25 Jahre keine Justiz, Betrug und Mafia Politiker: Letter from Albania: Why I want to leave

Ein uralter Blocker, bereitet ebenso die Auswanderung vor, was man den Albanern nicht verdencken kann. bei den nun kommenden Phantom und Alibi Wahlen, für kriminelle Clans und Systeme. Was die Albaner denken, über die sogenannten Werte des Westens, wo man lieber auswandert, wenn sogar ein Ehepaar gute Jobs hat, aber keine Zukunft für ihre Kinder sehen.

Wie man einen Diplomaten Posten erhält, wurde ja gerade durch Ilir Meta vorgeführt. Das Verbrecher Modell des Georg Soros hat nicht nur die EU ruiniert, sondern viele Staaten. Man kann es kaum glauben, das Deutschland diese Verbrecher System  auch mit Terroristen und Kriminellen, überall finanziert und seit 20 Jahren. Ein Balkan Experte schon in 1996 über die selben extrem Strohdummen und korrupten Leute, blähten die Botschaften extrem auf, ab 1999:
Schon vor weit über 20 Jahren, hat man das sinnentleerte Dasein, dieser Gestalten durch prominente Journalisten gehuldigt. Die sind so hoch kriminell dumm, das diese Leute auch noch einen Maulwurf finanzieren würden, der ihren Untergrund unterhöhlt.

Die albanische Erneuerung ist gescheitert – unter aktiver Mithilfe des Westens (in 1996 schon geschrieben, über die Deutschen Politik Ratten, der korrupten Hirnlosigkeit)

Von Norbert Mappes-Niediek

Manche Analytiker gehen so weit, die suggestiven Parteinamen „demokratisch“ und „sozialistisch“ für willkürliche Etiketten zu halten. Tatsächlich, bemerkt Carla Still, die seit 1992 die deutsche Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Tirana vertritt, wird über die beiden Begriffe gar nicht nachgedacht – sie tun einfach als sinnentleerte Handelsmarken ihren Dienst.

Die Zeit

In Albanien gedeiht das organisierte Verbrechen – Decoding Albanian Organized Crime

Avaaz.org und der geheime Informationskrieg um Syrien

EU – Wild West Zustände an der Küste, man die korrupte EU, als Förderung des Öko Tourismus verkauft

Der Bank Governeur gibt Alarm, das die Wirtschaft weiter abstürzt, was dann wie im Deutschen Modell mit kriminellen Politik Methoden neu geputscht: Wirtschafts Wachstum ist in Deutschland mit der Asyl und Migranten Mafia, was viele Jobs gibt, für Hirnlose Kriminelle, die ansonsten keine Arbeit finden, als Schleuser NGO Organisation, oder anderen Murks korrupter Politiker, Anwälte, Dolmetscher und die Promoter der „Fachkräfte Mangel Lüge“, was mit Dumm Kriminellen dann aufgeblasen wird.

Deutsches Modell: Student packt aus „75 Prozent meiner Uni-Leistungen sind Betrug“

System überall: Verbrecher Imperium korrupter Deutscher Politiker, u.a. mit den DAAD Programmen und Georgs Soros’s „Open Society“ und mit vielen NGO’s.

In Albanien ist es Geldwäsche aus Drogen, Waffen, Kinder und Frauen Handel und die Schleuser Mafia ist immer dabei. Deshalb wandern die Leute aus, weil Deutschland nur Geldwäsche, Schrott Bauten finanziert in Durres, Sarande, Orikum und Landesweit und immer mit Vorsatz mit 100 % korrupten und kriminellen Banden.

Identisch die EU, oft die Amerikaner, welche nur 100 % Betrug auf allen Gebieten brachten.

Betrugs Phantom Wirtschaft, von Kriminellen wie in den USA, aber auch die Albaner investieren seit Jahren nicht mehr in Albanien.

