Alles illegale Dokumente, nie komplett erhalten und beantragt nach dem Gesetz 7665, und Club Med, distanzierte sich von dem Betrugs Projekt, schon 2005. Vor kurzem wurden die kompletten Dokumente ungültig gemacht, rund um die Bucht „Kakomese“ in Süd Albanien, ebenso andere Unterlagen beschlagnahmt, üer die Vergabe von Mafia Tenders, mit viel Bestechungsgeld. Man arbeitet nach Deutschen Regierungs Vorlagen, oder wie der Bürgermeister von Verona. Partner u.a. der Bulgarische Mafia Boss: Vasil Krumov Bozhkov,


Vasil Krumov Bozhkov

Abuses of the legal system

The financial circles and the press have expressed doubts that Bozhkov is manipulating the minority owners by draining Nove Holding by taking out non-public subsidiaries[21] and bonuses for himself.[22] On 5 January 2009, the General Meeting of Holding Roads voted for Bozhkov an additional remuneration of 3.84 million levs.[23] The Financial Supervision Commission does not report any irregularities.[24]

Links to the mafia

Bozhkov is suspected of having close ties to the SIC group. He is considered a co-owner of the Bull Ins insurance company, although the nominal owners are offshore companies and the connection is unprovable. Bull Ins took over the SIC’s „insurance“ structures after they did not receive a license in 1998.[25]

Bozhkov’s name is mentioned in the WikiLeaks correspondence leaked to the US Embassy in Bulgaria. Together with Todor Batkov, Grisha Ganchev and the brothers Krassimir and Nikolay Marinovi, Bozhkov was given as an example „of some of the most famous connections“ of Bulgarian business with organized crime.[26]

Again, according to information leaked through WikiLeaks, in 2009 the acting US ambassador to Bulgaria John Ordwick in a diplomatic letter identified Bozhkov as „the most infamous gangster“ and found that Bozhkov was still active „in money laundering, in privatization fraud, threats, extortion, racketeering and the illegal trade in antiques. ‚[27]

Der Albanische Mafia Boss Dritan Celaj und seine Cannabis Export …

26.04.2012 Direkt aus der Bucht von Kakomese, in Besitz des Mafia Bosses Dritan Celaj und seiner Firma Riviera, werden Tonnen Weise Cannabis mit …

– In year 2009 RIVIERA has started the construction of KAKOME BAY RESORT – the biggest tourism project in Albania, which has started as an initiative of Club Med France. The resort is situated a couple of kilometers north of the city of Saranda and is just in front of Corfu Island. The project will be developed on an area of 72 ha, defined by Club Med as the most beautiful seaside area in Albania. Riviera owns 75% of the shares of the project for which has been created the Special Purpose Vehicle Company “Riviera Kakome”.

– Since the tourism real estate development and seaside residential projects increased dramatically and took a significant portion of the Riviera’s portfolio of activities, a company called Riviera Real Estate was created in year 2009 in order to achieve a vertical integration of the construction business from the planning through the development till the sales and the renting of the build areas.

– In year 2008 Mr. Celaj officially became partner of the biggest Bulgarian Infrastructural Construction Company – Holding Roads PLC which is quoted on the Sofia Stock Exchange. Together with Holding Roads PLC they found the company Balkan Roads JSC which successfully started to operate in the Albanian roads construction sector.