Lubonja accuses ambassadors Lu and Vlahutin: They have joined the most ferocious sharks pack

Gangster NATO, EU Mafiosi !!!


Der Generalstaatsanwalt A. Llalla: Ermittlungen gegen Betrügerische US Firmen wurden auf Hinweis der US Botschafter gestoppt werden


Lubonja akuzon ambasadorët Lu e Vlahutin: Janë bërë bashkë, me tufën e peshkaqenëve më të egër

15:52, 06/02/2017 Media analyst Fatos Lubonja has strongly attacked the two most important ambassadors in Tirana, Donald Lu and Romana Vlahutin, in an article published in Panorama today.

Lubonja say US Ambassador Lu and EU Ambassador Vlahutin have joined the bigger sharks to eat the smaller sharks and the Albanians.

“Ambasador Lu, in one of his public appearances, asked the questions: How could Albania send before justice the biggest fish if they are not able to arrest Balili?  How could Albania be accepted like this in the European Community?”

“There is no Albanian who does not know that Balili has not been arrested not because the small “fish” in the police do not want to, but because he is a bigger fish. It’s like the proverb “the big fish eats the little one” and the little fishes must run away not to be eaten”.

“The US Ambassador himself helps us to understand the game. Look what happens: While everyone knows the judges and prosecutors are smaller fishes than the politicians, the Ambassador revokes the visas to some judges and not to the most ferocious sharks of our waters, while the leader of the pack violates the laws every day, even the American law, with the 80 thousand US dollars he (Edi Rama) paid for one picture with Obama”.

“Ambassador’s intervention in the Bankers Petroleum case also speaks for typical shark approach. There is no Albanian who does not know Bankers Petroleum is committing a crime against the area’s population and the whole Albanian tiny territory. It is fair we accuse the Attorney General for not investigating the case, but he closed it with the Ambassador’s intervention. However, Bankers’ crime is there, it shouts just like Rama did when he was in opposition. That’s why the Ambassador has no alibi for his shark-like attitude with the fish in this case and not like a person who is insisting for justice in our country, slaughtered by sharks”.

“Ambassador’s answer so far has been that, with Vlahutin’s and his help, a specialized group of fishermen will be prepared and will leave no shark or fish alive in our waters. But it seems to me that with this attitude of revoking the visas in such a selective and arrogant way (Ambassador willing or not, it offends anyone with a justice sense and also reminds us Trump’s arrogance in suspending visas for seven Muslim countries), with the protection of Bankers Petroleum’s interests against the poor Albanian citizens, also with Vlahutin who buys a 1.6 million Euro mansion in the sharks den, they are giving the negative messages to the fishermen. They are mostly giving the message they have joined the most ferocious sharks pack and are making efforts to remove the teeth off some weaker sharks and throw them to the jaws of the biggest shark in the country. This is anything but justice or hope for justice; in the contrary it stimulates the known experience that there are two kinds of justice in Albania: one for the fishes and one for the sharks, which I assume will produce even bigger injustice tomorrow”.

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