Albania – More than 30,000 Albanian girls and young women are kidnapped and auctioned off into a world of prostitution in Europe.

Gotfather OF the Mafia politicians: Daut Kadriovski (arrest with MI6 in Golem in 2001 and died in Mazedonia in 2014 and he was a trunken Person in the last years) and one week in small Albania! Silence in rogue states like USA, Europe, because even with the kidnapping of young women, one was a partner of the Albanian politicians, including children and drug trafficking of foreign ministers, and Premier Ministers.


Albania Arrests Suspect in Czech Tourists’ Murder

Police have arrested a 20-year-old man, who has been named as a suspect in the murder of a Czech couple who were holidaying in Albania’s Accursed Mountains.

 Gambino Clan and the Albanian Muslim Mafia

US Mafia Clan Gambino Boss in Albania and Europa: Daut Kadriovski – „Maestro Daut“Macedonian Albanian Daut Kadriovski, 52, stands in a police station in Tirana after he was arrested by local police in cooperation with Interpol on drug trafficking charges, September 4, 2001. Kadriovski, wanted in 12 European countries, had been living in Albania for six years. REUTERS/Gent ShkullakuK. Daut was unmasked by the English secret service, because he is now with the help of the then operating criminal Albanian secret service (under the direction of the CIA), a new passport with the name of Mehmet Hajdini and had received a facial surgery no longer had to recognize. He was in his illegally-built hotels in the criminal stronghold „Golem“ at the CIA base and NATO base Communication Zone West (General information). Communication Zone West, COMMZ (W) south of Durres arrested.

The New Islamic Mafia

By M. Bozinovich

FBI has recently announced that ethnic Albanian gangs, including immigrants from Kosovo, are replacing the Italian La Cosa Nostra mafia as the leading organized crime outfit in the US. According to a CNN report the FBI „Officials said ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro“ make up the emerging American criminal cartel and „represent a major challenge to federal agents because of their propensity for violence and brutality.“ This statement comes several months after Amnesty International declared NATO-administered Kosovo province a hotbed of organized crime activity.

In Europe, the Albanian Mob is already the chief perpetrator of drug and people smuggling, passport theft and forgery, weapons and human body parts sales, sex-slavery, abductions, murders… The scope, ferocity and intensity of the Albanian criminal activity has prompted the Italian top prosecutor, Cataldo Motta, to declare Albanians most dangerous mobsters brandishing them in 2000 „a threat to Western society.“


Albanian teenager Valentina Bicaku vanished from her home in Albania. More than 30,000 Albanian girls and young women are kidnapped and auctioned off into a world of prostitution in Europe.

Evolution of the Criminal NetworkDuring the 1970s Albanian expatriates in the US were actively recruited as couriers, transporters or assassins for the Italian Mafia. The efficiency and brutality with which these members conducted these criminal affairs got them to advance within the Mafia network, so much so, that by 1996 the main assassins for the Gambino crime family were ethnic Albanians. Gambino’s Sammy Bull Brovano’s go-to „clipper“, for example, was an ethnic Albanian, Zef Mustafa, whose notoriety for murder and racket was exceeded only by his love of alcohol: drunk from dawn, in a 1996-02 span this Albanian organized a $19 million internet heist, was let out on a $5 million bond and has since disappeared from the US.

A 1996 murder of a waiter, Jonathon Segal, and a bouncer, Michael Greco, in New York’s Scores restaurant illustrates the indifference and haste with which Albanian assassins kill: two ethnic Albanians employed as Gambino family assassins opened fire on the waiter and bouncer after instigating an argument over quality of service they got in the restaurant.

Ismail Lika, pictured on the right with long sleeves, in Florida jail posing with convicted ethnic Serb, Nikola Kavaja. Dubbed the king of the New York drug underworld, Ismail Lika issued a contract on Guiliani’s prosecutors in 1985. Kavaja was serving a sentence for attempted assassination of Yugoslav communist dictator Tito.

While employment with Italian Mafia gave these ethnic Albanians valuable experience in the art of a criminal heist, 1980s was also a decade of clandestine criminal initiatives that are to lead into bigger and more spectacular ones later. In 1985, for example, a now-famous Rudolph Guiliani led a persecution team of the Balkan Connection – an ethnic Albanian criminal outfit involved in trafficking heroin from Afghanistan and Turkey, via Kosovo into US. Caught with at least $125 million in heroin, members of this Albanian smuggling outfit issued a $400,000 contract on the prosecutor Alan Cohen and the detective Jack Delemore, both placed under protective custody as the result.


