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Vollkommen illegal gebaut, auf gestohlenen Grundstück was normal ist

Fiks Fare/ Developer sells the apartment twice, by to the same notary, and then disappears

04/04/2024 21:27

The investigative program “Fiks Fare” on Top Channel tonight denounced the fraud with a property developer who sold the same apartment twice, with the sale act being made in both cases by the same notary in Durres.

The citizen Sefedin Jashari complained to the newsroom of the investigative show, who claimed that bought from developer Ahmet Tushe an apartment in 2020, but learned that the same apartment was sold in 2018.

Both contracts, like the 2018 (first) and 2020 (second) contracts, were made at the notary Skënder Poga in Durrës, in central Albania. The apartment is located in district no. 13 in Durrës, as the citizen has been looking for the owner for many months, but apparently he has “disappeared”.

Sefedin says that he is from the villages of Dibra in northeastern Albania but had been living in Italy for a long time now. “A few years ago, I bought an apartment in neighborhood No. 13 in the city of Durrës, from the firm ‘Albion Construction’, owned by Ahmet Tushe.”

He adds that he went with Ahmet to the notary Skënder Poga, in the city of Durrës, where they drew up the contract for the apartment with an area of 104 m2 on the 5th floor.

“I had made the payment of 40,000 euros since 2009. Several years passed and the works were not finished. I did some of the work myself and I wanted my parents to live there. But they never lived, as the years passed and my father passed away.”

“But the worst came a few months later when I learned that the same apartment, with the same area, in the same floor, was sold in 2018 to another citizen. In fact, the contract was made with the same notary, Skënder Poga in the city of Durrës” adds the citizen.

It is learned that the other buyer has sued the firm and Sefedini in court. “Now we don’t know how many other times Ahmeti has sold this apartment, as I have learned that other people or buyers have the same problem as me in the same building. I’ve been looking for it for several months, but I can’t find it anywhere. One tells me that he is searching, the other that he has left. I have lost almost 40,000 euros that I paid,” he concludes.

After the complaint, the citizen and the journalists of “Fiks Fare” look for the builder Ahmet Tusha. Initially, they search for the developer in the Yrshek area of Tirana, where Ahmeti lived with his family. A neighbor tells them that Ahmeti hasn’t come to this apartment for months.

The citizen and the journalists go to the notary Skënder Poga, who drew up both contracts. They ask him for an explanation as to why it was done this way, where they find that there are two buyers for the same apartment. The notary answers that he has no responsibility to verify whether it has been sold before. “He can sell it 100 times. I have no responsibility to verify it. I wouldn’t wait to open the archives,” he tells them.

Afterwards, the citizen had a conflict with this notary as he asks him explanations. Meanwhile the notary forcefully grabbed the “Fiks Fare” journalist by the arm, continuing his threats. He tells him that it is also the fault of the citizens, that they should have gone to see if the apartment was occupied or not.

After these answers to the citizen, notary Poga claims that he has been retired since a few weeks, while regarding the contracts he adds that “they are custom contracts and the developer could do as many as he wants”.

Fiks Fare asks him if he has sent these order contracts to the state Cadastre, while the notary answers:

“Ahmet has no property registered in the Cadastre. He only is responsible for having sold it several times. I only made the contracts. I am not an engineer to do the relevant verifications. Citizens must also do their own verifications and not buy it on the spur of the moment,” he says. Journalists let him know that for these problems between the seller and the buyer, he is the responsible but the notary insists that even today if another buyer came, he could sell the same apartment!

im Chaoten NATO Staat, von den EU Ratten finanziert normal

„Don’t throw waste on the road and don’t build without permission“, the police in Dhërmi appeal to tourist operators: You will respond legally

"Don't throw waste on the road and don't build without

The police in Dhërmi informs that they have found several cases of illegality in this area, in the preparations that are being made for the beginning of the tourist season.

The operatives state that several cases have been found, where tourist operators have thrown inerts on the road or built without permission. The police call on the operators not to build without permission and not to throw inerts, as they will face the law.

Dërmi????Communication with the public of Police Director Ermal Muçaj on the detention and criminal proceedings of some persons involved in environmental crimes and damage to public property.

The Local Directorate of the Vlora Police, thanks to the support of the citizens, in recent days has started inspections of the coastline of the Vlora district, with the aim of preventing environmental crimes, mainly environmental pollution and illegal constructions in the coastal area.

From the controls, we found that many tourist operators have started to prepare the premises for the reception of vacationers during the summer season and during the work they have polluted the environment, throwing inerts on the streets and in public spaces and not in the places designated for this purpose.

As you can see, we have criminally prosecuted several citizens in connection with this criminal offense and I take this opportunity to call on tourist operators and residents of coastal areas not to pollute the environment by throwing inerts and waste on the road and not to carry out constructions. without permission as they will respond legally.

I invite citizens to report any case of unauthorized construction, environmental pollution and any other illegality, guaranteeing complete anonymity and immediate and legal response, as together we can build a more welcoming environment for tourists and visitors.