Bekannte korrupte US Politiker, treffen sich mit der Albaner rund um die PDUI Gruppe

Jo Biden ist sowieso mit jedem Verbrecher dabei, wie man auch in der Ukraine jüngst sah, mit dem geplanten Börsen Betrug der Firma BURIMA und seinem Sohn und der Familie des John Kerry. Die EU Politiker sind auch nicht besser:

EU-Parlamentarier bessern ihre Gehälter mit Nebenjobs auf

Vor allem kommen die vollkommen korrupten US Politiker: Gus Bilirakis und Gregory Meeks nach Albanien und Tirana. Genauso schlimm, wie der Gangster Frank Wisner, der sogar Balkan US Sonder Botschafter war und sein Vater Höchste CIA Direktor.


Die US Politik Gangster Truppe auf Tour in Albanien, was man mit den Reisen des Frank Walter Steinmeier vergleichen muss mit Airbuss nach Afghanistan, oder in die Ukraine und immer mit kriminellen Partner und Mördern.


Gary F. Kokalari schrieb deshalb einen Brief an den US Botschafter, diese korrupten Gestalten im Auge zuhalten, was an den US Abgeordneten James Traficant jun. erinnert in 1999, der aus Albanien von der US Botschafterin Mariza Lino raus geworfen wurde und später verhaftet wurde und zu 8 Jahren verurteilt wurde. Partner von Genc Pollo u.a. und den Terroristen.

Der Albanische Milliardär Sahit Muja, aus Tropoje natürlich kann Weltweit seine Drogen und Geldwäsche Geschäfte abwickeln, weil man US Politiker bis Jo Biden, inklusive John Kerry, John McCain, Wesley Clark  schmiert, mit den angeblichen Einnahmen einer Chrom Erz Mine in Tropoje. Eine Mini Chrom Erz Anlage und FirmaAlbanian Minerals, Bytyci SHPK, besteht tatsächlich auf dem Papier.

Gregory Meeks

Greg Meeks New York mugshot

A swirling federal corruption probe into crooked charities associated with Rep. Meeks is just the tip of the iceberg in the congressman’s litany of ethical lapses.

Rep. Meeks has accepted numerous improper gifts while in office, including a below-market rate on a new home, major loans that he failed to disclose for years, and discounted rent on his district office.  He has also accepted at least six trips to Caribbean resorts from a non-profit backed by convicted financier R. Allen Stanford, on whose behalf Rep. Meeks may have sought a favor from the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

  • Nine-term member of Congress representing New York’s 5th district
  • Under federal investigation for his ties to several corrupt non-profit groups, including one that lost track of thousands of dollars intended for victims of Hurricane Katrina
  • Previously named to CREW’s Most Corrupt in 2011 and 2012
  • One of four members of Congress from New York named to CREW’s Most Corrupt
  • Appeared in CREW’s Family Affair exposé

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


“Cështja Himara” sjell në Tirane grupin e Kongresmeneve Amerikane
Kongresmeni Republikan Gus Bilirakis me pjestare te Komunitetit Himariot te USA


Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) dhe Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), takime intesive ne Tirane



Kongresmenet amerikane vizitojne  Shqiperine, pas shqetesimeve te Ndarjes Territoriale, ku Himara, kundershtoi bashkimin me Komunen e Vranishtit



Kongresmeni Republikan Gus Bilirakis, kryeson delegacionin amerikan ne 11 Tetor, takime ne Tirane me Kryeministrin Edi Rama, Kryepeshkopin Anastas, politikanin Vangjel Dule, Omonia etj. Ne takim edhe perfaqesues te Komuniteti Himariot dhe nga disapora



Me „kembenguljen“ e kryeministrit Rama, devijohet vizita e planifikuar e kongresmeneve amerikane ne Himare




Stavri Marko (SManalysis)


Tirane. Tashme zyrtare. Grupi prej 3 kongresmene nga Departamenti Amerikan I Shtetit, do te vizitojne me 11 Tetor Tiranen. Shkak eshte bere Ndarja Territoriale, ne te cilen Himara, iu bashkua padrejtesisht ne menyre arbitrare, Komuna e Vranishtit.



Gjate nje mbremje per mbledhje fondesh bamiresie me Kongresmenin Republikan Gus Bilirakis

Jo Biden, Langzeit bekannter des Verbrechers aus Vlore: Dashemir Tahiri

Die PDUI Mafia, alle einschlägig als Betrüger, Drogen Bosse und vollkommen korrupt bekannt. Wo man Direktoren Posten erhielt, sind alle Gesetze und Kompetenz ausser Kraft.

Die PDUI Mafia, Rechts Dashemir Tahiri, der auch mit anderen Namen operiert, 1991 bei Interpol bekannt und aus Vlore, sowieso enger Freund von Jo Biden, der wohl nur Terroristen und Gangster kennt. Alle in Morde verwickelt und wilde Schiessereien auch mit der Caushi Bande in Vlore in 1997

Warum die Amerikaner die Albanische Polizei zerstörten, muss man so sehen. Man braucht als Albanien als Rechtsfreien Raum, für die Drogen und Waffen Geschäfte und als Schaltstelle auch mit Terroristen, wie Yassin Kadi, welche gerade den Giftgas Anschlag in Syrien organisierten. Entwicklungshilfe dient nur noch dazu, diese Art von Regierungen zu schmieren.

