In an audit 3 years ago, the General Directorate of Prisons found that 153 prison police officers were previously convicted by the judiciary for various crimes.

Although authorities launched a campaign to clear the cell guards staff, an investigation by the Prisons Internal Control Service found that 33 of them did not step down at any point, while 44 others were not fired but let go while benefitting from social security.

The investigation of this structure has brought to light the scandalous data of the convicts who were accepted as officers in the police service.

33 of them who after this campaign continued their duty without trouble, were identified as officers in the prisons of Drenovo, Peqin, Kruja and Lezha.

Authorities told TCH that in two cases the police officers were removed from duty after being previously convicted, however after two months they were readmitted and their salaries were paid also for the time of dismissal.

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