Edi Rama betrügt erneut das Volk, die Internationalen. Angebliche Dokumente, beschlagnahmte Illegale Bauten, in Staatsbesitz zu tranferieren, existieren Nicht


Korruption mit Rumi: Erpressung von Grundstücken in der Bucht von Lalzi durch organisierte Kriminalität


Rama claimed without providing proof that the developers had managed to overbuild by cutting deals with corrupt inspectors, police officers and judges. He said that a government decision would deal with the problem by seizing the overbuilt floors.

He illustrated this initiative by showing the file, which apparently contained the contract. According to him, the developer had handed over some 4,646 square metres of spaces, which would be used to shelter those in need.

BIRN asked for a copy of the contract, based on Albania’s Law on Access of Documents. Almost two months later, well beyond the 10-day deadline foreseen in the law, the government has yet to answer the request.


Queried about rampant illegal construction, PM Rama claimed to have signed an agreement for the transfer of an illegally built space to government ownership but – responding to a BIRN FOIA – his office now says it doesn’t have the document, after all.

Albania Fights Losing Battle Against Illegal Construction on Coast

Photo: Territorial Protection Inspectorate demolishing an illegal construction on Jale beach in south Albania.

November 26, 202108:21

Authorities are demolishing more and more illegal builds in a bid to save Albania’s threatened coastline – but an epidemic of wildcat construction continues.