Beleidigung des Albanischen Volkes, durch die Selbstbeweihräucherung und Lügen der US Vertretung und korrupten EU Botschaft

Man feiert wieder sich selbst, wo es seit Jahren nur Verachtung gibt durch das Albanische Volk in der Nonsens Demokratie von Kriminellen und korrupten Internationalen Amtsträgern!

Die tragischen Fehler der EU im Balkan: OP/ED: The EU’s tragic mistakes in the Western Balkans

Die Suppen Kaspars lassen sich erneut vorführen und feiern sich dann noch, obwohl man sich nur erneut lächerlich gemacht die „Rechtsstaatlichkeit“ geopfert hat, die Albaner Mafia Clans nur  etliche wichtige Posten umgeschichtet hat, u.a. im Innenministerium, ebenso rund um Grundstücke und gefälschten Dokumenten.



FOTO/ Marrëveshja Rama-Basha, reagon SHBA: Bravo të gjithëve

US: Bravo to the Albanian people for their patience and their belief

11:48, 18/05/2017  “Bravo to the Albanian people for their patience and their belief in the strength of Albania’s democracy. Bravo to Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha for their personal leadership and courage in forging this deal. Bravo to colleagues from the European Union, the OSCE and Ëashington for their steadfast support for Albania. Ëe eagerly look forëard to an election ëith the participation of all of Albania’s political parties.”

— Ambassador Donald Lu


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  1. Man schwafelt einen Blödsinn daher, der ebenso inzwischen geoutet wurde durch Vangjush Dule. Die Internationalen vor Ort. Korrupte Irrlichter der Hirnlosigkeit

    Dule’s Denunciation and the “Crisis of the Internationals”
    By Blendi Fevziu , April 14, 2017, 13:00
    Dule’s Denunciation and the “Crisis of the Internationals”

    Vangjel Dule is the head of an old parliamentary party and has been a member of parliament in Albania for many years. Yesterday he made a rather surprising declaration. Dule clarified that in a meeting with foreigners, a representative of European diplomacy in Tirana has supported the pressure to participate in the elections using a rather strange analysis. He said to Dule that in case they register and participate in elections without the participation of the Democratic Party (PD), they could have a chance to gain more mandates at the expense of the main opposition force. The numbers of these parties would increase artificially and the country, according to this diplomat, would have an artificial opposition. Vangjel Dule clarified that this offer was not done in a private or exclusive meeting, but in a group meeting, where several diplomats were meeting with at least five opposition parties. All the parties, said Dule, reacted in unison, rejecting the strange “offer” suggested by the diplomat.

    The declaration of Dule is not only baffling, but rather unacceptable for any normal country of this world. It shows how the corps diplomatique is treating the crisis; it either does not understand what is happening or is trying to shut down a momentary crisis while opening another one, long-term and overwhelming; or it is enlisted as an ally in the crisis, crossing every limit that a representative of a diplomatic representative should respect, in the country that it has been assigned to work.

    Dule did publicize the name or the origin of the diplomat. He didn’t declare their level either. The chief of Albanian diplomacy and the President of the Republic should seriously consider this case. Both the corps diplomatique in Tirana and the international community have all the right to be unsettled by the Albanian crisis. They are in their legitimate right to ask the PD and its allies to return to the Parliament and to register their participation in the elections. They are in their right to ask the execution of the constitution and the implementation of all the duties that result from it. It is their right to ask the majority to enter dialogue and make all necessary efforts so that PD participation is guaranteed in the elections. It is their right to ask for a certain agreement inside the majority. They must do this through public declarations. They can do this even without making any compromise.

  2. Drogen abhängig, Gross Drogen Dealer, wie ein Phristina Professor erklärt und jeder weiß es seit langem, nur von der EU Mafia ignoriert, mit gefälschten Berichten erneut vertuscht.
    Nur durch die totale Korruption der Internationalen und Inkompetenz, kommen ständig solche Verbrecher Gestalten an die Macht. Wir schrieben schon am 1.7. 2013, das es Nichts zum feiern gibt, wenn Edi Rama an die Macht kommt, weil er bei der EU ein best dokumentierter Drogen Gross Dealer und Verteiler ist und war, Geldwäsche Experte Nr. 1, der ebenso überall illegales Bauern förderte, seine Unterschrift für Giftmüll Importe mit der Internationalen Mafia aus Italien, war in 2004 ebenso ein Skandal.

