NGO Schrott der Amerikaner: Dem Leiter des Peace Corps in Tirana, wird Missbrauch von Frauen vorgeworfen

Langzeit Skandale rund um Vergewaltigungen bei dem Peace Corps in der Welt, wo die missbrauchten Frauen anschliessend, ohne Beistand entlassen werden. Wenn die vergewaltigten Frauen selbst ausscheiden, wird ihnen die spätere Wieder Einstellung versprochen, nur um die Non Stop Skandale zuvertuschen.
Peace Corps ist eine typische Schrott NGO, wo möglichst viel Geld vernichtet wird, vergleich mit den Politischen Deutschen Stiftungen, welche nur in Verbrechen Weltweit verstrickt sind.

Es erinnert an die üblen andere auch Britischer Hilfs Organistaionen rund um Kinder Missbrauch, vor allem von DynCorps, was eigene Kinder Bordell in Bosnien betrieb, später auch im Irak und Afghanistan.

Eine Mitarbeiterin in Albanien, warf nun dem Leiter vor, das Sie keine Hilfe bekam, sondern entlassen wurde, als man sie versuchte im Park von Tirana zuverwaltigen und das der Leiter selbst Frauen missbraucht, was auch von Deutschen bekannt war, das man Diplome, Visas vergab, für Sex, der für jeden sichtbar vor 15 Jahren direkt am Einlass der Deutschen Botschaft angeboten wurde. Der Visa Skandal lässt grüssen.

25 Jahre: UN Vertuschung von Kinder- Sex Handel und Vergewaltigungen der UN Soldaten von Bosnien bis Afrika

Peace Corps volunteers blamed, punished for reporting sexual assault?

Nearly 7,000 Peace Corps currently serve in about 65 countries. Roughly one in five of them is sexually assaulted during that service, according to the results of a recent anonymous Peace Corps safety questionnaire, obtained exclusively by CBS News.
The report also shows that nearly half don’t report the assaults.Pressure to change a culture of victim-blaming goes back years, but some survivors still claim they are blamed or punished. One volunteer wrote that in reporting an assault, „I made myself a target.“

„My thought was they’re going to rape me. These men are going to rape me,“ said Danae Smith, who volunteered in the remote Dominican Republic town of Los Mosquitos for eight months.

In April, two men with machetes forced the 23-year-old off the village’s main road. Smith got away and reported the assault to the Peace Corps and within a week, the agency told her she was going home.

„They also told me that my attack had occurred because I had been walking in my site and that as a volunteer, it was my job to have been more proactive to prevent it from happening,“ Smith said.

More than 500 volunteers have reported experiencing a sexual assault in a little over two years. CBS News spoke with nearly a dozen who questioned how their recent cases were handled. They told us they felt criticized and were threatened they would be fired.

Five years ago, the Peace Corps – a government agency – faced intense scrutiny over its response to sexual assaults. Congress passed a law and the agency’s director at the time vowed change.

„I hired a nationally recognized leader in victims‘ rights to be our first agency’s victim advocate,“ former Peace Corps director Aaron Williams said during a congressional hearing in 2011.

That leader was Kellie Green.

„I’m getting phone calls and I’m getting emails from returned volunteers that are in tears because they can’t get the help that they need,“ Green said.

CBS News found some Peace Corps employees attempting to limit the number of in-country counseling sessions for sexual assault survivors to a maximum of six.

In one 2014 email, a Peace Corps clinical psychologist said of a volunteer: the „need for ongoing therapy is an indication“ the volunteer was „not a good fit for Peace Corps Service.“

After another volunteer asked for additional counseling, a Peace Corps medical officer sent an email saying, „I’m sure this will make no difference in her behavior.“

„I pushed the agency to really do what they have the capability of doing,“ Green said. „And that’s what’s so frustrating because they have the ability to do this and it is a choice not to.“

Earlier this month, the Peace Corps suspended her without pay for allegedly creating a hostile work environment. But Green says she was punished for standing up for the victims she was hired to protect.

Bonnie Scott was a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania. Earlier this year, she says she alerted Peace Corps that one of its American officials was allegedly sexually assaulting Albanian women.

But shortly after the official sent this email saying he was resigning for personal reasons, the Peace Corps fired Scott for improperly filling out paperwork.

„He was given the option to resign rather than face misconduct charges, which meant that everything would be covered up,“ said Scott. „They basically kicked me out, 10 days after they let this sex offender just resign,“ Scott said.

Inspector General reports show multiple cases of Peace Corps personnel – accused in sexual assaults – resigning ahead of administrative action, then being allowed to re-apply to the agency.

A 2014 Inspector General report warned the Peace Corps‘ screening process for re-hiring was not detecting past misconduct.