Letter from Albania: Why I want to leave

Dear Alan,

You ask me why, I, as a successful professional   with a good  job and  a  husband who works for a successful company living in   a small but comfortable flat, want to leave Albania.

I’m looking at my   young son who  is  happily drawing.

He’s an intelligent little boy who likes to help people. He has  an enquiring mind but  His enquiring mind gets him into trouble with teachers who see his  questions as a challenge to their authority.  I  want him to be able to learn from a stable educational system, which teaches him the skills of crucial analysis that makes him competitive to his peers in developed countries. I want him to grow kind and helpful without their being seen as a weakness to be laughed at. In our culture, men shouldn’t be kind. They learn this in the playground.

He works hard, but this is not enough. Some of his teachers expect some sort of monetary recompense at exam time otherwise he stands no chance of passing.  The teacher herself  possibly received the job through payment to the headmaster and  who knows whether the headmaster paid the Education director for his.  These days,  it seems that the teaching   profession has attracted many of  who are not interested in being teachers and who do not want to teach. This is an insult to those teachers who genuinely want to. =
Daad-logo Ohne-schrift Osi-kl

Original Georg Soros und DAAD System

It’s not the worst thing.  What really matters to me   is that the values of honesty or decency are not  taught. On the contrary, they are seen as a barrier to survival in our country.  The parents of his friends realise this and indulge their children’s every whim and   train them to fight to get what they want, regardless of anybody else around them.

My child  turns on the television and  see politicians – his role models – calling each other names and behaving like spoilt children who cannot get their own way.  And he will meet the children of many of these people driving fast cars and avoiding police fines or receiving university diplomas and jobs through the simple expedient of paying bribes or using the name of their father.  If  these ‘role models’ have managed to accumulate material goods without working for them honestly,  how can my son appreciate hard work, either as a means to an end or for its own sake? Knowing this teaches children to grow up with a sense of hopelessness and apathy.  They think the only thing left for them is to drink coffee,  gossip about each other and recycling the same news which is usually from a media controlled by one of the main parties and which continue the name-calling and insults. I don’t want my child to grow up in this environment.

He, like me will get a job, possibly even a good one. But he, like me, is super-conscientious. This means he will focus on getting the job done even if that means doing other people’s work because they are too lazy to do it themselves (possibly because they got the job through a ‘friend’ so they know their  job is safe). Then so be it. He must be prepared, like I am,  to be treated as naive for working so hard. He will suppress his natural intelligence lest the boss sees him as a threat.

I  want him to live in a country where he pays his taxes and knows that the taxes will be used for the country rather than into  a speedboat, a villa or  a fast car for somebody’s son. I want him to know that the taxes go to paying decent wages so that he doesn’t have to bribe the doctor or the policeman. I prefer his taxes to go into a kidney machine to save the life of his grandmother or to mend the  hole in the main road so that his father’s car doesn’t get damaged: it’s better than paying   for a Rolex watch or a smart suit for somebody who doesn’t deserve it. I want him to know that if he has a dispute in court, the judge will make a decision based on the merits of the opposing cases rather than on the number of zeros  in the opposing bank notes.

I  wanted  to stay and change the system from inside but I cannot do it alone. I know that many of  my fellow Albanians have a tendency to vote for the politician who promises them a job, bribes them or threatens them. Maybe I cannot blame them for doing it: they have to live.  I can certainly blame those politician who sees government jobs, not  as  positions of responsibility that are given to the most deserving candidate but rather as favours to be  dispensed to repay moral debts in the way that kings bestowed titles to friends in sixteenth century Europe or as despotic minister give jobs  in 21st century Africa. And as new people with no experience are given responsible jobs after every election and as new rules are made simply because the old rules ‘were made by the previous government’, the whole system is paralysed and stagnant.

I know that foreign governments who could help us will not interfere because they respect the right of our leaders to misrule and the right of the electorate to mis-vote for them. The fact that so many of us want to leave might suggest that we want   foreigners’   moral code to intrude on our sovereignty, although, of course, our politicians do not.

