Investoren verlassen das Land und US Phrasen: Jimmy Charter: „die USA sind eine unliminierte Bestechungs Oligarchie“

Die kriminellen Vasallen in Berlin und Brüssel, mit ihren Betrugs Orgien nun seit 25 Jahren in Albanien sind schon erstaunlich. Sogar das Sheraton Hotel verlässt Albanien.

Ziemlich dreist wenn man dann von Korruption spricht, selbst der Drahtzieher ist, geschützt durch eine zerrütttete und Weisungsgebundene Deutsche Justiz, oder was sich so nennt

Null Demokratie und nur Bestechung und Betrug, (Film und Buch über die Gerdec Kathastrophe, das grösste NATO Betrugs Geschäft und der US – Albanischen Mafia)haben die USA, EU, die Deutschen nach Albanien gebracht und die totale Inkompetenz, was durch Bestechung und eine Null Funktion Justiz geschützt wird. (FP: Bechtel) Die Glaubwürdigkeit ist schon lange verloren gegangen, bei so vielen Betrugs Geschäften der Amerikaner.

TV Video: Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an „Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery

For instance, Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania’s notoriously fracking-friendly former governor, got $1.7 million from oil and gas companies but assured voters that “The contributions don’t affect my decisions.” If you’re trying to get people to vote for you, you can’t tell them that what they want doesn’t matter.

This pose is also popular with a certain prominent breed of pundits, who love to tell us “Don’t Follow the Money” (New York Times columnist David Brooks), or “Money does not buy elections” (Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner on public radio’s Marketplace), or “Money won’t buy you votes” (Yale Law School professor Peter H. Schuck in the Los Angeles Times).

Wesley Clark über die Verbrecher des US Department of State

Die Investoren verlassen das Land, nun seit 8 Jahren. Nur Geldwäsche Firmen aus dem Kosovo, und den Vereinten Emiraten, investieren.Die US Botschafter, stoppen mit System Ermittlungen in den grossen Betrügereien rund um Bechtel, AAEF, ENRON, identisch die KfW, EU Betrügereien.

Die vielen Betrugs Geschäfte der Amerikaner, mit Frank Wisner, Wesley Clark, Cherie Blair, RapisScan

Besonders gravierend, das die Chinesen das Land sogar verlassen, Projekte nicht finanzieren, weil eine kriminelle Regierung, nur Geld erpressen will, wie der Fall Hajder schon vor Jahren zeigte, oder bei noch älteren Investments.

Die Internationale Banken Mafia der IMF Reports: Düstere finanzielle Lage für Albanien und hohe Risiken

Desaster: 400 Millionen € Steuerschulden, haben ausl. Unternehmen und Konzessionare in Albanien

  • Greek and Italian companies, a vital source of business in the country

    Greek and Italian companies, a vital source of business in the country

    They account for 56.5% of the total of the number of companies in the country; they are responsible for 60.5% of employment, 61.1% of exports and 47.5% of imports”, the Institute of Statistics says about this. Meanwhile, this institution also says that last year, Italian companies have realized 25% of the total number of sales made by foreign companies in Albania and employed half of the people who work in them (49.6%). As far as Greece is concerned, at least one in ten people, or 10.9%, who work for foreign companies in Albania, work for Greek companies. Meanwhile, these companies make 13.2% of the total number of sales that foreign businesses make in our country throughout the year. In this aspect, it can easily be seen through a statistical comparison that the role that Greek or Italian companies play in the Albanian economy is still important. Companies from these two countries cannot be rivaled by other important trade partners of our country, such as Turkey. “Turkey accounts of 10.4% of employment and 12.5% of net sales”, experts of INSTAT say about this country. Furthermore, they explain that last year, there were 522 Greek companies in our country. 314 of them were entirely Greek, while 208 of them had joint capital. As far as Italy is concerned, experts say that out of a total of 2.662 companies operating in Albania, 1.850 of them were entirely Italian, while 812 were Italian-Albanian companies.

    Greeks excel in transport and telecommunication, Italians in construction

     “Big foreign and jointly owned companies are mainly focused on economic activities such as call centers, manufacturing of shoes and banking activities”. This is confirmed by experts of the Institute of Statistics, regarding divisions of sectors where foreign companies operating in our country exert their activity, going into detail about the two countries which have the largest number of companies in our country, Greece and Italy. So, according to INSTAT, the majority of Greek companies operating in Albania are focused in the sector of “transport and telecommunication”, namely 33% of them. The following sector is “trade”, where 11.7% of them operate in this sector. Meanwhile, 39.8% of Italian companies in Albania operate in construction while, 28.6% of them operate in trade.