One volunteer who admitted to violating the agency’s sexual assault policy was later hired to work at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

„That person is no longer employed by Peace Corps. But I will also say that we are putting in place systems, mechanisms that will make sure that that does not happen again in the future,“ said Peace Corps director Carrie Hessler-Radelet. „This is unacceptable to us and we are trying to change the culture.“

Hessler-Radelet also added 96 percent of volunteers questioned for a sexual assault response quality assurance survey indicated they are „satisfied with their services.“

That anonymous survey was sent to 183 people. Just 52 responded.

Profiles in DNA: Kellie Greene

Founder, Speaking Out About Rape, Inc.

and sexual assault survivor

An interview with Kellie Greene, a sexual assault survivor and the founder of SOAR®, Speaking Out About Rape, Inc.® — a national awareness, education, and prevention program to empower survivors of sexual violence and enhance the public’s understanding and acceptance of rape victims.

Would you tell me the story about what happened to you?

Greene: On January 18, 1994, I was doing my laundry in my building about 10:30 p.m., and when I came back to the apartment, a rapist attacked me as I walked in. He beat me badly, and then he raped me. After about 45 minutes, he left. I called the police right away. I had no doubt about reporting it because the rapist had hurt me, and that made me angry.

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Bonnie Scott was fired by the Peace Corps shortly after accusing another U.S. staff member of committing sexual assault in Albania.

Danae Smith was the victim of an attempted sexual attack in the Dominican Republic, and was sent home soon afterwards.

Bonnie Scott (left) was fired by the Peace Corps shortly after accusing another U.S. staff member of committing sexual assault in Albania. Danae Smith (right) was the victim of an attempted sexual attack in the Dominican Republic, and was sent home soon afterwards

“Zyrtari amerikan i Korpusit të Paqes sulmoi seksualisht gra në Shqipëri, e larguan dhe mbuluan skandalin”

Postuar më: 1 Dhjetor, 2015 tek Aktualitet


Rrjeti gjigant televiziv amerikan, CBS ka zbuluar një skandal të vërtetë të aferave seksuale me vullnetarët e Korpusit të Paqes anembanë botës.

Në listën e investigimeve kanë qenë edhe vullnetarët me mision në Shqipëri. Sipas investigimit të publikuar nga CBS, vullnetarët që kanë kryer abuzime seksuale nuk janë dërguar para drejtësisë, por atyre u është dhënë mundësia të japin dorëheqjen, dhe më pas u është dhënë një mundësi e dytë për të rihyrë në korpus.

Sa u përket viktimave të dhunës seksuale brenda Korpusit, ato nuk kanë marrë trajtimin e duhur, madje më keq akoma, janë larguar nga vetë Korpusi. Raporti citon edhe një rast flagrant në Shqipëri, që ka ndodhur në janar të këtij viti.

Vullnetarja Bonnie Scott (në foto), që ka qenë në Shqipëri në fillim të këtij viti, zbulon skandalin.

Ajo thotë për CBS se njoftoi Korpusin e Paqes për një nga zyrtarët amerikanë të tij, i cili kishte sulmuar seksualisht gra në Shqipëri. Por pak kohë pas raportit të saj, Scott u largua nga Korpusi i Paqes me motivacionin se nuk i kishte plotësuar në mënyrë korrekte letrat e punës. “Atij, që denoncova, i dhanë një mundësi që të jepte dorëheqjen ndërkohë që duhet të akuzohej në SHBA për akuzën në fjalë.

Në këtë mënyrë ata e mbuluan skandalin e tij”, thotë Scott në një intervistë për CBS­në. “Ata më larguan mua nga Korpusi 10 ditë pasi i dhanë mundësinë abuzuesit që të jepte dorëheqjen”, thotë Scott.

Mirëpo, raporti i CBS-­së ka zbuluar se ka patur shumë raste kur punonjës të Korpusit të Paqes, të përfshirë në skandale seksuale u është dhënë mundësia që të japin dorëheqjen me mundësinë e dytë që të rikandidojnë për t’u ripunësuar.




A lot gets lost over time and 50+ years of history is a long time for an agency. Reading this past weekend the long, and deadly prose written report: The Peace Corps A Comprehensive Agency Assessment– published in June 2010 by the agency–I realized how much of the original spirit of the Peace Corps has evaporated in five decades of service.

This report written by six people, with lots of advisory committees, attempts to evaluate the agency, and make recommendations for the future. It was done at the suggestion of Peace Corps Director  Aaron Williams (2009-12) who said during his Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearings that his intention, once confirmed as director, was to “carry out an agency-wide assessment of the Peace Corps as a means of strengthening, reforming, and growing the agency.” Aaron said that “the agency-wide assessment would serve as a valuable tool for the agency to better articulate a strategic vision for the Peace Corps for the next ten years.” ..

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