    Prishtina Professor: Edi Rama snorts Cocaine then rants about great Albania


    Prishtina University professor Nedzmedin Spahiju in an interview with RTS publicly accused Albania’s PM Edi Rama that he is on heavy drugs daily, adding everyone in Albania and Kosovo is aware that Rama has major problems with cocaine.

    – I’m quite convinced PM Rama was on cocaine when he talked of unification between Albania and Kosovo. He doesn’t want unification, that’s very dangerous. He was likely on drugs when he said that, wishing to blackmail the US and EU” says Spahiju for RTS.

    His statement caused quite the controversy, so numerous journalists have contacted him to repeat the statement he gave for RTS.

    – And why is this so strange? Just about everyone in Albania and Kosovo knows that Rama has problems with drugs. His cocaine addiction is quite bad and he often gives statements under drugs. This is well documented by foreign intel services. So yes, everyone is aware of Rama’s cocaine addiction. Idiotic statements by Rama and Thaci should not be taken seriouisly, – says Spahiu adding – There is very concerning connection of narco mafia and politics in Albania. In Parliament, in mayoral positions seat people who have never been in politics. Their only thing in common is that they have all spent prison time in various European capitals for drug trafficking, weapons and human trafficking, prostitution, murder etc. Today, 95% of Albania’s Parliament are criminals with large police records behind their names – says Spahiu.

    Last year, Spahiu continues – the entire country (Albania) was transformed into a marijuana farm. Through this, criminals and politicians hold hundreds of millions of euros in their hands. This is precisely what Albania’s opposition leader Basha warned about.

    EU and US are aware of this, however numerous politicians in Brussels and Washington get a percent from the drug trafficking through dozens of NGO channels, and as a result do not have an official comment on the situation.

    As for Spahiu’s statements, this is one brave professor in Prishtina, discussing Albanian and Kosovo politicians as openly as he has. Considering the fact 19 Albanians who were scheduled to testify against Ramush Haradinaj, one of Kosovo top crime boss/politician, have all ended up dead.

  3. Betrug ohne Ende, Inkompetenz ausländischer Firmen und Nichts funktioniert bis heute. Das TEC Kraftwerk, das korrupte EU und Weltbank Leute als Erfolg verkaufen, nie Strom produziert hat, oder je funktionierte.

    The Power Plant in Narta – A History of Failure

    6 hours ago

    The Power Plant in Narta – A History of FailureThe TEC in Narta, Vlora.

    Many years ago, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Bank of Investment (EBI), the World Bank, and the Albanian Power Corporation (KESh), then the state company for production and distribution of electric power, jointly contributed to the building of the oil power plant with capacity of 100MW in Narta, Vlora.

    The power plant would have covered the usual power shortage problems of the country during periods of drought. At the time, energy was exclusively produced by hydropower plants that had many problems during dry periods.

    This project was first ordered by the government headed at the time by Fatos Nano, and was later completed in 2005 by the Berisha government.

    In 2005, the contract valued at €100 million was signed by the Italian company Maire Technimont. This powerful company, specialized in the technology of power plants, was created from the merging of Fiat Engineering and Technimont, owned by Montedison group.

    The contract was applauded by the government as a breakthrough on the Albanian market, while highlighting the significant role of the Italian company.

    Despite the delays on the construction site and the incessant revisions of the project, today, after twelve years, the power plant built in Narta, situated on one of the most exceptional beach sites of Albania, has never produced a single kilowatt of energy power, as a result of defects identified in the cooling system.

    The cooling system exit is made of glass wool with a diameter at approximately 2 meters that plunges into the sea for several meters deep, in order to absorb the necessary water to cool off the power plant; this has never worked as it was expected.

    One reason was the broken and sand-clogged pipe inside the sea, which was caused by a storm in 2009.

    The Italian underwater experts, contracted by the construction company to repair the connection pipe, say they have found fishing nets inside it, which seem to have been put there by someone trying to sabotage the power plant.

    The power plant continues to have incessant problems with the cooling system and it hasn’t been used since, despite the reparation of the pipe.

    The Albanian government decided to file a lawsuit against the company at the permanent court of arbitration because of an error in the proposal, while the company itself has abandoned the site. The government is demanding compensation from the company at value of €130 million, the total value of the investment.

    In the permanent court of arbitration there is another case filed by the Albanian government against the same company. This time for failing to pay around €2 million in taxes by the Albanian branch of the Italian company.