    Number of foreign companies is going down

    Albania is registering a constant decline of direct foreign investments in its t…

    Ikin bizneset italiane, gjermane, amerikane e kanadeze, vijnë ato nga Kosova e Emiratet (FOTO)

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Ndonëse investimet e huaja direkte janë në nivele rekord prej rreth 1 miliardë euro në vit dhe ndër më të lartat në rajon (si rrjedhojë e investimeve të TAP dhe Devoll), kompanitë e huaja më të vogla nga shtetet perëndimore duket se nuk po e preferojnë më të bëjnë biznes në Shqipëri.
Të dhënat e INSTAT treguan se numri i ndërmarrjeve të huaja dhe të përbashkëta ra me 5.2% në vitin 2016. Nga të dhënat e përpunuara nga Monitor rezulton se të paktën 13 shtete kanë shënuar tkurrje të numrit të subjekteve që kishin aktivitet në Shqipëri, ku kryesojnë vendet e Europës Perëndimore.
Tkurrjen më të lartë në vlerë absolute e kanë raportuar bizneset me kapital grek, ose të përbashkët. 153 ndërmarrje greke janë mbyllur në vitin 2016, duke bërë që numri i subjekteve me pronësi nga ky shtet të bjerë me 23%, për të arritur në 522. Ndërmarrjet greke janë të dytat për nga numri në Shqipëri, me 9.3% të totalit.
Edhe sipërmarrjet italiane janë me rënie, teksa 91 subjekte janë mbyllur, me një reduktim prej 3.3%. Italia kryeson për numrin e ndërmarrjeve të huaja, me 2662 në fund të vitit 2016, ose 47% të totalit. Megjithatë, në Shqipëri është mjaft i përhapur fenomeni i italianëve që hapin një NIPT, por nuk kryejnë asnjë veprim. Kjo ka bërë që tatimet të kalojnë shumë prej tyre në status pasiv, pasi nuk kanë deklaruar aktivitet për të paktën 12 muaj.…
Bizneset nga Gjermania kanë mbyllur 37 subjekte, me një rënie prej 24%. Në Shqipëri ka gjithsej 511 biznese gjermane, ose të përbashkëta. Sipërmarrjet nga Gjermania nuk e preferojnë shumë tregun shqiptar për shkak të nivelit të lartë të korrupsionin dhe moszbatimit të ligjeve.


1999, als USAID, auch die Verbrecher und Geldwäsche Bank American Bank of Albanien eröffnete. Ilir Meta Regierung, ein Gangster Imperium wo die Ratten um Joschka Fischer, Ludgar Vollmer, Heidmarie Wieczorek-Zeul ebenso mit Betrugs Projekten sofort auftauchten.

Albania for $ale: With a Little Help from Her ‘Friends’

(Giving someone the benefit of the doubt simply means to let Albania be New
World’s guinea pig)

by Gary Q. Kokalari

Last February, virtually lost in the media attention over the Kosova crisis, a ceremony was held at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC. Commerce Secretary William Daley looked on while then Albanian Prime Minister
Pandeli Majko and Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, the president of a Chicago-based company known as
New World Telecom, signed an agreement to establish a joint venture between New World and Albtelecom, Albania’s state-owned
telecommunications firm. The objective of this deal was to establish an exclusive joint venture for the development of a $300 million wireless telecommunication system in the Republic of Albania.

The press releases were quite impressive – “U.S. telecom company to invest $300 million dollars in Albania.” My first reaction was, “who is New World Telecom?” But at that time, like most Albanians, I was preoccupied with the Kosova conflict, so New World faded from my radar screen.

I have requested investigations of this matter by Senator McCain’s and Senator Helm’s offices as they have oversight responsibility for the Commerce and State Departments, respectively. As a result, Senator Helm’s office
forwarded information to me about New World Telecom. These documents, which consisted primarily of self-serving press releases, had been submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by the Commerce Department because of my
inquiry. After reviewing this material I wrote to Secretary Daley as follows:

“In my opinion, there was one thing missing from this promotional material ñ evidence that New World Telecom has ever successfully completed the turn-key development of a telecommunication project anywhere in the world. If my interpretation is correct, then it appears that the Commerce Department, knowingly or unknowingly, influenced the government of Albania to entrust the development of its telecommunication system to, in the best case, a fledgling company.

So I continued to press the Albanian and American government officials to provide me with rationale for promoting New World in Albania. To no avail, I requested a meeting with representatives of the Commerce and State Departments and New World Telecom to discuss this matter. I also requested meetings with President Meidani and Prime Minister Majko during their recent
visits to the United States to discuss New World Telecom, but they were too busy. …But I can appreciate their reticence to see me – it’s quite obvious they didn’t want to hear what I had to say.