So as the international community won’t come to me, I‘ll try to  go to them. We’ve had 25 years of pseudo-democracy that has overseen a decline in morality  and, given the current educational system, there is no reason to believe there won’t be another 25 years of it.

While I may be able to grit my teeth and live through it, I don’t want my child to.

Alan, that’s why I want to  leave

Article reproduced with kind permission of The Tirana Times www.tiranatimes.com


Bildungs Mafia ohne Ende, wo heute im Universitäts Tempel ein Kindergarten betrieben wird und Diplome werden verkauft.

Keine Anklage gegen den Gangster: Astrit Veliaj mit der UFO Universität und NATO Versagen der Albanischen Küstenwache

Betrug, der Mafia Regierungen, finanziert und aufgebaut von Deutschen Politikern, einer verbrecherischen Entwicklungspolitik, mit der KfW dem sogenannten BMZ Ministerium und in Tradition, die absolute Inkompetenz im „Camorra“ Stile.

43.000 gekaufte Albanische Diplome und 21.000 im Ausland gekaufte und gefakte Diplome will die Albanische Regierung anerkennen

Klartext des OSCE Botschafters: Bernd Borchardt: Ambasadori i OSBE: Qarkullojnë më shumë se 2 miliardë euro nga droga


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  1. Die wollen alle weg, weil kriminelle aus der EU, Berlin vor allem nur Kriminelle mit Milliarden überschütten und Betrug, Geldwäsche, Frauen und Kinderhandel fördern

    Um auf dem Balkan einen Job zu bekommen, braucht man Verbindungen zu den regierenden Parteien, Kontakte in die Ämter und Ministerien. Die Qualifikation des Bewerbers spielt nur eine untergeordnete Rolle. Den Regierungen ist oft gar nicht klar, wen sie alles gehen lassen. In Albanien beträgt das Durchschnittsalter der Bevölkerung beispielsweise nur 32 Jahre. Für Deutschland wäre das ein Traum.



    lt. Angela Merkel, „hat Albanien erhebliche Fortschritte gemacht“, wahrscheinlich im Drogen Handel, Geldwäsche und erneuten Kinderhandel, meint die gute. Es erinnert an ihren Hirnmüll 2008 über Georgien, die Peinlichkeit das man den Irak Krieg promotete, nur weil die Hofschranze Friedbert Pflüger das sagte in 2002. So dumm kann wohl niemand sein, denkt man.
    Kaum zuglauben. 200.000 Albaner beantragen Green Card,oder Asyl in den USA

    Manjani mocks the government for the high number of Albanian applicants for the US Diversity Visa lottery
    08:24, 04/05/2017

    Former minister of Justice Ylli Manjani has mocked the government for the high number of Albanian applicants for the US Diversity Visa lottery.

    “200 000 Albanians blocked the US (computer) system with their applications for asylum. The same number is already in Europe. Strange! The government is the best for years”, Manjani writes in Twitter.


    1. Enorme Zunahme von Anti Depressiva, der Selbstmorde, wegen Perspektivlosigkeit und weil die Westliche Wertegemeinschaft, nur Verbrechen, Korruption und Betrug brachte und nur Kriminelle finanziert.

      Shqipëria “bie në depresion”
      21/07/2017 10:08 PM 0 komente
      TEMA TE NGJASHME: Shëndetësi
      Depresion 789

      Mungesa e mundësive për rritjen e mirëqenies, tranzicioni i zgjatur dhe mospasja e perspektivës e kanë thelluar depresionin në shoqërinë shqiptare. Importet e medikamenteve antidepresive Loram dhe Xanax u rritën me ritme dyshifrore në vitin 2016.
      Mjekët pohojnë se, numri i të prekurve është shtuar ndjeshëm tre vitet e fundit. Vrojtimi i Monitor në 20 farmaci tregon për përhapje të sëmundjes në mosha më të reja. Vetëvrasjet janë shtuar.
      Ja kostot që krijohen nga sëmundja në zhvillimin ekonomik dhe rrugët për daljen nga gjendja