Die Amerikaner wollen mit den Polizei Aufbau Programm ICITAP weiter machen nach dem Debakel

Senator Jo Biden paid by the Albanian mafia and terrorists

SENATOR JOSEPH BIDEN ON KOSOVA AND MONTENEGRO.  Senator Joe Biden continues to make a significant contribution to the cause of lasting peace in Southeast Europe, as the attached documents demonstrate.  The first is his January 3rd commentary in The Financial Times of London, entitled“Opponents of a new Kosovo must be stopped.”  The second is the letter that he sent last November at the urging of the Civic League to Montenegrin Prime Minister Zeljko Sturanovic on behalf of the fourteen Albanians tortured and jailed in Montenegro.  January 2007.  Please click here for the English version andhere for the Albanian Kliko këtu për shqip.


After the Kosovo Mafia Staat — next is Montenegro for the Albanian US Mafia



Remarks by Shirley Cloyes DioGuardi at the Ded Gjo Luli Celebration

Bronx, New York, April 5, 2008

We are gathered here tonight in the name of Ded Gjo Luli, one of the great Albanian revolutionary heroes in the fight for Albanian freedom. And we are gathered here just a few days after another great Albanian hero, Ramush Haradinaj, was released from jail.

It is important to honor our heroes. But if we really want to honor our heroes, I think that we must be careful not to get trapped in talking about them and in talking about the past. Instead, I think that we need to get energized about talking about our present and the challenges that lie ahead of us. And, after that, we need to get beyond the talk and begin working to address the problems that must be resolved to fulfill the national cause.

I am sure that everyone in this room would agree with me that one of the biggest challenges that we face is that Albanians in Montenegro are not free. In 2001, after Slobodan Milosevic was safely in The Hague, I made the decision that the Civic League had to enter Montenegro. (We could not think about this before the indictment and extradition of Milosevic, because Joe [DioGuardi] had been banned by Serbia.) I knew that the problems faced by Albanians in Montenegro, like the problems faced by Albanians anywhere else in the Balkans, could not be solved without help from the U.S. government, specifically from the U.S. Congress. I also knew that, because no one in Congress in 2001 knew anything about the realities of Albanians in Montenegro, we had to start by educating Members of the House and Senate and our media about the subjugation of Albanians in Montenegro and their century-long struggle to overcome waves of expulsion, genocide, forced assimilation, and economic and political marginalization at the hands of hostile Slavic-dominated regimes.

There is no time to go into detail tonight, but what ensued were five years of work (and by the way, the Civic League works on a completely volunteer basis; no one gets paid) that included writing articles, lobbying Members of Congress, organizing and sending two Civic League-sponsored Congressional delegations to Albanian lands in Montenegro (one with Congressman Tom Lantos in 2003 and another with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in 2005), a Congressional hearing on “The Future of Albanians in Montenegro,” followed by a vigorous effort, with Congressman Lantos, to fight, albeit unsuccessfully, the passage of the Capital City bill and to restore the communal status of Tuzi.
And that battle continues to be played out in our struggle to free the fourteen Albanians who were arrested, tortured, and jailed in Montenegro in September 2006. Regrettably, our State Department appears to be acquiescing to Montenegro, even though four of the prisoners—Kola Dedvukaj, Rrok Dedvukaj, Sokol Ivanaj, and Doda Lucaj—are Americans.

Our job is not yet done. And Albanian Americans have a special opportunity to help, because none of us have the power to solve the problems of Montenegro on the ground in Tuzi, Ulqin, Ana e Malit, Kraja, and Plave-Guci, but we do have the power to influence the U.S. government, without which Kosova would not be independent today and Albania would not be joining NATO. Each of us has the power to make a difference, and no struggle for freedom can succeed without each of us revealing this power everyday. This is the best way to honor Ded Gjo Luli and all of our heroes.

AACL Gambino Clan Mafia Statement

Foreign Intelligence Services Have Information For Connection Of Ex-Leader Of Army For Kosovo Liberation Hasim Taqi With Osama Bin Laden Belgrade, February 11, 2002 – Foreign intelligence services, including the US one, have information for the connections of the ex-leader of the Army for Kosovo Liberation /AKL/ Hasim Taqi with Osama bin Laden, the today’s edition of Glas javnosti daily says. The ex-chief of the Albanian National Intelligence Service Fatos Klosi confirmed bin Laden has been in Albania in the 90-ies where he had organized training camps for the AKL fighters.

The candidate for President of Kosovo and leader of the Democratic Union of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova also has information in regard of the connections of Taqi with bin Laden. After the announcement of the election results Rugova promised to make public the evidences for the terrorist activity of its political opponent.

