Die US Justiz: Edi Rama, wo 80.000 $ für ein Foto mit Obama in 2012 bezahlt wurden

Die US Justiz, das FBI ermittelt in diesem Fall: Wo Edi Rama’s US Albanischer Freund: Bilal Shehu hat sich  schuldig bekannt.

US Ratten, wie John McCain, Wesley Clark, Hillary Clinton, Obama, erhielten alle Geld, von der Albaner Mafia, oft auch aus dem Kosovo. Bleibt die Frage, wieviel Geld Deutsche Politiker schon machten? siehe Visa Skandal.


Für den Wahlkampf darf nach Amerikanischen Gesetzen, kein Geld aus ausl. Quellen fliessen, was besonders die hoch kriminelle Verbrecherin Hillary Clinton macht. Edi Rama gab über Podesta, bzw. dem US – Albanischen Geschäftsmann Bilal Shehu: 80.000 $ für ein Foto mit Obama, was inzwischen eine Justiz Untersuchung ist in den USA, wo der Albanische Geschäftsmann diese Fakten inzwischen bestätigte. Wir berichteten hierüber schon in 2012, wo nur die erneute Geldsumme unbekannt war. 2,4 Millionen $ bezahlten Albanische Politiker, bereits an US Lobbyisten, was ein Erpressungs System des Frank Wisner, Hillary Clinton ist, wo das FBI ermittelt.
foreign policy: „have transformed Albania into a Banana Republic“ : Samir Tahiri, Arben Ahmeti, Ilir Meta, PM: Edi Rama

2012: 80.000 $ Foto über Podesta: Journalist Besar Likmeta
2012: 80.000 $ Foto über Podesta: Journalist Besar Likmeta

SHBA, Departamenti i Drejtësisë konfirmon skandalin për foton e Ramës

Postuar: 30/06/2016 – 23:08

Departamenti Amerikan i Drejtësisë konfirmoi shkrimet e mediave amerikane mbi skandalin në pritjen e Obamës. ……


Titel Story, über viele Hintergründe das Original, der Washington Post

An albatross in Albania?

Scandal is hindering U.S. plans for building ties with moderate Muslims

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, left, welcomes the Albanian national soccer squad arriving in Tirana after failing to qualify to the next round at the EURO 2016 European Championship, Thursday, June 23, 2016.(AP Photo/Hektor Pustina)
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, left, welcomes the Albanian national soccer squad arriving in Tirana after failing to qualify to the next round at the EURO 2016 European Championship, Thursday, June 23, 2016.(AP Photo/Hektor Pustina) more >
– – Wednesday, June 29, 2016


In what is increasingly reminiscent of a John Le Carre novel, it seems that with each passing month there is a new chapter in a seemingly unending series of revelations of political intrigue and drama that are overwhelming the Republic of Albania.

Whether looking on from the vantage of a professional in geopolitics and governance or as a casual observer, the common thread to these exploits seems to be Albania’s Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama.

U.S. interest in these mounting controversies in Albania stem directly from the emerging realization that the United States needs, as allies and interlocutors, truly moderate and secular Muslim-majority nations. As such, the presidential campaigns, including foreign policy experts gearing up to advise the next administration, are preparing to seek closer bilateral relations.

While fitting this bill, Albania has a major impediment — the current government’s cavalier disregard for the rule of law and an intimate relationship with organized crime and corruption, allegedly with Mr. Rama at its apex.

Prior to Mr. Rama’s rise to power, Albania successfully bid for NATO membership, but his recent violations of the constitution and law, the botching of legal reform, and alleged corruption may to be a potential roadblock to Albania’s European Union ascension.

The latest chapter, one which regrettably entangled fellow NATO member Italy, revolves around the alleged illegal wiretapping of Albanian political opposition, government officials and embassies and diplomats of key partner nations in Tirana. The genesis of this yarn includes the readily verifiable fact that the Italian national police loaned their Albanian counterparts an IMSI-catcher, a sophisticated surveillance device. According to Italian officials, the device was on loan expressly for training purposes.

According to Wikipedia, “An IMSI-catcher is a telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking movement of mobile phone users. Essentially it is a ‘fake’ mobile tower acting between the target mobile phone and the service provider’s real towers, it is considered a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. IMSI-catchers are used in some countries by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, but their use has raised significant civil liberty and privacy concerns and is strictly regulated in some countries .”