WikiLeaks – Stratfor: Berisha, the Albania mafia chief

Die Schande der UN und NATO, rund um die Verbrechen in Albanien und dem Kosovo unter UNMIK Verwaltung

Marko Papic replies: Dude, Berisha was president before the anarchy of 1997. He is the chief (don) Albanian mafia .

die wikileaks cables, outeten wie alle Insider Berichte, Salih Berisha vor Jahren, als hoch kriminell, wo seine Minister, gegen Geld verurteilte Mörder und Drogen Bosse freiliessen in einem kriminellen Enterprise der Justiz. Allgemein bekannt, das Salih Berisha mit Kriminellen, die Institutionen übernehmen und infiltrieren will. Die EU und US Politiker stoppten dieses Verbrechen nicht, weil man Geschäfte machen will, mit der von der Mafia übernommenen Weltbank, welche ebenso in einem Desaster der Privatisierung im Sinne krimineller Firmen und Personen untergeht. Der US Department of State Report von 2012, dokumentierte ebenso ein verherrendes Staatsgebilde, was nur durch eine Theater Show am Leben gehalten wird und durch korrupte Aufbau Helfer und Justiz Bringer.

wikileaks veroffentlichte Tausende von internen Strafor emails, wobei sich eine mit dem kriminellen Enterprise: Salih Berisha befasst.

Rauben, Plündern, Erpressen, Stehlen: die Übernahme des Zolls, durch die Tropoja Banditen des Ridvan Bode und Salih Berisha

WikiLeaks: Berisha, the #Albania mafia chief, Rama, modern leader for Albanians
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Salih Berisha über Edi Rama! 600 Verfahren vor dem EU-Menschenrechtshof geben durchaus Salih Berisha Recht, das Edi Rama und seine Drogen und Geldwäsche Mafia, 500.000 qm Land in Tirana stahlen, darunter Valentin Leskaj, Dulaku Brüder, Dash Peze und Gangster wei Alban Yhillary, Deligjoriy usw.. sind seine Partner und Financiers.

FBI Weighs in on Balkan Organised Crime21/11/2003

An FBI statement before a US Senate Committee in October assessed the organised crime situation in the Balkans…………..Albanian organised crime has reached the United States, creating partnerships with the Gambino, Genovese, and Luchese families to facilitate specific crimes.……………….Setimes

Dick Martys Bericht an den Europarat
Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking in human organs in Kosovo*

Draft report

Rapporteur: Mr Dick Marty, Switzerland, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Daut Kadriovski, a drug kingpin that managed to escape German prison in 1993, and is believed to be in the US where sources say he is operating through several types of businesses in New York and Philadelphia.Albanian Mafia and alQaeda The Twaik Group and Rawasin Media Productions, both based in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, have served as fronts for the Saudi General Intelligence Directorate, according to an inquiry by Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the BND, Twaik, a $100 million-a-year conglomerate, has diverse holdings inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Twaik deposited more than $250,000 in bank accounts controlled by Mamoun Darkazanli, a Syrian-born Hamburg businessman and longtime Al Qaeda associate with close ties to the Sept. 11 hijackers during their years in the northern port city of Hamburg. Abdulrahman Al-Fahhad, then the Twaik executive responsible for the company’s rental-car operations in the Balkans, acknowledged hiring Darkazanli in 1995 to supply cars from Germany for Twaik’s branch office in Albania. The money, Al-Fahhad said, had been for Darkazanli’s use in purchasing

.http://www.billwarnerpi.comFBI: Albanian mobsters ‘new Mafia’ for ‘terrorism nexus’ changes how FBI handles crimeBy Toni Locy, USA TODAYWASHINGTON — In the post-Sept. 11 FBI, crime-fighting is focusing less on former staples such as bank robbery, the new head of the FBI’s criminal division said Wednesday.Instead, agents are consumed by terrorist threats. New Islamic MafiaYossef Bodansky, director of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, believes that Albanian Mob itself will not commit acts of terrorism but that their criminal infrastructure will aid al-Qaeda. “The role of the Albanian Mafia, which is tightly connected to the KLA, is laundering money, providing technology, safe houses, and other support to terrorists within this country,” Bodansky explained to The New American. “This isn’t to say that the Albanians themselves would carry out the actual terrorist operations. But there are undoubtedly ‘sleeper’ agents within the Albanian networks, and they can rely upon those networks to provide them with support. In any case, a serious investigation of the Albanian mob isn’t going to happen, because they’re ‘our boys’ – they’re protected.”In fact, in 2002 the government of Macedonia submitted to the CIA a 79-page report on al-Qaeda-Albanian activity in the Balkans, ………… to Nicovic, Kadriovski reportedly funneled money to the KLA from New York through a leading Kosovar businessman and declared KLA contributor. „Kadriovski feels more secure with his KLA friends in power,“ Nicovic says.

