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Der prominente US Betrüger „Harry Sargeant“, wird wieder mal von Arben Ahmeti: als „Seriöser Investor“ vorgestellt.

Das US Betrugs System in Fortsetzung, von oft vorbestraften Verbrechern, Militärs wie Wesley Clark, Steven Schook, Georg Soros immer dabei und nun kommt ein neuer verurteilter Berufs Betrüger aus dem Militär:  „Harry Sargeant“.

Diese Ratten, werden durch die Milliarden schweren Korruptions- und Betrugs Orgien der Weltbank, UN der EU Delegation und US Vertreter angezogen und wurden überall System, weil jede Justiz verhindet wird. Strafverfolgung in Deutschland gibt es auch nicht bei Geldwäsche.

Ein Club von Kriminellen in Tradition, und natürlich eine Offshore Firma, rund um die ARMO Privatisierung, wo letzte Woche wieder die Arbeiter streikten, weil man keine Gehälter bekommt. Der US Gangster, verurteilt für Betrug, finanziert natürlich John McCain, den auch die Albaner Mafia finanzierte.   Alles ist auf Betrug, Geldwäsche, Drogen, Frauen Handel, Lobbying aufgebaut: Legende des Verbrechens rund um den USAID Fund: AAEF, American Bank of Albania und Frank Wisner. Sogar Worldcom, Enron mit dem CIA Gangster Frank Wisner (natürlich Partner von Frank Walter Steinmeier im Betrug und im Krieg)  waren in Albanien kurz, bevor die Betrugs Pleite kam. Deutsche Politiker kopierten das Consult Betrugs System, was die Gelder der Entwicklungshilfe unterschlägt und verteilt.

Der IMF und Ex-Justiz Minister Ylli Manjani erklären die Lügen und den Betrug um den Edi Rama Plan: 1 Milliarde € zuinvestieren

Ein ganzes Rudel von prominenten Kriminellen in Tirana, wie Musabelliu, Besnik Sula, sammelte sich um das erbärmliche Betrugs Construct und erneut ist der Erpresser, Betrüger, Mafiosi: Arben Ahmeti vorneweg, wie mit Klement Balili.

ARMO – Musabelliu Geschäfte: Taulant Tusha Klientel Geschäfte in Tirana

Mafia Albanese: Ilir Meta, Arben Ahmeti, Koko Kokodhima, Edi Rama: „Pablo Escobar“ : Clan Balili – “Santa Quaranta” pa leje

(ICITAP) US Mafia – Albania-Kosovo Highway Costs Soar To 2 Billion Euros – Frank Wisner, Tom Ridge, Christopher Dell,

Arben Ahmeti, Gangster Club with Klement Balili, Ilir Meta

„Paplo Escopar“ des Balkans: Klement Balili, als Distrikt Vertreter, des LSI Mafia Partei des Ilir Meta(ICITAP) US Mafia – Albania-Kosovo Highway Costs Soar To 2 Billion Euros – Frank Wisner, Tom Ridge, Christopher Dell,

Film und Buch über die Gerdec Kathastrophe, das grösste NATO Betrugs Geschäft und der US – Albanischen Mafia

Harry Sargeant III, “Very Serious” US Investor in ARMO, Mired in Fraud and Corruption(ICITAP) US Mafia – Albania-Kosovo Highway Costs Soar To 2 Billion Euros – Frank Wisner, Tom Ridge, Christopher Dell,Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi, Harry Sargeant III, Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj in Ballsh.

In September, Deputy Prime Minister Niko Peleshi and Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj announced that the oil refinery in Ballsh (ARMO), which had been bankrupted by its former owner, would be saved by a $52 million investment from an American investor.

According to Peleshi and Ahmetaj, the investor, who is “renting” the ARMO refinery, will reemploy the 1,200 oil workers which had remained unemployed. It would also assist with the enormous debts of ARMO, estimated at about $500 million.