In response to these latest allegations, Albania’s general prosecutor launched what is described as a full and expansive investigation. Based on facts uncovered in the investigation, the general prosecutor requested the suspension of the director general of the Albanian national police, Haki Cako, on the grounds of suspected of abuse of power and illegal wiretapping.

An Albanian court granted the request, and put two other senior officials under house arrest until the investigation is concluded. This, in keeping with modern democratic standards.

In an incensed reaction, Mr. Rama and his political ally, Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri, heatedly criticized the prosecutors for pursuing charges against Mr. Cako, and repeatedly and publicly attacked the judge in the case for his decisions from the bench. This seeming frontal attack on the rule of law may prevent Albania’s acceptance in EU, at least under the current leadership.

Mr. Tahiri publicly condemned the presiding judge in the case, Arjan Aliaj, viciously accused him of freeing murderers and rapists for political gain. Further, seemingly in an attempt to spark populist fervor, Mr. Tahiri accused Judge Aliaj of being a pawn of “those who are seeking to hinder and stop justice reform.” However, reports have Mr. Rama stalling the judicial reforms by alienating opposition and attempting to exclude it from negotiations.

On the other side of the Albanian political landscape, the oft-attacked opposition contends that accusations without proven merit and conveyed is such a belligerent and antagonistic manner are dangerous emanating from any prime minister and interior minister. Further, the opposition is concerned that since Mr. Rama came to power, he is adversely affecting the credibility of the fabric of the Albanian government, both domestically and on the world stage — with dire results.

The current opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, the leader of the Democratic Party, and his predecessor former Prime Minister and President Sali Berisha, are not shy when speaking truth to power. Mr. Berisha was a key figure in post-Communist Albania and shepherded his country from its tortured communist past to join the community of sovereign democratic nation states.

Albania is a moral lesson for the United States. To fight extremism, Washington needs to prioritize the development of close partnerships with moderate, secular and modern Muslim-majority nations like Albania. To that end, the current and the future administration, including the departments of State, Defense and Justice, must move Albania up on the priority list, while paying close attention to Edi Rama’s questionable practices. Albania is a priority for the U.S. interests, although Mr. Rama quite possibly may be an albatross.

Jason Katz is the principal of the Tool Shed Group, LLC, and the former head of public affairs for the American Jewish Committee.


youtube canal: albanian premier minister: Edi Rama „The next scandal“ of this kind of ctime Idiot

7 Gedanken zu „Die US Justiz: Edi Rama, wo 80.000 $ für ein Foto mit Obama in 2012 bezahlt wurden“

  1. Wie korrupt die Westlichen Politiker sind:

    Nicht nur das Erpressungs Geschäfte der CEZ, durch den Tschechischen PM, für die Zustimmung bei der NATO Mitgliedschaft und Lobbying für den Kandidaten Status, Die Meeres Grenzen Verträge mit Griechenland identisch. und 78 Millionen € Vertrag für Helikopter für einen Foto und Staats Empfang in Paris. Edi Rama: 80.000 $ für ein ‚Obama Foto in 2012, wo das FBI bereits die Fakten festgehalten hat, mit einer hoch kriminellen Auslands Finanzierung im US Wahlkampf was vollkommen verboten ist. Teure Fotos.

    Aktuell dann mit dem Terroristen Financier Recep Erdogan, inklusive Einladung bei einer privaten Hochzeit, oder Staats Empfang für die Einweihung einer Brücke in Izmir. Man wird sehen, was das für Geschäfte wieder waren.

    Oder die Einladungen von Ilir Meta nach Hamburg zur Osmani Mafia, einem korrupten Senat in 2001 oder aktueller nach NRW, sind kriminelle Kick Back Geschäfte, für dubiose Müll Mafia, oder sonstige Geschäfte der übelsten Art.

  2. And US Ambassador Donald Lu in Tirana is on the Foto too in 2016

    2012: 80.000 $ Foto über Podesta: Journalist Besar Likmeta

    2012: Obama – Edi Rama

    07 Jul 16 Albania Prosecutor to Decide if Rama Illegally Financed Obama

    Albanian prosecutors by the end of July will have to decide if the criminal complaint lodged by the opposition Democratic Party against Prime Minister Edi Rama merits an investigation.

    Fatjona Mejdini


    Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama and U.S. President, Barack Obama (background: Donald Lu) in April. Photo: kryeministria.al

    Albania’s General Prosecutor is expected to decide soon whether to open an investigation into an opposition complaint against Prime Minister Edi Rama, accusing him of having illegally paid $80,000 to US President Barack Obama’s electoral campaign in 2012 in order to have a joint photograph of the two leaders together.