Shopping center of the Albanian US Mafia in Durres

Reuters / Marko Djurica ‚Little Italy in Australia‘: Drug trafficking Calabrian Mafia ‚linked‘ to senior Aussie politicians
A cozy relationship between Calabrian Mafia known as the ‚Ndrangheta, one of the world’s most powerful organized crime syndicates, and high-ranking Aussie politicians has been uncovered in a year-long media investigation. 4

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  1. der Kajolli clan in Fiere, direkt von den Bujar NIshani, den Berisha Banden geschützt spielt wie Andere eine besonders wichtige Rolle beim Frauen entführen.

    Die Namen gehen in die Hunderte, erkauften sich oft Posten in den Rathäusern wie in Durres ebenso. Spartak Braho gehört ebenso dazu, wie Hasanbeliu und Alles rund um Dash Gjoka, Sokol Olldashi

  2. Junge Frauen lassen sich oft extrem naiv zu jedem Unfug überreden, weil die Familien Verhältnisse absurd und ohne Zukunft ist. Einige junge Frauen sind nun erneut verschwunden,

    Der Kajolli Clan, Arthur Ndoka, Thepsi, Spartak Braho Familie, Aussenminister, Innenminister, Polizei Direktoren sind in diese Kindes Entführungen verwickelt.

    No information about the Kajtazi sisters. Parents appeal police

    No information about the Kajtazi sisters. Parents appeal police

    Still no information about the missing Kajazi sisters, who left their home. Their parents pray they have not crossed the border.

    Investigators say they have interrogated people who might be aware of the girls, who have turned off the four cell phones they took from their homes. However, they say, the girls have definitely received help from the outside.

    The girls had poisoned their parents and sent them to hospital. Making sure they would not return, they tried to burn the house and take all the money and clothes they could.

    However, the parents refuse to believe their daughters have burned their home. They say they might have been defrauded by older people from social media.

    The parents say that after a failed arranged engagement with a boy in Italy, Orialda had changed a lot, but she had been the one to decide to break up with him and the family had supported her. This version rejects the revenge option of the girl for the engagement in March.

    She had tried to leave home even in May 2013, when her father had been against a relation she had created with a peer on Facebook.

  3. dauti

    By Eugene S. Robinson

    This is some real James Bond shit. Not so much because of the suits, drinks shaken and not stirred and cars to kill for, but if you’re looking for archvillain-type stuff, you can’t get much closer than the Macedonian Albanian crusher of men Daut Kadriovski. In his 50s and wanted in 12 European countries for crimes connected to every aspect of arms, cars, drugs and human and organ trafficking, Kadriovski, according to Europol, sits atop a crime organization at this point unmatched for secrecy and brutality. Two qualities that are much more than casually connected.

    “We had one of [the members of this criminal organization] in here and tried to get him to turn state’s [evidence],” says former New York undercover organized-crime cop Fred Santoro about his attempts to turn an Albanian prisoner into an informant. The erstwhile gangster stood up from his meeting with Santoro and asked to be returned to his prison cell and his 30-year sentence for racketeering. Santoro — shocked, and more familiar with Italian Mafiosi stumbling over themselves to cut deals for reduced sentences — asked why the Albanian wouldn’t. “He turned to me and said very plainly, ‘They will kill my mother, my father, my brothers, my sisters, my children, my wife and everybody I know. So thanks, but no.’ The Albanians are savages.”

    Savages and apparently smarter than the average bear, as Kadriovski’s been arrested no fewer than two noteworthy times. The first time, for drug trafficking, was in 1985 in Germany, where they threw him in jail and seized his villas, yachts and cars. At that point, the plan may have been to lock him up and throw away the key, but it quickly became let him wander off, which is exactly what he did. Nasty allegations were leveled at all those in charge of keeping him in, but the fact remained that, by 1993, he was on his way to New York and people were calling him a fugitive.

    The plan may have been to lock him up and throw away the key, but it quickly became let him wander off, which is exactly what he did.

