GPS wurde ausgebaut, uraltes Albaner Gangstertum in Albanien, wie vor 25 Jahren


A 35-year-old man was arrested in Tirana for driving a vehicle rented in Switzerland in Albania

A 35-year-old man was arrested in Tirana for driving a vehicle rented in

Trafficked in Albania, a vehicle rented in Switzerland, 1 citizen is arrested and 2 others are prosecuted.

Meanwhile, their accomplice is wanted. Official sources from the police informed that Kujtim Çelaj ended up behind bars.

The suspected vehicle is seized as material evidence.

Specialists of the Section for the Investigation of Illegal Traffic in DVP Tirana, following the work to crack down on illegality, based on the information received on the operative route, that some citizens in cooperation with each other, had trafficked a vehicle in our country rented in Switzerland, organized and successfully completed the coded police operation „Brabus“.

Within this operation, the citizen K. Ç was arrested. (C)., 53 years old, resident of Laç, as well as the criminal proceedings started in a state of freedom for the citizens D. Ll., 35 years old, resident of Mamurras, and AK, 40 years old, resident of Laç.

Also, citizen HB, 25 years old, resident in Romania, was declared wanted.

From the investigative actions, it was found that the citizen HB rented a „Benz“ type vehicle in Switzerland, which then in cooperation with the citizen K. Ç. (C)., they trafficked him to Albania.

The four citizens then, in cooperation with each other, removed the GPS device from the vehicle, with the aim of selling it.

The Police Services have located the suspect vehicle in Mamurras, together with the citizens of AK, and D. Ll., who during the intervention, opposed the Police employees.

The work continues for the capture of the citizen HB, as well as other persons who may be implicated in this criminal activity.

The materials were passed to the Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction in Tirana, for further procedural actions.