Florian Alimadhi, who has been in charge of Vlora's Property Registrar since May 2019, has been dismissed. Sources from within the Registrar suggest that a new director has been determined in Alteo Nazëraj. Nazëraj is a lawyer and has worked as a property registration specialist for 10 years. Furthermore, the Deputy Director and an unconfirmed number of specialists have also been dismissed from the Property Registration Offices in Vlora. The Vlora Cadastre Directorate has been one of the most problematic Directorates over the years regarding mortgage property issues. There are many court cases and, from time to time, denunciations, especially on issues related to coastal areas. As you may recall, recent cases were brought before the Prosecution noting hundreds of acres of stolen land across the Karaburun Peninsula. In the six years of socialist ruling in Vlora, 12 directors have been replaced, a significant statistic for interpreting the depth of the situation. According to the Property Registration Office, from citizen complaints, it is understood that Vlora's coastline has not yet been subject to initial registrations, which has allowed for easier manipulations with the properties in this area. /Ora News.tv/