From: Exit Staff 23 hrs ago
Questionable Demolition of Buildings Clears the Way for More PPPs
A News24 TV report has questioned the Tirana Municipality’s decision to demolish three student accommodation buildings, allegedly made uninhabitable after the November 26 earthquake, arguing that at least one of them was not damaged at all.In a report this weekend, journalist Erion Skendaj showed that Building No.18 in the Qyteti i Studentit (Student City) in Tirana had no visible damage, and yet the government has evacuated it, and it’s awaiting demolition.“[…] there is not the slightest crack, neither in the ceiling, nor in the walls, nor around the doors, […] walls have no damage, neither the structure nor tiles.”……………..The decision to demolish the three buildings was also praised by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who also underlined the occupation by homeless families: “I think demolishing the three student accommodation buildings was the right decision. After a 30-year-long occupation,  it’s time for those families and their political protectors to leave.”