System Wahlfälschung: Lulzim Basha in Fortsetzung des Berisha Stiles, wurde erneut zum Partei Vorsitzenden gewählt

Mehrfach wählen als System. Im extremen Kommunismus, mussten die lokalen Vertreter, möglichst hohe Wahl Zustimmungen präsentierren, wo das System bis heute fortgesetzt wird, nur das Dumm Kriminelle sich überall die Posten erkauften.

Standart Wahl Betrug bei DP Partei Internen Wahlen: Lulzim Basha, gewann mit 91 %! Barie Isufaj, Sekretär der DP Vlore Filiale, fälscht hier

VIDEO/ Pamje të reja. Ja si u mbushën kutitë me vota në Vlorë për zgjedhjet e kryetarit në PD

VIDEO/ This is how the ballot boxes were filled in Vlorë for the election of the PD chairman

16:23, 24/07/2017

Lulzim Basha might have been elected with 91% of the votes as the new chairman of the Democratic Party, but the facts that show irregularities during the voting process are adding up.

Votimet ne Vlore per kryetarin e PD von news-al has secured footage of the process in Vlorë, where different persons vote two or three times in the same ballot box and no one does anything to stop them.

Voices that speak about a farce in the electoral process for the PD chairman are becoming more and more concrete, with undeniable evidence, about which no word has been said by the Electoral Commission of the party, lead by Jemin Gjana.

Elections in the Democratic Party should have been today the strongest confirm of the democracy functioning in the party as its last bastion in Albania, but with a chairman elected following a communist-like pattern, with over 90% of the votes and a process degraded in familiar voting or, even worse, filling the boxes, the expectations were badly betrayed.

The evidence speaks for itself.



Tjeter video, ja si votohet me shumice ne Vlore von news-al

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