On the same day, Prime Minister Edi Rama publicly praised the accomplishments of his government, which had managed to find a new and “very serious” investor for the Ballsh refinery, who would take care of everything.

The ceremony was also attended by the “strategic” investor: Harry Sargeant III, a US citizen and former fighter pilot from Boca Raton, Florida.

Ionian Refining and Trading Company

In Albania, Sargeant is owner of the Ionian Refining and Trading Company sha, founded in Albania in July 2016. The company is controlled by a mother company registered on the British Virgin Islands at the end of March 2016, administered by Ali Hasan Rahman, who also registered a local branch in Albania mid-April.

Ali Hasan Rahman is the lawyer of Global Oil Management Group, located in Boca Raton, Florida. Harry Sargeant III is the CEO of this company.

Both the Albanian branch of the offshore mother company and the local company are administered by Taulant Musabelliu. The company has its headquarters in the offices of one of the most well-known oil businessmen in the country, Besnik Sulaj, on the tenth floor of Sky Tower, apartment 102. This address also hosts several other companies with the same administrator and the same type of activities.

Harry Sargeant III’s Iraqi adventure

Harry Sargeant III is a former fighter pilot from the US Marines, who after eleven years of military service and a short period as commercial pilot at Delta Airlines, joined forces with his father to administer a fleet of ships specialized in the transport of bitumen and other activities related to the oil sector.

He made hit the jackpot in 2004 with a company he just founded, International Oil Trading Company (IOTC), managing to secure a contract from the US Department of Defense for supplying gasoline to the US army in Iraq, as their regular supplier had problems with the regular delivery.

In fact, Sargeant was only able to secure the contract with the US army after he had received an exclusive transportation license to pass through Jordanian desert, a corridor necessary to supply the US army, through his relations with members of the Jordanian royal family.

After three profitable contracts, Sargeant decided that for the fourth contract, at a value of $2.7 billion, he would exclude his Jordanian business partner, who initially had enabled him to receive the transportation licence in exchange for the partnership. In order to do so he made a contract with a company that we also under his control, funnelling away all the profits he made with the gasoline

Harry Sargeant


In 2008, the Jordanian business partner, Mohammad al-Saleh, brother-in-law of the King of Jordania, filed a lawsuit against Sargeant at the District Court of Appeal in Florida for fraud. Al-Saleh

Harry Sargeant

ended up receiving damages at the value of $29 million plus $3.5 million interest in 2011.

During the court case the Jordanian side testified and show proof of payments of $50 million made to Jordanian business linked to the government without any contract and without any apparent reason.

Corruption and war profiteering

The lawsuit and subsequent conviction led to a broader investigation into the dealing of Harry Sargeant III and his many offshore companies, almost all called International Oil Trading Company, under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The proceedings were followed with great interest by the US media, as Sargeant is one of the largest donors of the Republican Party, funding the campaigns of Mitt Romney and John McCain.

The Pentagon investigated the contracts that Sargeant’s companies had won in Iraq and declared that he abused his exclusive license for gasoline transportation through the Jordanian desert and had engaged in “the worst form of war profiteering,” according to a congressional committee in 2008. The exploitation of his monopoly position caused more than $200 million damage to the US budget.

The different companies directed by Harry Sargeant III were put on a black list and were no longer allowed to supply public entities.

Meanwhile, the conflict with his Jordanian business partner continued. Even though Al-Saleh won several court cases and the District Court of Appeal in Florida awarded him $30 million in compensation, he has until now only received $31,500. The reason is that Sargeant’s company IOTC continues to claim that it has not enough money as a result of losing the contract with the US army – as a result of Al-Saleh’s lawsuit.

The legal battle of Sargeant ended on Febrary 8, 2016, when the United States Bankruptcy Court declared IOTC bankrupt, with a debt of more than $100 million, half of which owed to Al-Saleh.

Escape to Albania

Harry Sargeant III has now arrived in Albania – it is unknown which relation brought him here – in order to rent ARMO and process the crude hydrocarbonates extracted by Bankers Petroleum in the same region in order to supply the local market in Albania.

