Britische und Italienische Medien über die Drogen Finanzierung der Islam Terroristen der Albaner

NATO Staat Albanien, der auch an Terroristen Organisationen schon Waffen lieferte, NATO Top Sekret Geheimnisse ebenso.

In diesem Falle wird der Innenminister Samir Tahiri, bei den Medien protestieren, welche die Storys brachten. Aus England wurden bekanntlich ebenso genügend Miganten nach Syrien entsandt, ebenso aus anderen EU Ländern, inklusive Terroristen mit US Pass aus dem Kosovo wie Beg Rizaj.

Original Salih Berisha, Tritan Shehu, Partner identisch mit der Deutschen CDU, KAS Banditen Verein, der in Tirana direkt im illegal errichten Hochhaus des Bin Laden Finanziers: Yassin Kadi residiert. Drogen Handel und Amerikaner eine Tradition, schon in der Iran Contra Affäre. In Albanien haben Gesetze keine Bedeutung, sind über 20 nicht implemtiert worden, Geldwäsche als Haupt Wirtschaft und der Reise und Konferenz Zirkus der korrupten EU, US Banden.

Ursache der US, Britische organisierte Terror Krieg gegen Jugoslawien im Kosovo und in Bosnien, wo Bill Clinton 4.000 Islamische Terroristen und Kopf Abschneider schon nach Bosnien brachte. Heute toben die Partner in Syrien herum, haben Bondsteel Arbeits Verträge, wie der erschossene Beg Rizaj und 3 andere Kosovo Terroristen: US Pass.

ISIS seizes £4bn drug ring from the Mafia to fund its brutal terror campaign

    • Allan Hall, Dan Warburton
    • Jihadists are flooding Britain with cannabis from the Albanian drug farm as intelligence experts warn that Islamist extremism is taking hold in Europe
Inside the £4bn Albanian drugs village - where weed grows freely beside the road
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Jihadists are flooding Britain with cannabis from the Albanian drug farm as intelligence experts warn that Islamist extremism is taking hold in Europe

In Albania Islamic State is raising cash for its terror campaign by running cannabis farms and shipping the drug to Britain.

The evil caliphate has seized control of a $4billion Mafia marijuana growing operation in the rural mountains of Albania – giving it a foothold in Europe.

Private jets and ships take the £4billion-a-year harvest to Mafia bosses in Italy, who distribute it, the Sunday People reports.

ISIS moved into the lucrative trade after security services fought their way into an Albanian Mafia HQ in the hill village of Lazarat.

Far from putting paid to cannabis farming, the 2014 raid cleared the way for ­extremists to take over by removing the Mafia.

ISIS now recruit in the area – often from the Mafia itself.

Jihadists flood Britain with cannabis smuggled from Albania
Crop: Cannabis grows near Lazarat

Dr Vladimir Pivovarov, a former military intelligence officer, said: “It is well known that Albania and other countries in the region have citizens joining ISIS.

“Western intelligence identified Balkan countries as the most active in providing ­recruits for jihad.

“There is no doubt that the best recruits for the jihadists are those that were in the Mafia. Already schooled in violence, they even pay their own way because the dirty money that the jihadists then gain when they recruit Mafia recruits helps to further swell the jihadist coffers. With new recruits and money, the Mafia in the region is exactly the reason why Muslim extremism is establishing itself in this part of Europe.“

He is echoing what the People was told earlier by an unnamed senior government official, who said: „It wasn’t as if the Mafia moved out and Jihadists moved in, what many people fail to understand is that the borders between Albanian Mafiosi and ISIS militants are blurred. Even if the leadership is different, they often use the same people to supply them with illegal weapons, and use the same people for illegal activities whether it’s drug running or indeed any of the other illicit activities.

„For the drugs Mafia there are not so many advantages to links with the extremists although in the past, it might have helped out with money laundering and the like, but the terrorists love to have drug dealers in their squads, and offer them everything that can to win them over. With their help, they are clearly muscling into the drugs world.“

Lazarat came onto the radar of western drug officials in 2012 after two Dutch motorbike tourists travelling through Albania made the remarkable discovery of the village.