After repeatedly badgering the State Department to justify their support of New World Telecom, in October I received this e-mail message from a State Department official:

In the fall of 1996, I warned the Berisha government that if they did not bring an end to the pyramid schemes that “it was not a question of if, but when” they would collapse. At that time I also warned the Albanian government that if they did not take action, and if the pyramids collapse of their own weight, that “large scale civil unrest with ensue.” In retrospect, Berisha’s
failure to heed my warnings and those of others had devastating results for the Albanian people and the Balkans when Albania exploded into anarchy in 1997. Can Albania afford another economic debacle?

I suggest that the Albanian government ponder the words of James Hendrix, “castles made of sand, fall into the sea – eventually.”

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  1. Unzumutbare Zustände, jetzt auch noch eine illegale Staatsanwältin, welche nur eine Puppe ist: Arta Marku, welche 16 Jahre nur peinlich war als Staatsanwältin in Skhoder, ebenso Rovenna Gashi, und die verrückte NGO Truppe im Justiz Ministerium der absoluten Nonsens Kompetenz.

    Analiza/ Pse po i’a mbathin investitorët e huaj?
    3 ditë më parë

    Mbledhja e gjithë parave të shqipëtarëve në pak duar, asgjesimi i garave dhe tenderave të hapur nga qeveria, tendenca e Edi Ramës për të akumuluar gjithçka në duart e pak oligarkëve, klienë të tij, ka ndikuar fort edhe tek investimet e huaja në vend. Në Shqipëri jo vetëm që nuk po afrohen investitorë të mëdhenj dhe seriozë, por po largohen edhe ata që kishin vendosur të riskonin paratë e tyre këtu. Sipas vëshgimeve të hollësishme që revista ekonomike “Monitor” i ka bërë shifrave zyrtare për vitin 2016, numri i ndërmarrjeve të përbashkëta ka rënë me 5.2 % . Plot 13 shtete të Europës perendimore kanë pësuar tkurrje të parave që ndërmarrjet e tyre kanë investuar në Shqipëri. Kështu gjatë vitit të shkuar janë mbyllur 153 ndërmarrje greke, 91 italiane,dhe 37 gjermane. Në rënie kanë qenë dhe bizneset nga Kanadaja dhe Amerika, me përkatësisht -29 dhe -19 subjekte të mbyllura…..

  2. PPP Betrugs Projekte vor Ort, eine Erfindung krimineller Deutscher Politiker vor Ort, was mit Heidemarie Wieczereck-Zeul anfing, mit dem Hirnlosen Deutschen Botschafter Peter Kiviett, der jede Nacht im Rogner Hotel, seinen Frust vor der Ehefrau hinterunter spülte.
    Schaden: neben Steuer Betrug ebenso, über 1 Milliarde € für den Albanischen Staat, wo Wüsten und Umwelt Schäden einmalig negativ in Europa sind.

    Fakt ist das lt. EU Berichten: 2002 (Ilir Meta Regierung und mit Edi Rama),, 50 % des BIP Geldwäsche ist vor allem aus dem Drogen Handel: Identisch 2017, wo mit über die dummen und peinlichen Lügen von Angela Merkel, Knut Fleckenstein, die EU Commision bereits Alles gesagt ist, über die angeblichen Fortschritte. Damals funktionierte aber durchaus noch der Staat, man fand qualifizierte Leute, heute absolut Nichts mehr. Damals korrumpierten die KfW mit Berlinwasser, Ludgar Vollmer und Rezzo Schlauch mit Betrugs Bestechungs Geschäften wie mit der Bundesdruckerei Albanien, die Amerikaner mit dem AAEF Fund und verkauften Tausende von Visas an Kriminelle, die Haupt Geschäfts Quelle der von der Mafia übernommenen Deutschen Botschaft. siehe Visa Skandal. Heute sind die Betrugs Geschäfte der KfW aber noch viel schlimmer, dreist, schlimmer wie „Camorra“ und Co.
    von Manfred Weber, wo dann die Frage ist, warum Angela Merkel, die Hirnlose, soviel Müll verbreiten konnte, über die grossen Fortschritt in Albanien, sogar die Albaner Mafia mit einem Staats Empfang ehrte. Nun runderte die PPE, die EU Vertretung der CDU, heftig zurück, wo man über die Hirnlosigkeit der Angela Merkel und EU nur den Kopf schütteln kann

    ZBULOHET LETRA – Si i mashtron dhe keqpërdor Rama ndërkombëtarët


    Neuer Hafen 20 Mio. Euro, Fischer von Durres: Fehlgeschlagene Investitionen (VIDEO)

    Gepostet: 17/12/2017 – 11:26

    DurrësLajm verfolgt die Problematik des neuen Fischereihafens, in dem die Schiffe dieser Flotte verankert werden sollen.

    Arjan Xoxi ist der Besitzer des Fischereifahrzeugs „Luar“. Er verließ die Emigration vor 6 Jahren und kehrte nach Hause zurück, um ein Fischerboot zu kaufen. Aber als Unternehmer hält er sich für gescheitert, weil er sagt, in diesem Land funktioniert nichts.