    He then became a known associate of some of the original Mafia crime families in an area where Albanians in general had already distinguished themselves as assassins. Dangerous and unpredictable, but good assassins nonetheless. So with a foothold in New York and Philly, Kadriovski also expanded into doing what he did best, outside of killing, and now his organization is believed to be North America’s main source of heroin from Afghanistan’s Golden Crescent, according to the FBI. Because, you see, Daut Kadriovski, also known as Mehmed Haidini or Mehmet Hajdini, is part of a Muslim Albanian connection that’s tied the organization, in the shadows, to Al-Qaeda.

    Having more connections than a switchboard is a necessary prerequisite for what Kadriovski has put together. To wit: A heroin-for-cocaine connection with Colombians, plus hundreds of associates moving drugs in Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Venezuela and all over the E.U. Which brings us to the second time Kadriovski was a prisoner: September 2, 2001, when he was locked down in a police station in Tirana, Albania, after an arrest by locals and Interpol for drug trafficking. Something in literary terms we might call foreshadowing: Kadriovski disappeared again and, if rumors from last year are to be believed, is dead now. Or “dead.”

    “Without a body, as far as I’m concerned, we just ain’t caught him yet,” says now-retired undercover gang-detail cop Eddie Williams. But Kadriovski and Albanians in general are cutting a bold, blood-red swath through crime business as usual. By way of giving an example, Santoro details the arcane kind of patronage that guides gang living. “The Albanians opened up a club in a very traditional Mafia spot,” Santoro says from his house in Staten Island. Not first seeking approval for this spot, or club, which became a locus point for all kinds of competing criminal activity, was a no-no. The Italian Mafia sent two heavies in to brace the newbies. The newbies were summarily dispatched with ass kickings.

    This got blasted up the chain of command, and the Albanian bosses had to have a sit-down meeting. Santoro says that what happened next, learned through wiretaps, surprised even him. Not-entirely-low-level mob guys showed up at a spot in the Bronx to meet with the Albanians. “The Albanians kicked the shit out of them, broke their arms,” says Santoro. Eventually, the Italian Mafia just decided to let them be, for complicated but sound business reasons, according to Santoro.

    And Kadriovski, alive or dead, still has his fingerprints on a lot of his old businesses, whether it’s kidnapping young women for lives of sexual servitude, shooting waiters dead for messing up an order or running a $19 million Internet heist, like lover of drink and murder Zef Mustafa, who skipped out on a $5 million bond after an arrest and is now also missing. Kadriovski created an organization that, on the basis of the sheer weight of its intensity and ferocity, led onetime Italian prosecutor Cataldo Motta to call it “a threat to Western society.”

    When you learn that the Albanians lost a $125 million shipment of heroin under New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s tenure and, the FBI says, their first response was to put out a contract on the prosecutor, Alan Cohen, and the detective, Jack Delemore, you can see why. Others who might wholeheartedly agree with Motta’s assessment: the New York U.S. Attorney’s Office, the DEA, the NYPD, Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Homeland Security Investigations, New York State Police, the IRS, the U.S. Marshals and, indeed, the whole International Narcotics Control Board, all of which were part of the bust.

    But without habeas corpusing Kadriovski, he remains a very present reminder of the fact that, sometimes more than we like, the system is not working right at all. And with no less than President Barack Obama sanctioning suspected follow-on kingpin Naser Kelmendi for drug trafficking just as recently as two years ago, don’t expect a change in weather any time soon. “Kadriovski, alive or dead, says the same thing, really,” says Hannah Elliott, a self-declared criminal-justice revolutionary from Florida International University. “Sometimes, justice is never served.” A fact that would please Kadriovski much, no doubt.


    How mobsters turned Albania into a cannabis-producing state

    Police destroyed two million cannabis plants in the east of the country in 2016
    Police destroyed two million cannabis plants in the east of the country in 2016GENT SHKULLAKU/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

    As he prepared another large cannabis delivery for the Sicilian mafia one of Albania’s smugglers made clear his condescending view of the Cosa Nostra.

    “We’ll throw in a few Kalashnikovs,” Moisi Habilaj said in a wiretapped conversation. “They will massacre each other, who gives a damn — that’s what they want.”

    Habilaj and his gang were arrested in the autumn by Italian police after bringing guns and more than 3.5 tonnes of cannabis into Sicily, a business worth €20 million a year. “We may have got them, but the flow of drugs from Albania across the Adriatic has not let up,” one Italian investigator said.

    Edi Rama, the prime minister, says the Albanian gangs are a shared problem
    Edi Rama, the prime minister, says the Albanian gangs are a shared problemHEKTOR PUSTINA/AP

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