Sargeant has promised the Rama government an investment of $52 million to help ARMO, more or less the same sum that he still owes his Jordanian business partner Al-Saleh.

Minister Ahmetaj added that $52 million were only the beginning and that IOTC will also invest $100 million in natural gas company Transatlantik.

Two months have now passed since the sensational inauguration by the Prime Minister, and not a single cent has been invested into the refinery in Ballsh.

Unfortunately, the mismanagement and lack of investments have now caused the death of one of them, while leaving five other wounded.

US Mafia Geschäft, der grösste NATO Skandal und Betrug und von Kriminellen im Pentagon eingefädelt mit der US Botschafterin Marie Ries.

Film und Buch über die Gerdec Kathastrophe, das grösste NATO Betrugs Geschäft und der US – Albanischen Mafia

Andere prominente US Betrüger, wo es eine lange Liste gibt, wie mit SIVA Investoren, rund um Rezart Taci und dem Berufs Verbrecher Frank Wisner.

Interpol Haft Befehl, für Adrian Yhillari, einem US Gangster für Betrug und Dokumenten Fälschung

Die Gangster um die US Handelskammer in Tirana wünschen eine Steuer Amnestie

FBI nimmt einen US-Albanischen Investor fest und Albanisch Geschäftsleute, betrieben ein Heroin Labore

Das FBI hat den Inhaber der Commonwealth Albanian Hydro Ventures, Inc. (CAHV), Paul John McMann, in der Geldwäsche Metropole Zypern verhaftet, welcher 7 HEC Wasser Kraft Lizenzen in Albanien hat.

11.8.2011: Die US-Albanische Handelskammer: FBI verhaftet erneut einen der sogenannten US Investoren in Albanien:: in Zypern

Europa schaut hier seit über 10 Jahren zu, weil kriminelle Politiker wie Gernot Erler, den Albanern in 10 Jahren sogar die EU Mitgliedschaft versprachen, für deren private Lobby Geschäfte, welche der identische Skandal ist wie bei den Amerikanern. Vor kurzem wurde ebenso der Türkische Inhaber der Albanian Airline ( Ali Evsen – Albanian Ariline) u.a. festgenommen, wie Top Mafia Bosse in Albanien aus Italien (5.8.2011: „Ndrangheta“ Boss: „El Paco“ – Giuseppe Simonelli, in Vlore verhaftet), oder der Türkische Drogen Baron: Abdulselam Turgut

(ICITAP) US Mafia – Albania-Kosovo Highway Costs Soar To 2 Billion Euros – Frank Wisner, Tom Ridge, Christopher Dell,

ARMO – Musabelliu Geschäfte: Taulant Tusha Klientel Geschäfte in Tirana

Die Insolvente „ARMO“ Raffienerei, fand schnell neue Eigentümer, mit einer Firma auf den Virgin Island. Taulant Musabelliu ist der Manager., mit dem Strohmann Ali Hasan Rahman als Eigentümer.

220 Millionen € Öl gestohlen, keine Gehälter bezahlt, das alte Betrugssystem der bankrotten Drogen Familiein rund um Edi Rama.
ARMO machte als Staatliche Öl Firma immer Gewinn

Nachdem es selbst bei prominenten Mord, nur Show Ermittlungen gibt, Auflagen für Ermittlungen mit Vorsatz nicht umgesetzt werden wie im Falle: Iso Copa, wird die nächste Comedy Show aufgezogen, das man den tödlichen Unfall ermitteln will, gegen Edi Rama’s Musabelliu Klientel Geschäft.

Prosecution investigates Ballsh explosion

Ein typisches Mafia Privatisierungs Geschäft der Weltbank und ded IMG und nun in Fortsetzung. Offshore Firmen, der Albanischen Mafia, wurden die neuen Eigentümer. Verbrecher Syndikate der Globalisierung in Aktion und nun immerhin nur bei der ARMO, seit 13 Jahren. Praktisch hat heute fast keine Albanische Institution eine Funktion.

