Die Skandal Firma „Bechtel“ erpresst, das nächste Baugeschäft:

Da geht es nur um Betrug, was das US Department of State wieder einmal erpresst und Bestechung. Abgerechnet wird: 4-500 % überteuert, ohne jede Ausschreibung. Die Botschafter sind immer direkt in solche Bestechungs Geschäfte verwickelt, wie die Vergangenheit zeigte, mit den extremen Skandalen im Balkan. Die notwendigen Umwelt Gutachten, wird wie bei den EU, Deutschen, Österreichischen Projekten gefälscht, die Bürgermeister Unterschriften gefälscht. Die KfW, macht fleissig mit bei solchen Bestechungs Geschäften, oft illegal und ohne gesetzliche Grundlage. Rezzo Schlauch ist so ein Bestechungs Experte und Abzocker.


2004: im illegalem Betrugs und Bestechungsgeschäft mit dem Flugplatz in Tirana

Albania and Bechtel Sign Deal for Construction of Major Hydropower Plant 
  • Albania and Bechtel Sign Deal for Construction of Major Hydropower Plant 
  • On Monday, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the US company Bechtel signed an agreement for the first stage of the construction of the Skavica hydropower plant on the Black Drin River in the north-east of Albania.In the next 18 months, Bechtel will complete all the necessary studies – environmental, geological, social impact studies – before the actual construction starts, for which a second agreement will be signed. 




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    und wieder läuft die Erpressungs und Bestechungs Maschine der Amerikaner, wie auch in Kroatien und Albanien. 400-500 % überteuert, ohne jede Kontrolle US Ambassador to Macedonia bullies Government into hiring US Construction Company without a Bidding Process By Marija Nikolovska - July 16, 2021 0 Last night an extremely controversial and illegal “special law” was passed for the construction of highways without a competitive bidding process, according to which the construction of Macedonian highways is exclusively given to the American corporation “Bechtel”. A day earlier, the US ambassador met with DUI President Ali Ahmeti. The memorandum with this corporation was initially signed a few months ago by DUI official Artan Grubi. The cost of the highway Skopje – Kafasan (Albanian border) is insane, or to be more specific, $1 Billion. For $1 Billion, one can build a highway from Skopje to Athens and back. Now you can see why the US Ambassador needed a “law” where no other company is allowed to bid, but only Bechtel is, where Biden’s son and cocaine addict Hunter Biden is a shareholder. Some facts about Bechtel, the American company that operates exclusively in corrupt sates will receive the privileges from this law: In 2004, the company received a $ 2.7 billion highway construction contract in Romania, another country that the US treats as its protectorate. After painstaking disputes and accusations, the end result was 12.5% ​​realization of the contract, with 64% of the money paid to Bechtel. In 2008, an indictment was filed against an Albanian minister who was part of a deal with a US corporation. An employee of the ministry at the time claimed that he was “shocked by the prices, which were 6 to 7 times higher than the market prices.” The then public prosecutor will estimate the damage to the state at 337 million dollars. The case was dismissed due to procedural inconsistencies. In 2014, the deputy director of this corporation was sentenced to 42 months in prison for corruption schemes in Egypt, worth $5.2 million. In 2019, Bechtel Corporation, together with a partner corporation, will pay a $ 125 million fine to the US government for charging fictitious working hours that were never realized. The US ambassador in Kosovo lobbied for Bechtel to receive a construction contract which the company did. The cost reached a whopping 17 million dollars per kilometer. Outside of the parties involved, few had seen the Kosovo highway agreement; Kosovo Special Representative Peter Feith, who was completely sidelined, failed to gain access to the contract. The World Bank stated that only two (out of nine) sections of the highway are economically viable. https://www.minareport.com/us-ambassador-to-macedonia-bullies-government-into-hiring-us-construction-company-without-a-bidding-process/

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