    The history of the power plant in Narta is rather complex. Certainly, the price paid per kilowatt hour energy produced by oil is much higher than a kilowatt hour energy produced by a hydropower plant, and nearly four times more that the medium price of energy power imported from neighboring countries.

    And for this reason the power plant was never put into use.

    While waiting for the decision reached by the permanent court of arbitration, the Albanian government will continue to pay until 2019 the contract installments it owes to the international financial institutions, for a yearly charge of €5 million.

  4. Nette Titel Story: Perverse Albanische Politik im EU System, wo viele Politiker rund um Georgs Soros nur noch korrupt und fast immer inkompetend sind. Die EU und Internationalen werden immer absurder: Wenn Al-Capone noch ein Ehrenmann war: Regierungs Beteiligung der DP Verbrecher und am 25. Juni gibt es nun Wahlen

    Der Kampf für freie Wahlen als reiner Betrug

    Beleidigung des Albanischen Volkes, durch die Selbstbeweihräucherung und Lügen der US Vertretung und korrupten EU Botschaft



    PPP: Reine Betrugs Systeme, von Deutschen Lobbyisten, Politikern propagiert, obwohl Weltweit, in Italien, in Deutschland auch per Gerichtsurteile immer Bestechung, korrupte Beamte, Politiker, und Offshore Firmen festgestellt wurden, so auch in Albanien. Alle Ratten der EU, rund um Georg Soros kommen zum abzocken.

    Concessions Increasingly Owned through Dutch Tax Evasion Constructions

    Concessions Increasingly Owned through Dutch Tax Evasion ConstructionsThe „offices“ of Arimo BV on Paasheuvelweg 16, Amsterdam.

    For the third time in a year, a public–private partnership of the government has come into the hands of unknown owner through a tax evasion construction know as a “Dutch postbox company.”

    The construction involves international companies registering their main offices in the Netherlands because of the low corporate tax rate, without developing any activity in the country itself. Because of Dutch privacy regulations, it is impossible to find out the final beneficiary of these companies. Albanian partners in public–private partnerships, also known as concessions, increasingly use this construction to hide the real owners of the company that holds the concession, which could mask both tax evasion in Albania, conflict of interest, and corruption.

    Dutch artist and activist Tinkebell recently produced a short documentary on postbox companies, which have to prove their “activity” in the Netherlands by maintaining a house plant on their premises.


    Reporter has published an investigation revealing that the hemodialysis concession, with a value of 8.6 billion lekë (~€64 million) for a total period of 10 years, has again changed hands. In September 2016, 85% of the shares in concession holder Dia Vita shpk was sold by Evita shpk to Rasim Hamzaraj (72.5%) and Ertel Kërçeku (17.5%) for 30.1 million lekë (~€224,000), or 0.35% of the total value of the concession.

    In turn, Hamzaraj has recently sold his shares to Dutch postbox company Arimo BV for 21 million lekë (~€156,000). This company now owns 72.5% of the 85% share in concession holder Dia Vita, in other words, the majority of the shares.

    Arimo has its offices on Paasheuvelweg 16 in Amsterdam, in the building of Crowe Horwath Foederer, an accountancy firm that offers “specialist tax services that can manage your tax risks and exposure.”

    Medical laboratories

    Last month, it was announced that the concession of hospital laboratories was won by a consortium of three companies, including another Dutch postbox company, AB Laboratory Solutions BV, which owns 33.3% of the shares in the consortium.

    Incinerator in Tirana

    In December, the Rama government decided to approve the construction of an incinerator for urban waste in the neighborhood of Tirana. The decision was made after a Dutch postbox company called Integrated Energy BV presented an unrequested proposition at the Ministry of Energy and Industry for a thirty-year concession worth €140 million. The Council of Ministers decided to give Integrated Energy a bonus of 8% in the future public procurement procedure.

    Two of the board members of Integrated Energy work for SGG Group, a company specialized in financial holdings and convicted under the UK Bribery Act for fraud.

  5. Was für Wahlen sollen das werden: Der Kampf für freie Wahlen als reiner Betrug der EU und US Ratten
    Der PS Kandidat in Vlore: Vilma Bella, mit Unterstützung der „Zani Caushi“ Bande im Wahlkampf

    Betrüger und Gangster als Vorbilder:

    IQ und Seriösität ist in Washington nicht zufinden

    Joe Biden’s Son Accused by Ex-Wife of Bankrupting His Family With Drug and Hooker Binges

    Ervis Caushi, (Blaues Hemd) Sohn des Super Kriminellen und Mörders Zani Caushi (sitzt Lebenslang) der Vlore Verbrecher Banden, arbeitet direkt für die SP Kandidaten in Vlore: Vilma Bello , womit ein Landesweites Verbrecher System in der Politik deutlich wird von Diber, Lezhe, Lac, Durres, Sarande, Elbasan, Vlore, Kavaje,!