In Albanien wurde der neue Haupt Eigentümer Ionian Refining and Trading Company sha, erst am 29.4.2016 QKR registriert, der Aserbeischanische Kredit, über die Credins Bank somit auf dem Papier abgelöst.

 Gazeta standard 2016

Ein Toder in der einer Edi Rama Klientel Öl Raffinierie, weil es 3 Strom Ausfälle in der Nacht gab und es in Folge zu einer Explosion kam. Uralte Verbrecher Kartelle, welche mit Dritan Prifti, Harasani schon vor 15 Jahren sehr aktiv waren. Moisi Musabelliu, (drejtor i Drejtorisë Rajonale; Tiranë) wurde mit einer extremen Verbrecher Gruppe verhaftet, welche gefälschte Treibstoff Zertifiakte ausstellte, für gepantschtes Benzin und Diesel, von der ARMO Raffinierie und aus Schmuggler und Zoll Betrugs Geschäften. Also macht man so weiter. Not Strom Anlagen gibt es nicht mehr bei ARMO, wahrscheinlich wie immer gestohlen.

Familien Mitglieder wurden schon öfters verhaftet, rund um Regierungs Stellen, Betrug, Geldwäsche und auch Drogen Schmuggel.

Der Ehemann ein Schwede bei den Regency Casino in Tirana, wurde ermordet und schon hatte man auch dort das Managment.

Ein relativ junger Schwede, mit Albanerin und Kind, war der Vorgänger Manager,  bis er ermordet wurde.

Altes Modell der Albaner, wie in Thailand, das man die ausl. Ehegatten ermordet und Geschäftspartner.

Taulant Musabelliu
Taulant Musabelliu

Taulant Musabelliu

Country Director at Ionian Refining and Trading Company sha

Oil & Energy
  1. Ionian Refining and Trading Company sha
  1. Regency International Casino Tirana sha,
  2. TPD sha,
  3. DT Premier Partners ltd
    1. University of Tirana


Ngjarja e rëndë në Rafinerinë e Naftës në Ballsh ndodhi vetëm pak javë pas rikthimit të saj në punë përmes një marrëveshjeje me Ionian Refining dhe Trading… VIDEO

Taulant Musabelliu, ist Manager einer Virgan Island Firma, welche die Rezart Taci :: ARMO Raffienerie Anteil aus dem Konkurz kaufte und direkt Edi Rama Klientel ist, mit Besnik Sulaj.



Zuerst war man Teilhaber an neuen Firmen in Tirana, welche nun ohne jede Kompetenz unter Leitung der Schwester vom zuständigen Direktor des Rathauses Monopol Aufträge erhielt.
Taulant Tusha, vergibt das Projekt „Tirana Parking“ an seine Schwester

10 Nov 2016
Motra e drejtorit në Bashki fiton tenderin e “Tirana Parking”

Kompania në pronësi të motrës së drejtorit të punëve publike në bashkinë e Tiranës, Taulant Tusha ka fituar një tender të majmë nga agjencia e parkimit ‘Tirana Parking,’ duke ngritur pikëpyetje për një konflikt të mundshëm interesi.

Autor:Besar Likmeta BIRN Tiranë

Kryetari i bashkisë Tiranë Erjon Veliaj, i shoqëruar nga drejtori i punëve publike Taulant Tisha (djathtas), gjatë inagurimit të parkingut tek sheshi Italia

Kryetari i bashkisë Tiranë Erjon Veliaj, i shoqëruar nga drejtori i punëve publike Taulant Tusha (djathtas), gjatë inagurimit të parkingut tek sheshi Italia

Agjencia e bashkisë së Tiranës- ‘Tirana Parking,’ e cila po ndërton një rrjet parkingjesh me pagesë në kryeqytet hapi mesin e muajit tetor një procedurë prokurimi me fond limit 67.7 milionë lekë për blerjen e ‘makinerive dhe pajisjeve për sheshet’.

