westlichen Berater, Banditen Geologische, Vermessungs und Bau Bildung abschaffen


The new Korçë-Ersekë road collapsed before it was inaugurated, the lawyer filed a criminal complaint with SPAK

After the collapse of a part of the road axis Erseke – Korce two days ago, the first reactions have come. Kor?ar lawyer Esmerald Xhafa filed yesterday a criminal report in SPAK for ARRSH, the Municipality of Cologne and the Company that is carrying out the investment for the criminal offenses: „Abuse of duty“, „Forgery of documents“ and „Corruption of persons exercising public functions“. . It is known that in addition to the project, Xhafa has also attached a film showing the poor quality works and the construction, which was done differently from the project. The road axis Korçë – Erseke, the second lot, the first part, started to be built in 2020, while in 2022 an additional financing of nearly 2.1 billion ALL was requested. Meanwhile, yesterday morning, a part of this act was completely destroyed, endangering the lives of passers-by.





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