      Blerina Hoxha

      Arjana Rreli është një psikiatre me përvojë të gjatë pune, por vitin e kaluar u përball me një klientelë jo të zakontë. Biznesmenët kishin qenë pacientë të rrallë më parë, po dy vitet e fundit janë shtuar. “Siç duket, punët nuk po iu shkojnë mbarë”, pohon Arjana, e cila zotëron me kompetencë profesionin e saj dhe është më e rezervuar për shkaqet që kanë çuar në ankth të pasurit. Ky konstatim i Rrelit vjen në akordancë me një aksion masiv kundër informalitetit në ekonomi, që në muajt e fundit të 2015-s dhe pjesën e parë të 2016-s, ishte tejet agresiv. Të gjendur përballë situatave të paparashikuara, që mund të sillnin edhe dënimin me burg, shumë biznesmenë kanë rënë pre e ankthit dhe depresionit, aq sa kanë zënë edhe dyert e spitaleve dhe klinikave të specializuara.

      Kjo gjendje stresi dhe ankthi, që është shtrirë me shpejtësi edhe në shtresa të tjera të popullatës, i ka dhënë drejtim tjetër zhvillimit ekonomik të vendit. Bizneset po hezitojnë të investojnë dhe konsumatorët shmangin blerjet e mëdha.Radha në Qendrën e Shëndetit Mendor në Tiranë është e gjatë që në orët e para të ditës. Burra, gra të reja, nëna, pleq presin të çelet dera e psikiatrit.

      Numri i pacientëve që kërkojnë shërbimet mjekësore është rritur tre vitet e fundit, por doktoresha pohon se situata në realitet është edhe më e rëndë, pasi shoqëria ende nuk ka kulturën e mjaftueshme për të marrë diagnozë te mjeku dhe më pas trajtimin e nevojshëm. Rreli thotë se një shoqëri e stresuar minimalisht nuk është produktive dhe krijon predispozitë për të përthithur edhe pjesën tjetër të shëndoshë të popullatës. Depresioni është ndër sëmundjet më të kushtueshme, me ndikime negative zinxhir në ekonomi.

      E lodhur nga tranzicioni i gjatë, krizat politike dhe ekonomike që nuk po ndahen dhe me pak mundësi në sfond, shoqëria shqiptare është duke përjetuar një gjendje të thelluar të stresit. Konfirmimi vjen nga rritja dramatike e konsumit të medikamenteve kundër depresionit.

      Sipas të dhënave konfidenciale nga Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Doganave, importet e Loram-it, Xanax-it dhe Citolex-it janë rritur ndjeshëm tre vitet e fundit. Për vitin 2016, ato janë 6-17% më të larta sipas llojit të medikamentit. Më 2016 u zhdoganuan 195,137 pako Loram (2.5 miligramë) nga 167,000 më 2015, me një rritje vjetore 18%. Me ritme dyshifrore (11%) janë rritur edhe importet e Xanax-it dhe rritje 6% edhe ato të Ciltolex-it. Burimet në dogana pohojnë se ritmet e rritjes së importeve të këtyre medikamenteve kanë qenë të larta në dy vitet paraardhëse.

      Zhdoganimet e antidepresivëve

      Sipas të dhënave konfidenciale nga Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Doganave, importet e Loram-it, Xanax-it dhe Citolex-it janë rritur ndjeshëm tre vitet e fundit. Për vitin 2016, ato janë 6-17% më të larta sipas llojit të medikamentit. Më 2016 u zhdoganuan 195,137 pako Loram (2.5 miligramë) nga 167,000 më 2015, me një rritje vjetore 18%. Me ritme dyshifrore (11%) janë rritur edhe importet e Xanax-it dhe rritje 6% edhe ato të Ciltolex-it.