Kjo kontratë me një afat kohor ekzekutimi prej 6 javësh, kishte si objekt prokurimin e një numri sistemesh parkimi automatike dhe të integruara, me specifikime teknike të detajuara, ku përfshihen pajisje që luhaten nga barrierat hyrëse dhe dalëse në parking, deri te sistemi i menaxhimit multiparking që do të ofrohet.

Pas mbylljes së procedurave të prokurimit, fitues i këtij tenderi është shpallur kompania ADVANCED Sh.p.k, në bashkëpunim me ED Konstruksion dhe Adi Professional Sh.p.k., me një ofertë prej 63.7 milionë lek ose 94 % e fondit limit.

Në tender nuk ka pasur ofertues të tjerë. Ndërkohë, dokumentet e zbuluara nga BIRN, tregojnë që kompania kryesore fituese është nën pronësi të motrës së drejtorit të punëve publike në bashkinë Tiranë, Taulant Tusha, çfarë ngre pikëpyetje për një konflikt të mundshëm interesi në procesin e prokurimit të kontratës.

E kontaktuar nga BIRN, Bashkia mohoi që ky ishte një rast konflikti interesi, duke nënvizuar që Tirana Parking është një institucion më vete dhe se motra e drejtorit nuk përfshihet në rastet e parashikuara nga ligji.

“Tirana Parking është një institucion më vete dhe Drejtori i Punëve Publike nuk ka asnjë ndikim dhe vendimmarrje institucionale. Tirana Parking, si institucion varësie, ka buxhet dhe struktura te pavarura nga Bashkia e Tiranës për procedurat e prokurimeve,” tha bashkia e Tiranës nëpërmjet një zëdhënësi.

“Nuk ka asnjë konflikt interesi, sipas ligjit, përveç personave (babai, nëna, gruaja ose fëmijët) nëse nuk ka marrë pjesë në vendimmarrje në rastin e të njëjtit institucion dhe sigurisht që, nuk analizohet as si kazus ligjor për një institucion tjetër me struktura dhe autoritete te pavarura,” shtoi bashkia.

Tirana Parking është një agjenci nën varësinë e bashkisë Tiranë, e krijuar në nëntor 2015, me qëllim menaxhimin e parkimit në rrugë dhe jashtë rruge. Sipas Vendimit të Këshillit Bashkiak Nr. 48, të marrë në 11 Nëntor 2015, detyrat kryesore funksionale të Tirana Parking përfshijnë: administrimin e parkingjeve publike me pagesë, mbi tokë dhe nëntokë; si dhe planifikimin, ndjekjen dhe zbatimin e investimeve në infrastrukturën e nevojshme për shërbimin e parkimit publik me pagesë.

Prokurimi i fundit për pajisjet e shesheve të parkingjeve ka qenë pjesë e investimeve të agjencisë për të shtrirë rrjetin e saj të shërbimeve në të gjithë hapësirën e bashkisë së Tiranës.

Operatori i vetëm pjesëmarrës në tenderin me procedurë të hapur ka qenë bashkimi i shoqërive ADVANCED Sh.p.k, ED Konstruksion dhe Adi Professional – që u shpall fitues në mungesë të ofertave të tjera.

Kompania ADVANCED Sh.p.k është themeluar në shkurt të vitit 2008 me emrin ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, duke pasur si objekt të aktivitetit të saj projektet elektronike, sigurinë publike dhe instalimet e automatizuara. Ajo liston mes klientëve të saj disa nga kompanitë kryesore në Shqipëri si Vodafone, AMC, Tirana Bank , por edhe bashkinë e Tiranës- për të cilën shkruan në faqen e saj në ueb se ka shërbyer si nënkontraktor në disa projekte ndriçimi….

Edi Rama im Gespräch mit Arbeitern der Raffinierie um die Privatisierungen zu verkaufen