Corrupt prosecutor is arrested, along with police officer who helped evade criminal prosecution for firearm injury perpetrator

19/06/2021 20:06

Saranda prosecutor Sali Hasa and a judicial police officer were arrested today based on the corruption case that also cost the career to Kruja judge Enkeleida Hoxha, who is currently under arrest in the women’s prison.

Prosecutor Sali Hasa is suspected of being corrupted and dropping the charges fot the firearm injuring of a young man.

He is among the six arrested in the file of the special prosecution SPAK, which says that the wiretaps revealed not only the affairs in justice system, but also the fixing  of the football match Përmet – Selenica.

SPAK says the prosecutor was corrupted in one case under investigation, while officer Napolon Hodaj exercised illegal influence in another case.

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