    Der Besitzer des Schiffes „Luar“, aber auch andere Fischerboote geben an, dass sie aufgrund der auf den Einlaufkanal gelegten Steine ​​nicht in den Hafen gelangen können. Platzieren von Steinen hat auch die Verankerung von Schiffen minimiert.

    „Schwimmende Schiffe können nicht mit Felsen verbunden sein, Schiffe sollten mit Felsen verbunden sein“, sagen die Fischer.

    Der Fischereihafen wurde von der Fischereibehörde in Durres übernommen.

    Aber trotzdem wurde kein Lager für den gefangenen Fisch geöffnet. Die Fischerei Kühl Häuser, waren an keinem Tag geöffnet und funktionierten nicht für den Zweck, für den sie aufgezogen wurden. Profi Betrug, der „Eliten“ !

    Im neuen Fischereihafen gibt es keine Mindestvoraussetzung für die Funktion des Hafens. Strom ist nicht angeschlossen, Trinkwasser und Toiletten fehlen.

    Die Investition ging bis zu 20 Mio. Euro, die in Form eines Darlehens von der albanischen Regierung und in Raten für 20 Jahre an ausländische Banken gezahlt werden. Die Investition ist fehlgeschlagen mit der Erwartung, dass die Fischer von Durrës einen Fischereihafen für ihre Flotte haben.

    Aus diesem Grund wurden nur 20% der in der Fischereiflotte von Durrës enthaltenen Schiffe in diesem Hafen untergebracht.


  3. Solche TV Aufnahmen sprechen für sich, wie glücklich der US Botschafter ist, die Deutsche Botschafterin, sich mit Gangstern und Verbrechern des korrupten und Hirnlosen Nichts zutreffen, denn es geht wieder um Energie Geschäfte, neue Kredite der KfW gibt es mehrfach im Jahr, welche spurlos überwiegend verschwinden im Schwarzen Loch der Albaner Mafia

    Es dreht sich wieder mal Alles um Energie Geschäfte, wo bis heute nicht einmal das TEC Kraftwerk in Vlore in Funktion ist. Bankers Petroleum, ein Wesley Clark und Georg Soros Projekt, habe verwüstete Landschaften hinterlassen, Fracking hat die Wasser Quellen zerstört, und Steuerschulden ohne Ende. Betrugs Projekt mit technischen Consults aus Deutschland, wo nie was funktionierte. Mit Weltbank Bank Garantie, was es für Privat Unternahmen eigentlich nie geben dürfte.

    TEC-i i Vlorës, ta grabisësh edhe në koma!
    DITA – Investigim

    Postuar më: 23 Tetor, 2015 tek Kopertina


    Die Regierung versucht die Weltbank Mafia Projekte mit der CEZ und dem TEC Gas Kraft Werk in Vlore zuregeln


    Foto Termine mit Gangstern: die Deutsche Botschafterin und die KfW dabei.

    Was für ein Skandal rund um Edi Rama, Arben Ahmeti und dubiose Minister des Hirnlosen korrupten Nichts . Die ARMO Arbeiter der Raffinerie Ballsh, haben erneut ihre Gehälter nicht bekommenBallsh Oil Workers Again Protest for Their Wages

    Ballsh Oil Workers Again Protest for Their Wages

    The oil workers from the ARMO refinery in Ballsh have again protested today for the payment of their wages and the dangerous working conditions in the refinery. 800 oil workers gathered in front of…

    Die Albaner verlassen das Land mit allen Mitteln, bei den von der EU und USA geschaffenen Zuständen

    Albanian Asylum Applications in EU Remain High
    Albanian Asylum Applications in EU Remain High

    According to new data published by Eurostat, 5,900 Albanians were first-time asylum applications in the EU during July–September 2017. With these numbers Albanians are again high up the list, ranking sixth after Syrians, Iraqis,…

  4. Ilir Meta und Salih Berisha hat praktisch alle Generalstaatsanwälte bisher eingesetzt, die Justiz zerstört, zuletzt mit Gestalten wie Bujar Nishani, Alibeaj, Aldo Bumci. Ein Artikel: Der Aufstand der Sünder 19. Dezember 2017 23:27 ! Lulzim Basha, ist sowieso ein billiger Betrüger, seine Verantwortung u.a. Freilassung von Kriminellen für den Wahlkampf, ebenso der Bechtel Betrug mit Max Strauss

    Die EU forderte schon einmal die Verurteilung von Ilir Meta, der durch den Vize CIA Chef, einem Italienschem Geheimdienst General, Verbot hat nochmal in einer Regierung tätig zu sein. Zig Super Korruptions Skandale, dann wurde ein gesuchter Mörder, Drogen Boss: Almir Rrapo auch noch Staatssekretär des damaligen Aussenminister Ilir Meta.

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