Being from Holland, where cannabis consumption is legal, the pair were no strangers to what cannabis plants look like. But even they were stunned to discover tens of thousands of the plants growing in the countryside around Lazarat.

Jihadists flood Britain with cannabis smuggled from Albania
Seized: Cannabis at a port in Albania

A video they made of the trip showed cannabis plants stretching away alongside the road for mile after mile. Their video went viral showing how the druglords in Albania produced weed to fuel the bars and cafes, the nightclubs and the homes of western Europe.

In its 2015 report, the US government-funded NGO Freedom House noted that Lazarat was at the heart of producing marijuana in Europe, valued at 5.9 billion (4 billion GBP) in 2013 – then equivalent to nearly half of Albania’s gross domestic product and making it Europe’s biggest illegal cultivator of marijuana.

To protect their turf, narcotics barons had turned the area around Lazarat into a no-go zone, brooking no outside interference. Armed with rocket-propelled grenades and armour-piercing shells – and with millions available to grease the right pockets – the region was generating hundreds of tonnes of marijuana annually with residents even using private planes to distribute their drugs.

And the police stayed away. Or at least they stayed away until June 2014 when the Tirana authorities decided on a shock-and-awe display of force intended to reclaim the area for the state.

A new Socialist party government had taken office at the end of 2013 and pledged to combat corruption and organised crime – and to claim a place in the EU club of nations.

CEN Islamic State is raising cash for its terror campaign by running cannabis farms and shipping the drug to Britain. Pictured - Weapons and ammunition Albanian police confiscated in the village Lazarat
Guns: Rifles and ammo seized in a raid on jihadists in Lazarat

They decided to hit Lazarat hard, and backed up by helicopters and armoured personnel carriers, 800 heavily-armed police officers marched into the region. Against them the gangsters deployed their fearsome arsenal and unleashed shells, grenades, RPGs and machine guns on the forces of law and order.

Police occupied the town after fierce fighting, seizing 102 tonnes of marijuana and destroying 530,000 marijuana plants. The cannabis they torched left a cloud of smoke so thick it obscured even the local mosque. In the process they seized grenades, mortars and machine guns.

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Është një situatë e rrezikshme që po rritet në Shqipëri”, thotë Antonio Ferrari. Corriere Della Sera i referohet një raporti të shërbimeve të inteligjencës italiane.

Kujtojmë se që prej vitit 2013, numri i shqiptarëve që i janë bashkuar ISIS ka qenë tejet i ulët.


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  1. Haupt Export: Cannabis, in Möbeln, Kühl Wagen, in Tanks, Reifen, hinter Export Spiegeln, Granit Blocks, usw..

    Perlat Çarçani, aus Vlore: wollte in einem Lieferwagen 450 kilo Cannabis nach Italien bringen

    Sekuestrohen 450 kg drogë në Itali, pranga shqiptarit

    Sekuestrohen 450 kg drogë në Itali, pranga shqiptarit


    20 Janar 2016 • 17:54 •

    Një tjetër sasi droge me posedues shqiptarë është bllokuar nga policia italiane, në portin e Brindizit. Mediat italiane shkruajnë se në pranga ka përfunduar shtetasi shqiptar, Perlat Çarçani, 47 vjeç, nga Vlora.

    Ndërkohë, policia ka njoftuar se droga është gjetur mbrëmë gjatë një kontrolli në furgonin e 47-vjeçarit.

    Karabinierët sekuestruan 450 kilogramë drogë marijuanë, e cila ishte futur në një zonë të fshehtë të furgonit, madje ajo ishte spërkatur me benzinë me qëllim që të mos nuhatej nga qentë.

    Policia italiane ka bërë të ditur se, lënda narkotike ishte e ndarë në 300 pako dhe llogaritet me një vlerë më shumë se 5 milionë euro.