    Show Programm der Albaner Mafia, denn Nichts wird implemtiert
    Show Programm der Albaner Mafia, denn Nichts wird implemtiert

    Sogar der verurteilte Ex-SP Parlaments Abgeordneter: Arben Ndoka mit der Polizei Mafia trat auf.

    Edi Rama, feiert bei dem Drogen Boss von Elbasan: Edmond Stafa, Bruder des Bezirks Präsidenten: Bukurosh Stafa seinen Wahlkampf

    PS, prezantohen në Vlorë kandidatet Vilma Bello dhe Elona Hodaj
    PS, prezantohen në Vlorë kandidatet Vilma Bello dhe Elona Hodaj

    Në mjediset e Pallatit të Kulturës së qytetit të Vlorës, Partia Socialiste prezantoi kandidatët për deputetë Vilma Bello dhe Elona Hodaj, që mbulojnë rajonet nr.4 dhe nr.5.

    Në fjalën e tij para të pranishmëve, drejtuesi politik i Qarkut të Vlorës, Damian Gjiknuri u ndal tek transformimi që po përjeton ky qytet në sajë të investimeve të shtuara.

    “Ktheni kokën prapa dhe mendoni, për mbi 20 vitet e fundit kur Vlora është ndjerë më shumë qytet? Kur ka fituar dinjitetin veçse me qeverinë e Edi Ramës, e cila ka investuar në këtë qark 300 milion euro. Po e bën Vlorën, dhe po bëhet realitet që të jetë qyteti i dytë më i rëndësishëm i Shqipërisë. E meriton sepse Vlora i ka dhënë historisë dhe jam i bindur se do të jetë qyteti ku gjithë shqiptarët do duan të jetojnë”, u shpreh Gjiknuri.

    Më tej, Gjiknuri komentoi edhe zhvillimet e fundit me bojkotin e opozitës e ngujimin e saj në çadrën përpara godinës së kryeministrisë.

    Noch ein Mafia Bürgermeister: Rigel Balili

    Rigelsi Balili | Foto nga : Facebook

    Rigel’s Balili: Mafia Boss, Bürgermeister von Delvine, kontrolliert die zentrale Schmuggler Route nach Griechenland. Neffe des Paplo Escopar“ des Balkans: Klement Balili Italiener, Griechen werden angeheuert, und die korrupten Küsten und Grenz Polizei duldet das Verbrechen mit illegalen Booten, wie der Fall Fatmir Kuci erneut zeigt. Tradition: die Regierung ist eine Einheit mit den Verbrecher Kartellen, wie auch Klement Balili aufzeigt, der „Pablo Escobar“ des Balkan. Sarande Hotel Geldwasch Anlagen, seit 15 Jahren.

    Edi Rama: Durres – Wahlkampf Leiterin „Natasho Paco“ eine langzeit Kriminelle schon als Präfektin

    Die PDUI Mafia Partei, im Solde des CIA (Straffreiheit wie zuletzt in Mazedonien, für die übelsten Terroristen mit US PASS) wird Minister Posten ab ca. Oktober übernehmen. Dashimir Tahiri, hat im Auftrage des CIA Direktors: Georg Tenet (griechische Abstammung mit Geburts Ort: Himari – Albanien), praktisch den Bürgerkrieg in 1997 gesteuert, um grosse Mengen an Waffen zustehlen und um die NATO und Amerikaner, wie Saudi Terroristen im Lande zu installieren. Er kommandierte Mord Banden wie videos zeigen, darunter die berüchtigen Caushi Banden in Vlore. Jede Institution ist inklusive der Justiz mit diesen Verbrechern durchsetzt, was auch bekannt ist.

    jo biden Dashimir Tahiri

    Nicht vorhanden:

    Jo Biden
    Jo Biden

    2010 in Washington: Jo Biden und der Mafia Boss: Dashemir Tahiri, der viele Namen hat.

    1997, als Chef der Caushi Mord Bande, der übelsten Verbrecher Bande von Vlore.

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