The “friendship” between Taqi and bin laden has begun in 1996.
According to the sources of the daily, in the period 1996-2001 bin
Laden has invested some USD 200 M in activities, related to different criminal deals in Kosovo.


Arrest of “Terrorists” Sows Discord in Montenegro 

Aussage am 16.5.1999 in der „Albania“ durch den Albanischen Geheimdienst Chef Fatos Klosi:


KLA is financed by Bin Laden

NATO zerstört Terroristen Basen im Kosovo und in Bosnien!!

10 Gedanken zu „Bekannte korrupte US Politiker, treffen sich mit der Albaner rund um die PDUI Gruppe“

  1. Ein Deutschen Zivil Flugzeug, wollte Albanien überqueren, in Richtung AFrikaund wurde von 2 Italienischen Militär Flugzeugen verfolgt, es gab 2 Explosionen (Durchbrechung der Schall Grenze) in der Luft. Eine Militär Übung, Es gab Panik bei der Bevölkerung

    09 Tetor 2014 – 17:37
    ‘Boom Sonic’ krijon panik, avioni
    civil ndiqej nga 2 F16 të NATO-s – See more at:–nato-s-244803.html#sthash.kzeUcp4g.dpuf

    1. Durrës. Shpërthimi në Currila, “bum zanor” avionësh supersonikë
      0 145 149

      · Ministria e Mbrojtjes: Një Boeing civil që kalonte mbi qytetin bregtar në drejtim Evropë-Afrikë humbi për disa momente kontaktin me qendrat e kontrollit ajror për disa momente kontaktin me qendrat e kontrollit ajror

      · NATO-ja ngriti një çift avionësh luftarakë F-16, që shoqëruan për 10 minuta avionin, deri në 8 milje në jug të kufirit shqiptar me Greqinë

      · Avionët F-16, gjatë kësaj manovre, megjithëse mbi ujëra ndërkombëtare, rreth 20 milje larg bregdetit shqiptar, për shkak të shpejtësisë mbi kufirin zanor, kanë krijuar zhurmën e tmerrshme

      DURRËS, 9 tetor 2014 – Dy shpërthimet e fuqishme që u dëgjuan të enjten, më 9 tetor 2014, rreth orës 16:00, në Currila dhe që shkaktuan alarm dhe panik dhe në zona të tjera të qytetit bregdetar, nuk vinin nga tritoli e dinamiti, por ishin zhurmat e një Boeing-u civil dhe dy avionëve luftarakë.

      Kjo zhurmë e tmerrshme krijoi atë që në terminologjinë e aviacionit quhet “bum zanor” (sonic boom), kështu reagoi Ministria e Mbrojtjes që u detyrua të bëjë një sqarim publik.


      Një avion Boeing komercial [civil, tregtar], i cili udhëtonte nga një kryeqytet evropian në drejtim të kontinentit afrikan humbi për disa momente kontaktin me qendrat e kontrollit ajror.

      Sipas marrëveshjeve ndërkombëtare në të cilat Shqipëria është palë, vendet fqinje anëtare të NATO bëjnë policimin ajror të territorit të Republikës së Shqipërisë.

      Mospërgjigja e këtij avioni, kur ai ndodhej në afërsi të hapësirës ajrore shqiptare, vuri në gatishmëri një ndër bazat NATO, prej së cilës u ngrit në ndjekje një çift avionësh luftarakë F-16.

      Avionët luftarakë eskortuan [shoqëruan] për 10 minuta avionin në fjalë, deri në 8 milje në jug të kufirit shqiptar me Greqinë.

      Avionët F-16, gjatë kësaj manovre, megjithëse mbi ujëra ndërkombëtare, rreth 20 milje larg bregdetit shqiptar, për shkak të shpejtësisë mbi kufirin zanor, kanë krijuar “boom”-in sonik [zanor] të konsideruar nga banorët si shpërthim.

      I sigurojmë qytetarët shqiptarë se kjo është një procedurë e ndjekur me përgjegjësi të lartë nga autoritetet shqiptare dhe forcat e Aleancës.

      /th. m. agjencia e lajmeve “Dyrrah”/
      – See more at:

  2. PDUI will sich in Durres neu organisieren, schwafelt über den Justiz losen Zustand, ist selbst Motor für illegales Bauen, Betrug, Geldwäsche, denn alle diese Deligierten sind Ortsfremde Banden und Clans, welche teilweise aus dem Kosovo kommen.

  3. Rekord Vorstrafen Register in Italien der PDUI Abgeordnete: Aqif Rakipi
    04 Tetor 2017 – 12:18 | përditesuar në 12:23
    PD-KQZ: T’i hiqet mandati Aqif
    Rakipit, rekorde kriminale në Itali
    Agif Rakipi
    Aqif Rakipi
    Partia Demokratike i ka bërë kërkesë Komisionit Qendror të Zgjedhjeve për deputetin e PDIU, Aqif Rakipi. PD kërkon verifikim të deklarimit të deputetit Rakipi, me pretendimin se ka precedent penal në Itali.
    Agif Rakipi


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