    Albi Serani, spokesperson for the Prosecutor General, told BIRN that in accordance with standard procedures, it takes about one month to verify such complaints.

    „During this time, prosecutors have to decide if there is any indication of a criminal element and in the case, and they then open an investigation, or they just dismiss the complaint,“ he explained.

    The opposition centre-right Democratic Party raised the issue on Monday, claiming that Socialist Party leader Rama tried to gain illegal access to a campaign event of President Obama in San Francisco in October 2012, when Obama was seeking a second term.

    It comes after Bilal Shehu, a US citizen of Albanian origin, pleaded guilty in a US Court in New Jersey to making illegal foreign donations to the Obama campaign.

    The FBI said Shehu received the money from a foreign source and handed it to a joint fundraising committee to disguise its true origin, so that an unnamed foreign national could attend a campaign event.

    As a result of this contribution, the unnamed “foreign national” was allowed a joint photograph with the US President, it said. Shehu will be sentenced on October 5. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

    Though Rama has not been named in the case, the opposition maintains that Shehu took the money from Rama’s party to secure him a picture with Obama, which was displayed during the Albanian general election campaign in 2013, while Rama was fighting to be elected Prime Minister.

    Rama’s office has denied the accusation, stating that he had „no connection with any kind of illegal funding“ and did not take part in Obama’s election campaign.

    In 2013, a BIRN investigation revealed that the then Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, spent taxpayers’ money on a smear campaign in the US and Albania directed against his political opponent – Rama – which played well with US Republicans………………………..


  3. 05 Jul 16

    Albanian Migrants in Calais Still Heading for Britain

    Undeterred by the recent referendum in the UK on the EU, Albanian migrants are still piling in Calais, waiting for paid smugglers to take them illegally across the Channel.

    Vincent Triest

    Didier Corfec, a 54-year old French skipper, was a migrant smuggler who ended up paying a price for it.

    The “Belazur” a modest, three-star hotel in the harbour of the French port town of Calais – the unofficial base for many illegal migrants who want to reach the United Kingdom – is still packed.

    Although heavily armed units of the French gendarmerie raided the hotel in November 2015, searching for illegal migrants and smugglers, as well as a more recent raid which was apparently targeting Islamic militants trying to reach UK, the hotel is as busy as ever.

    Most of its guests are Albanian. They can be seen leaning over the windows of their hotel rooms and sitting and sipping drinks in hotel bar – the place where many of them meet smugglers who transport them to the UK by boat or by truck.

    The June 23 referendum, in which UK voted to leave the EU, does not seem to bother the would-be migrants too much. Many say it is still too early to tell when or even whether the referendum result will ever be implemented.

    Asked about the UK’s potential exit from the EU, and whether this will affect them and make Britain a less attractive destination for foreign immigrants, one Albanian immigrant, speaking on condition of anonymity, told BIRN that “Brexit” could turn out in their favour.

    “It could mean that Albanians are more needed for work” in the UK, he opined.


    Refugee Plight in Greece Stirs Albanians Into Action

  4. Obscure case involving Obama, NJ limo driver sends shockwaves through Albania

    Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama could face prosecution stemming from an illegal donation to President Obama's campaign, passed along through  New Jersey limo driver.

    Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama could face prosecution stemming from an illegal donation to President Obama’s campaign, passed along through New Jersey limo driver. (Reuters)

    A federal case involving a New Jersey limo driver, the most powerful man in the world and the prime minister of Albania has drawn scant attention in the U.S., but it threatens to rock the southern European nation’s corridors of power.

    On paper, New Jersey chauffeur driver Bilal Shehu was a big donor to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, ponying up $80,000 for he and his wife to attend an exclusive fundraiser in San Francisco.

    But Shehu didn’t bring his wife; he brought Edi Rama, who would go on to become Albania’s prime minister. The feds say it was Rama’s money all along, and a picture Rama got with the U.S. president gave his campaign back home a huge boost.

    Shehu,of the New York suburb of Paramus, N.J., has not fared as well. He pleaded guilty June 29 to knowingly and willfully making foreign contributions and donations and faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced on Oct. 5.

    In his homeland, Albanian political operatives have charged that the money was provided by drug dealers, and Rama’s rivals are calling for him to be prosecuted.

