vor 20 Jahren gut bekannt: Berisha und Ilir Meta Partner in der Korruption, Geldwaesche Betrug

Wie der Brittische Botschafter in Tirana mitteilt, hat man Salih Berisha, fuer den Start, geheime Bankkonten in England beschlagnahmt was nur ein Anfang sein kann.

Illegales Bauen und die gut geschmierte Polizei in Albanien

Kommisat Nr. 1 in Tirana, wieder Alle suspendiert.


Albanien wird nie ein Staat, bei der Landräuberei ständig, die Bevölkerung wandert aus

Es tut Etwas, Bauten der Bauten sind mit ueber 20 Appartment Bauten der Kosovo, Berisha Mafia in der Currilla Durres blockiert, kleiner Appart Villen, am Leuchtturm Durres, vondem bekannten Kosovo Gangster Lulzim Berisha:: nicht verwandt, der einmal in Deutschland bis 1997 war

Ansonsten der Albansche Staat, Durres, fest in Hand von Kriminellen, aehnlich wie Deppen, Facebook, twitter Dumm Gestalten, EU, Berllin uebernommen habe im Deppen Club voni Georg Soros und Klaus Schwab


Berisha-Meta, two partners that corruption has bought

Berisha-Meta, two partners that corruption has bought

Corruption is a plague that started with the establishment of pluralism in Albania and has grown rampant, affecting all central and local government bodies in a capillary way. How many times have been said, written and published the affairs of the leaders of the Democratic Party and LSI, who have currently converted to the party of „Foltor“ and „Liberty“, (which we can also call „Slavery“), where their leaders by doing cosmetics and changing their names, they think that their 32 years of deeds and sins will be forgotten in the social opinion. The people are tired and deafened by listening to them, cursed by reading them. They have lost faith in justice and the government, that they have not been punished, they have not suffered anything, they have only been bent and they feel more consolidated. We hear these trumpets sounding non-stop on television and newspapers for days, that the leaders of the „Foltor“ and „Liberty“ parties, Berisha and his partner Meta, have stolen the wealth of Albania. To justify this phenomenon, the accusers appeal: villas, property, money and wealth, even gold, and this is how this story continues, and as the people say: „a mountain was conceived and a mouse was born“. The people know all this, they see it, because they have minds and eyes, they say it, if anyone listens, and this is how this comedy continues. The left and the right know who has stolen and is corrupt in these 32 years, but there is no political will to punish them and those before this evil feel united. The odyssey of the privatization of the „Partizani Club“, by the Berisha family, the countless crimes of 1997, the tragedy of January 21 and Gërdec, and many others that are known to the public and whose authorship is known, unfortunately, affairs and crimes have been covered up by justice. The Berisha family and the Meta family, owners of the two parties PD and LSI, have become the sultans of Albania, eliminating their political opponents in the style of their spiritual idol Enver, who curse him by day and cry by night, for the legacy he left behind. and so this avaz continues. The proven failures promoted in these 32 years of the justice system against the rampant corruption and crime of leaders in the party and government, descending like a cataract, in the municipalities and municipalities, no one who has a mind, ears and eyes opposes them. As the popular expression says: „and the child in the mother’s womb feels it“. The leaders of the parties, both left and right, have defended themselves by articulating oaths and pledges for their honesty, using accusations and counter-accusations between each other, that basically this behavior is a self-exposition of their corruption in power. The solidarity of the leaders of the „Foltor“ Party and the „Liberty“ Party, increasing the potential threat to democracy, who are ready to set fire to Albania, is an indicator of fear, not of justice, but of America. Corruption has grabbed them by the throat and wants to strangle them. Out of embarrassment, that doomsday is coming, they appear every day in the media with the passport of „honesty“, in the name of „democracy“. Time has proven that it should not be underestimated, remembering the destructive and murderous catastrophe of 1997, the coup d’état of 1988, the calls for demonstrations with pitchforks and axes, by the leader of „Liberty“ and „Non grata“. The climate of friendship between the Berisha-Meta couple has deep roots, that in their balance lies fear, that they are threatened by diving into the cauldron of corruption with the competition: „who will benefit the most“. The awakening of SPASK from its lethargic sleep has set them in motion and they feel in danger, that political corruption has begun to be evident. Ethical standards among our left and right politicians are conjunctural, to amortize the degree of corruption among them. If they are examined and discussed in a wider audience, outside the political framework, the deeds of the Berisha-Meta duo require a revolution to be overturned as corruption. The visit of Ambassador Yuri Kim has aroused surprise, suspicion and doubt, is it courtesy, diplomacy or attitude, or a signal that expresses reflection?!… This sudden visit has disturbed the broad social opinion and deformed the reasonings and judgments of various political factors. The permanent anti-democratic and anti-American attitudes of the „opposition“ duo have publicly shown that the relationship between them is not simply an organic partnership or alliance, but a deep friendship, which stems from the common struggle to protect themselves from the „aggression“ of justice. , in the midst of corruption and crime, during the exercise of power. They are declared in this common front and there is nothing to discover or suspect. Meta just declared that in the local elections called the opposition, it should ambush the majority with a common candidate. Anyone who thinks or intends to divide and separate them, is wrong that they have entered this game to reap the common result, in the challenge to corruption. The appearance of Ambassador Kim’s meetings with other opposition leaders, to select them in the cascade of corruption and to separate them from „Non grata“, it looks a bit like a political theater. Time will speak clearly. If you take stock of the policies pursued by these two leaders in the years of so-called democracy, you will see that there is no need to comment that the facts speak for themselves, that they, for their corrupt interests, have been destructive and denigrating democracy. In a mountain of corruption, sprinkled with the sweat and blood of innocent citizens, to defend this macabre act, as the justice has acted until today, when you remember the massacre of 1997, the murders of January 21 and the tragedy of Gërdec, the baby trembles in the womb of the mother, without any doubt, that you are the perpetrator in the crime. The Berisha-Meta snipers have been placed in a shooting range against broad social opinion, justice and our strategic ally the USA. to win the battle of corruption, as strategists of this battle. One with „axes and pitchforks“, the other being „Non grata“, scrambling to cover the sun with a sieve, to get out of the dirt of corruption. We expect and hope that justice will not fail this time, but will triumph!…


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der berühmte Weltwoche Chef.

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Alles Normal in Deutschland. Dumm facebook. twitter regiert



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