EBRD Kredite ein 20 jähriges Betrugs Desaster mit der Weltbank: nochmal 228 Mill. €

Über 1 Milliarde € gab es bisher, weswegen niemand eine Justiz will und die als Mafia identische Organistaion EBRD, EU Commission, Weltbank sowieso nicht. Dafür gibt es Bauschrott im Strassenbau, Infrastruktur Projekte, welche nur auf dem Papier stehen und eine schlechtere Wasser- und Strom Versorgung als vor 15 oder 20 Jahren. Kontrolliert direkt von Mafia Clans, inklusive Weltbank, was aber normal ist. Man sucht sich die korruptesten Partner vor Ort aus, ignoriert die Ausschreibungs Betrugs Manipulationen, weil man selbst die Ausschreibungen aktiv manipuliert und die Gelder gemeinsam unterschlägt.

13 Jahre Betrug Weltbank und EBRD Bank rund um die Hafen Ausbaggerung von Durres

EU Commission

Dumm und naiv, die angeblichen Weltbank Experten: Die korrupte EBRD, der aufgeblähte unnütze Apparat der OSCE

EBRD provides €218 million loan for modernisation of the Albanians largest electricity generation company


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Tirana, 1 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is supporting the modernisation of Albanian Power Corporation (KESH), the largest generator of electricity in Albania,

KESH is a state-owned electricity generation company that provides 70 per cent of total domestic generation and is active in the regional energy-generating sector.

Helping KESH modernise and improve its financial standing, as well as building resilience in the face of climate vulnerabilities, is part of the EBRD’s strategy to help the countries where it invests to address challenges of energy security and climate change.

The EBRD loan will be sovereign-guaranteed and provide KESH with long-term financing which will reduce costs and increase liquidity. This will free up resources to allow the company to focus on the maintenance of existing assets and the implementation of a long-term investment and modernisation programme.

Under a comprehensive reform package, KESH will also improve its corporate governance and operational efficiency. The implementation of these changes will allow KESH to comply with the requirements of relevant EU regulations in the energy sector. These provisions include the development of a power exchange, regional integration and tariff formation.

The EBRD is also providing technical assistance from its own donor funds to help KESH implement climate resilience components in its daily operations and management.

Nandita Parshad, EBRD Director, Head of Power and Energy Utilities, said: “KESH has embarked on a path of comprehensive reform and the EBRD is pleased to support this effort. In particular, we are pleased to help the company move towards best international practices in corporate governance and climate resilience.”

Agron Hetoja, CEO of KESH, said: “This is a very important moment for our company today. The EBRD loan will help strengthen our financing structure and allow us to become a leader of reform in the sector. The implementation of our ambitious plan will transform KESH for the benefit of our economy and customers.”

Damian Gjiknuri, Albania’s Minister of Energy and Industry, said: “This project constitutes another milestone in the reform of the power sector with the aim of providing reliable, green and affordable energy to the Albanian people.”Arben Ahmetaj, Albania’s Minister of Finance, said: “The KESH restructuring with the EBRD strengthens both the financing structure and the corporate governance of KESH. It will therefore considerably reduce fiscal risks to Albania.”

The EBRD investment is in line with a financial recovery plan developed by the Albanian government and KESH with the World Bank.

To date, the EBRD has invested almost €1 billion in some 70 projects in various sectors of Albania’s economy. Strengthening economic resilience, promoting integration and addressing global and regional challenges are the EBRD’s key priorities under the Bank’s Strategic Implementation Plan for the period 2016-18.

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  1. “Biopower Green Energy” sh.p.k. verliert die Betrugs Lizensen für Windparks, weil auch nach 8 Jahren Nichts (seit 2008 die Erste Lizenz) geschehen ist.
    Typische Berisha Mafia Energie Projekte und von Genc Ruli. Die ergänzende Lizenzm nun unter dem Super Gangster Dritan Prifti, Ilir Meta mit Genehmigung vom Nr: 93 vom 23.9.2011 von Sokol Ramadani

    Vendimet e ERE-s janë publikuar këto ditë në Fletoren Zyrtare dhe kanë të gjitha një emërues të përbashkët: heqjen e menjëhershme të licensave për kompanitë, që kanë marrë përsipër ndërtimin e një numri centralesh që shfrytëzojnë energjinë eolike apo të masës bimore për të prodhuar energji elektrike.

    ERE ve në dukje se ka pranuar më parë kërkesat e shoqërisë “Biopoëer Green Energy” sh.p.k., për shtyrjen e afateve për realizimin e projektit, duke përfshirë këtu edhe kolaudimin e veprës me vendime përkatëse në vitet 2010, 2011 dhe 2013.
    Eines der vielen Betrugs Geschäfte rund um die Italienische Mafia, Energie, Müll Entsorgung



    Ubicazione, Shengjin ( Albania ) – Manfredonia ( Foggia ) Progettazione i itinere 2 cavidotti sottomarini della capacità di 500 KV ciascuno. Autorizzazione Albanese ottenuta

    Settore Energia


    Ital Green Energy Srl, in linea con le politiche aziendali volte a produrre nel rigoroso rispetto dell’ambiente, ha dato inizio alla produzione, di circa 1,6 milioni di MW/h annui di energia verde in tre impianti che utilizzano esclusivamente biomasse;

    Tag: Biopower Green Energy

    Albania e Puglia a corrente continua: autorizzazioni in corso per 320…

    Il progetto è ancora un cantiere sulla carta ma Albania e Puglia potrebbero essere presto legate da un cavidotto lungo 320 km. Di Barbara Minafra
  2. Capo der EU Mafia: Immer neue Gelder ohne jede Kontrolle

    Suma Chakrabarti
    6th President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Assumed office

    Program for the rebirth of agribusiness in Albania

    By Edison Kurani / 26/07/2016 / No Comments

    agreementTirana, 26 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

    The Albanian government and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) signed today (26.07) in Tirana the financial support agreement for Albanian agribusiness.

    The agreement aims at assisting all those enterprises that operate in the domain of agribusiness, the most vital sector for the country. This agreement makes it easier for banks to offer loans for those who work in the countryside.

    The agreement was signed by the president of EBRD, Sir Suma Chakrabarti and the Albanian PM, Edi Rama.

    The project is considered innovative and the Albanian government is hoping for it to have a real impact on the economy of the country.

    According to PM Rama, a new phase of development will come for the rural areas, as the agricultural sector will be offered more support through this project which offers more opportunities to those who want to invest in rural areas.

    “This program will be an added value in the path to move from the agriculture of poverty to that of sustainable development”, Rama said.

    This is a program that brings together the Albanian government, EBRD and several other second level commercial banks. Thanks to their involvement in this program between the government and EBRD, these banks will offer more loans to those people who want to invest in rural areas, in further increasing exports and the sustainability of the economy of rural areas.

    Analysts say that the number of companies which are looking to invest in agriculture, is growing. Many of them have made their wealth in other ways, such as construction, commerce, etc. But now, they are diversifying their portfolio with agriculture by investing in production and export of agricultural produce. /balkaneu.com/

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