    “Edi Rama has committed at least three criminal acts … and personally profited from that,” lawmaker and opposition leader Eduard Halimi told The Associated Press after filing a criminal complaint against Rama last week.

    According to documents filed in Shehu’s case, which was investigated by the FBI, he admitted to receiving the money from a foreign source via a wire-transfer into his bank account. He then provided it to a joint fundraising committee, disguising its true origin and conspiring to have a foreign national attend a campaign event.

    Rama’s name was not mentioned in the case. The documents said that the “foreign national” was denied access to the event in San Francisco but was allowed to be photographed with President Obama.

    The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey said in a statement that no one from Obama’s fundraising committee is accused of wrongdoing, and the committee has fully cooperated with the investigation.

    “No one on the joint fundraising committee has been accused of any wrongdoing and the committee has fully cooperated in the investigation leading to today’s guilty plea,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

    Albanian politician

    Edi Rama is an Albanian politician, artist, writer, and the current Prime Minister of Albania since 2013. He has also been leader of the Socialist Party of Albania since 2005. Rama served in the government as Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports from 1998 to 2000, and he was Mayor of Tirana from 2000 to 2011.


    July 4, 1964 (age 52) in Tirana



  5. Dumm umgibt sich mit Dumm, was zum Firmen bankrott führt.

    Edi Rama und Hillary Clinton!

    Immer mit den Terroristen Financiers unterwegs

    Hillary Clinton Terroristen
    Der ehemalige CIA-Chefanalyst Ray McGovern meint mit Blick auf Hillary Clinton: „Sie ist die beste Freundin vieler Diktatoren.“ Der Wahlkampf geht richtig los: Die Demokraten werfen ihrem Gegner Donald Trump vor, er sei ein Freund von Wladimir Putin und Saddam Hussein. RT schaut zurück auf die freundschaftlichen Beziehungen der Familie Clinton in Afrika und am Golf. Donald Trump bat unterdessen Hacker, auch die restlichen E-Mails der ehemaligen Außenministerin zu veröffentlichen.
    Deutsche Staatgelder flossen ebenso in die Hillary Clinton Stiftung, wie Gelder der Saudi Terroristen

    15.08.2016 Das Nachrichtenportal Global Research veröffentlicht Auszüge aus der Krankenakte von Hillary Clinton

    Für jeden Menschen ist es selbstverständlich, dass Persönlichkeitsrechte respektiert werden. Dazu gehört das Recht auf Datenschutz, insbesondere, wenn es um so persönliche Dinge wie die Gesundheit geht. Das von Rechtsextremen und Verschwörungtheoretikern gern zitierte Internetportal Global Research glaubt nun im Kampf um das Weiße Haus sich auf die Seite von Donald Trump stellen zu müssen. Hierzu bezieht sich das Portal auf geleakte Krankenakten von Hillary Clinton. Darin wird der demokratischen Präsidentschaftskandidatin unterstellt an einer subkortikalen arteriosklerotischen Enzephalopathie zu leiden. Diese Erkrankung führt zu einer Demenz. Häufig kommte es auch zu Angsstörungen, wahnhaftem Erleben, Gereiztheit und Aggressivität. Global Research folgert daraus, dass die zukünftige Präsidentin durch diese Erkrankung überfordert wäre und ihr die Entscheidungsgewalt über die atomaren Waffen nicht anzuvertrauen wäre. Möglicherweise steckt hinter dieser Veröffentlichung wieder der russische Geheimdienst, der damit Clinton schaden möchte. Sollte es durch einen Pakt des Anstandes möglich sein, die Diskussionen über den Gesundheitzustand der Präsidentschaftanwärterin nicht weiter zu thematisieren. Ansonsten wäre Trump der Sieg nicht mehr zu nehmen, weil eine Präsidentin mit Demenz sehr gewöhnungbedürftig wäre.

    „Hat Hillary einen Neurolgen der sie begleitet?“

    Hillary muss bei wenigen Stufen gestützt werden
  6. Podesta vor allem auch eng mit der Albaner Mafia verbunden, manipuliert die korrupten US Medien, kauft Politiker, manipuliert die Wahlkämpfe. Obama, Hillary Clinton, rein kriminelle Enterprise des Wahl Betruges ebenso.


    Wikileaks-Enthüllung räumt letzte Zweifel aus

    Obamas Wahlkampf war vorsätzliche Täuschung der US-Öffentlichkeit

    Aufmerksamkeit: Sex schlägt Leaks

    Clintons Strategie scheint aufzugehen – Biden droht Russland

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