    Policia shton se Çarçani është dërguar në burgun e Brindizit, ndërsa sasia e drogës, furgoni dhe telefoni i tij janë sekuestruar në cilësinë e provës materiale./shekullionline/

  2. Der alte Kindergarten der US finanziertn Terroristen melden sich wieder zu Worte, aus den Rest Beständen der US finanzierten Terroristen die in Syrien mit Beg Rizaj (eliminiert in Kumanova im Mai 2015) herum tobten, mit US Pass natürlich. Das ist echter Kindergarten, diese Erklärung der Loyalität zur IS Terroristen Gruppe.

    NEW : Albanian jihadists pledging loyalty to ISIS
    Part of channel(s): Syria (current event)

    Group of albaniane terrorists pledging loyalty

    Filmed on 20/01/2016

  3. Ein Cannabis Schmuggler Boot wurde vor Bari entdeckt, was dann über die Albanischen Gewässer Richtung Montenegro verschwand und 600 kg Cannabis zuvor über Bord warf. Wahrscheinlich war wieder ein Italienischer Fischer das Ziel. Eine grosse Aktion der Italienischen, Montenegro und Albanischen Behörden
    Gomonia me 5 mln euro drogë, policia: Shkëmbimi do kryhej në det

    Postuar: 05/02/2016 – 14:43

    Policia e Shtetit ka dhënë detaje rreth operacionit të zhvilluar me homologët italianë e malazezë për ndalimin e trafikimit të rreth 500 kg marijuanë, që u hodh në det nga trafikantët, ku këta të fundit arritën t’i shpëtonin ndjekjes së policive.

    Në një deklaratë për mediet, Drejtori i Përgjithshëm Për Kufirin dhe Migracionin Drejtues i Lartë Genc Merepeza së bashku me Komandantin e Nuklit Detar Tenente Colonnello Luca De Paolis,me qendër në Durrës, thanë që policia shqiptare kishte dijeni që në ujërat ndërkombëtare do të bëhej shkëmbimi i drogës nëpërmjet një mjeti peshkimi të dyshuar si italian. Këtë informacion, e kishin siguruar që më 1 shkurt.

    “Gjatë gjithë natës së 1 shkurtit dhe në mëngjesin e datës 2, u shkëmbye vazhdimisht informacion me Guardia di Finanza-n dhe Misionin Interforza për mundësinë e nisjes së mjeteve të dyshuara.

    Në datën 2 shkurt 2016 rreth orës 14:15, Policia shqiptare u njoftua nga Guardia di Finanza se nga një mjet ajror identifikoi një gomone rreth 50-60 milje larg Barit, në veri të Barit, e cila ecte me shpejtësi nga Jugu në Veri.

    Drejtoritë rajonale të Kufirit në Vlorë, Durrës, Stacioni i PKM-së Shëngjin, roja Bregdetare dhe forcat Delta nxorën menjëherë në det 8 mjete lundruese për patrullim.

    Policia shqiptare vijoi kontrollin e hapësirës ujore duke koordinuar operacionin me Policinë kufitare malazeze, e cila angazhoi 2 mjete detare.

    Gjithashtu u shkëmbye informacion me Guardia di Finanza-n, e cila angazhoi dy mjete lundruese për lundrime ne thellësi te hapësirës ujore 1 në Vlorë dhe 1 në Durrës.

    Mjeti i dyshuar tip gomone që po lëvizte me shpejtësi në drejtim të vendit tonë u ndoq nga mjetet e Guardia di Finanza-s nga deti dhe nga ajri. Gjatë ndjekjes, shërbimet shqiptare me anë të radarit konstatuan se gomonia mori kursin në drejtim të ujërave ndërkombëtare përballë ujerave territoriale të Malit të Zi.

    Për t’u lehtësuar nga pesha dhe ecur më shpejt, trafikantët hodhën në det drogën, rreth 500 kg, e cila u sekuestrua nga autoritetet italiane në ujërat ndërkombëtare.

    Duke kryer manovra të rrezikshme, gomonia u zhduk në hapësirën detare rreth 8 milje jashtë ujërave territoriale të Malit të Zi.”

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