EU Delegation in Tirana statement for implementation of the Justice Reform – 7 Members of Appeals College Nominated


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7 Members of Appeals College Nominated

3 hours ago

7 Members of Appeals College Nominated

One of the two parliamentary ad-hoc committees has nominated the seven members of the Appeals College (KA) as well as two reserve members. The KA will review any complaints against the decisions of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), which will be chosen by the other parliamentary ad-hoc committee.

The ad-hoc committee consisted of Vasilika Hysi (PS), Ervin Bushati (PS), Vangjel Tavo (LSI), Eduard Halimi (PD), Flamur Noka (PD), andAlbana Vokshi (PD).

The first six members of the KA were each chosen by one of the six deputies:

The seventh member was chosen with a majority of votes, but as two candidates received equal votes, the matter was settled by lot:

  • Rezarta Schuetz (former legal officer for the OSCE in Skopje)

As two reserve members Etleva Papleka and Mimoza Tasi were elected by a majority of votes.

The members of the KA are elected for a period of 9 years. Parliament has to confirm their nomination within ten days.

OLAF hat ein Betrugs Ermittlungs Verfahren eröffnet, gegen die EU Botschaft in Tirana und Romana Vlahutin

BE për Reformën në Drejtësi: Zbatojeni siç keni rënë dakord, varet anëtarësimi në BE

EU Delegation in Tirana statement for implementation of the Justice Reform

17:53, 13/06/2017

EU Member States Embassies and the EU Delegation in Tirana call on all relevant authorities to adhere to their full commitment to the implementation of the Justice Reform, which was unanimously voted in the Albanian Parliament almost a year ago. Vetting of judges and prosecutors, as envisaged in the legislation that has already been reviewed both by the Venice Commission and the Constitutional Court of Albania, needs to start. The EU recalls that credible and tangible progress on all five key priorities, the implementation of the Justice Reform, and in particular the vetting, are essential for the opening of accession negotiations with Albania.

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  1. Im Sumpf des korrupten Nonsens die EU wie immer, wo die gesamte Botschaft von Kriminellen übernommen wurden, was schon mehrfach bei verschiedenen Botschaften geschah.

    The embassies of EU member countries and the EU delegation in Tirana made a joint declaration today, appealing authorities to keep their promise and implement the judiciary reform.

    Eine seltende Ausnahme, ein Fall aus Sarande, wo illegal gebaut wurde, mit Hilfe von korrupten Richtern, die 50.000 € erhielten, erheblich billiger, als ein Grundstück legal zuerwerben.
    22.000 illegale Bauten nur an der Küste, vor allem in Durres geschah, praktisch absolut Nichts, ausser der Show Festnahmen der hoch kriminellen SHALA Gruppe.

    After a 24-year-long career, Judge Majlinda Andrea faced her colleagues as she was sentenced to four years in prison over corruption charges.

    Titel Story über über die Politik Lügen und dem Betrug: Pse gënjejnë politikanët?

    Pse gënjejnë politikanët?

    June 12, 2017 10:17

    Prof. Fatos Tarifa

    2016 erfolgte nochmal eine Steigerung des Drogen Exportes um 347,15 % im alten Ilir Meta, Edi Rama, Fatos Nano Modell aus 2001!

    Nur die Jahre 2014, 2015 dieser Verbrecher Regierung brachte mit den Polizei kontrollierte Drogen Anbau Gebieten eine Export Steigerung von 400 % bereits, also zusammen über 800 % Drogen Export Steigerung der Mafia Regierung Edi Rama, Ilir Meta uns im alten Modell.

    Festnahmen in Italien und die Edi Rama, Ilir Meta Mafia konnten erneut den Drogen Export um 400 % steigern

    Antidroga italiane: Rritje drastike e trafikut të drogës nga Shqipëria

    Italian Anti-Drugs: A significant increase of traffic from Albania to Italy

    15:17, 11/06/2017

    The Italian Central Directorate for the Anti-Drugs Services (DCSA) has published the report on drugs traffic for 2016.

    According to the Italian media, the report underlines a significant increase in the marijuana traffic between Albania and Italy. 41.6 tons of marijuana was seized by the Italian police last year, nearly 347.15% more compared to 2015.

    The biggest part was sent aboard dinghy boats from the region of Vlora and also aboard vehicles entering Italy through ferry boats from the harbor of Durrës.

    The data of DCSA speak of cooperation among groups of organized crime from both countries, which exploit the favorable position of the region, which is an important hub of the Mediterranean routes, where the traffic has concentrated recently. The report also shows that Italy is among biggest consumers of marijuana in Europe, coming directly from France, with nearly 19% of the age group of 19-34.

    Albanians have the exclusivity of the traffic from the Balkans to Italy, becoming the bosses of the Otranto Channel.

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