Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption Conditions for EU Accession Negotations

Die vollkommen korrupte EU Commission, mit dem vollkommen korrupten und praktisch Hirnlosen Kommissar: Johannes Hahn (von der Spiel Casino Mafia gekauft) empfahl mit ihren gefälschten Berichten noch vor wenigen Monaten die umgehende Aufnahme der EU Beitritts Gespräche. Identisch frühere total gefälschte Berichte, welche man sich in den Spiel Casinos und Clubs in Tirana erkauft, oder direkt bei Obmama, der Verbrecher Familie Hillary Clinton, oder bei ihren Lobbyisten.

Original „Camorra“ Mafiosi system: fake EU reports Commissioners and EU embassy, for years, just to make more money. The bigger the invented progress, the more millions there are for phantom and fraud projects. Identical the OSCE for years. The Mafia buys these reports also with women, sex companions in clubs, as with the predecessor and many other diplomats and anciently known Identical visas and invitations

Since: However, documents obtained from the EU Ombudsman show that the same problems as found in 2001 have persisted over the years.

The EU Delegation in Tirana, A History of Maladministration

By Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei,

Vlahutin’s agenda and Rama’s entourage

More research into Ambassador Vlahutin, shows that Vlahutin has made statements to the press contradicting the European Commission’s official position as regards the progress made in the accession process of Albania – which was significantly more clear as to the steps Albania is required to make.

AFET: Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption Conditions for EU Accession Negotations

AFET: Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption Conditions for EU Accession Negotations

On February 3, 2017, the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) of the European Parliament (EP) has adopted the 2016 Commission Report on Albania, drafted by MEP Knut Fleckenstein. As Exit reported previously, Fleckenstein’s initial draft…

La Repubblica: Albanians Rule Arms and Drugs Trade on Otranto Canal

La Repubblica: Albanians Rule Arms and Drugs Trade on Otranto CanalIn an article published yesterday about the arms and drugs trade from Albania to Italy the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica described Albanian criminals as “ruling the Otranto Canal.” According to the article, “the Albanian mafia control drugs, arms, and explosives traffic on the Otranto Canal.” The latest report from the American DEA to the Italian […]

Timesharing Projekte: “Green Coast Luxury Resort”: ein neues Modell des Samir Mane

EU Responds about Vlahutin’s Villa, Insists It Is “Saving” Money


The acquisition of Ambassador Vlahutin’s residence is a case in point. The luxury “gated community” Rolling Hills is developed by a company of one of the major clients of the Rama government, Samir Mane.

The same company is currently developing the Green Coast project on the Albanian Riviera in Palasa, facing accusations of falsifying property documents in order to push the luxury real-estate project forward. Recently, Gjikuria shpk, was fined five million lekë by the State Inspectorate for Water for using materials from the Palasa beach for the roadworks around the Green Coast project, causing considerable damage to the environment.

Samir Mane has been main (and also seems to be the only) businessman to profit from the new law on strategic investments, which short-tracks large-scale investments and offers lucrative tax deals. Green Coast was the first project to be classified as such in July 2016, together with Mane’s beach-side project in Gjiri i Lalzit, Vala Mar.

By acquiring its residence in the real estate project of a businessman with ties to the government that are so close, that it even seems the Council of Ministers has designed specific legislation to accommodate him, the EU has implied itself in the corrupt dynamics of the relations between Albanian politics and construction company interests.

Its decision to buy a villa in Rolling Hills has done irreparable damage to the image of the European Union in Albania and raised considerable doubts over its stance on the battle against corruption.

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