      Farmacitë: Konsumi i antidepresivëve, në rritje të shpejtë

      ‘Monitor’ ushtroi një vrojtim në të paktën 20 farmaci në rajonin Tiranë-Durrës, 18 prej të cilave pohuan njëzëri se është rritur konsumi i antidepresivëve, ndërsa 2 refuzuan përgjigjet. Në Tiranë, farmacitë e pyetura ishin në zonën e spitaleve, Medresesë, Siri Kodrës, 5 Majit dhe në zonën e Bllokut. Pothuajse të gjitha njësitë e shitjes së medikamenteve pohuan se është shtuar konsumi nga moshat 25-40 vjeç. Loram-i, një medikament popullor kundër shenjave të para të stresit dhe depresionit që në Shqipëri konsumohej më së shumti nga të moshuarit me Parkinson dhe Alzhaimer, tani po merret nga moshat e reja, pohojnë farmacistët. Shumica e tyre pohuan se këto medikamente po konsumohen nga kategori të shoqërisë që më parë nuk ishin klientë. Biznesmenë, punonjës të administratës, persona në vështirësi ekonomike, personat që jetojnë vetëm dhe adoleshentët janë klientët e rinj të antidepresivëve, pohojnë farmacistët. Ata shtojnë se ka një numër të madh personash që kërkojnë të blejnë pa recetë qetësues për gjumë, si Diazepam etj.

      Gjithashtu shumica e farmacive të pyetura pohuan se është shtuar numri i të rinjve që konsumojnë antidepresivë. Ka rritje të numrit të rasteve nga të rinjtë që konsumojnë hashash, efekti i të cilit në disa persona është gjendja e depresionit. Kështu që përdoruesit e hashashit, në një masë të konsiderueshme, po përjetojnë përkeqësim të shëndetit mendor e për pasojë, po konsumojnë më shumë antidepresivë. Farmacitë në rajonin e Durrësit pohuan kryesisht fenomenin e depresionit nga përdoruesit e hashashit. Ndërsa njësitë e shitjes së ilaçeve në Tiranë pohuan se konsumatorët e antidepresivëve janë më së shumti të ardhurit në Tiranë, të cilët gjenden nën presionin e ndryshimit të kushteve të jetesës dhe përshtatjes me kultura të tjera.

      Alban Ylli, mjek ekspert në Institutin e Shëndetit Publik, tha se depresioni është sëmundje e nëndiagnostikuar në Shqipëri për shkak të mungesës së kulturës për trajtim që ka shoqëria jonë. Ai tha se mbetet shumë shqetësues fakti që kjo kategori personash nuk u drejtohet mjekëve specialistë dhe tentojnë mjekim amator pa recetën e mjekut. Ylli vuri në dukje se konsumi i qetësuesve pa recetë është shumë i lartë dhe se të prekurit nga depresioni e përkeqësojnë edhe më tej situatën, duke u trajtuar në këtë mënyrë. Përveçse me depresion, ata krijojnë varësi nga medikamenti, duke e bërë më pas mjekimin protokollar edhe më të vështirë.

      Depresioni 5 – 789Kostot ekonomike

      Dy vitet e fundit, shqiptarët janë populli që kanë emigruar më së shumti në Europë, pas vendeve të Lindjes së Mesme që janë në luftë të tilla si Siria. Rreth 67 mijë shqiptarë kanë kërkuar azil politik në vendet e Bashkimit Europian në vitin 2015, ndërsa gjatë vitit të kaluar, edhe rreth 29 mijë të tjerë.

      Për dy vite, 4% e popullsisë së vendit ka tentuar të largohet vetëm në vendet e BE-së. Mjekët shpjegojnë se emigracioni është treguesi më i qartë se vendi është duke kaluar një situatë jo të mirë psikologjike. Doktoresha Rreli thotë se faktori ekonomik, përveç predispozitës biologjike, është ndër më kryesorët që krijon depresion. Ajo shton se sëmundjet e shëndetit mendor kanë kosto të shumëfishta në jetën ekonomike dhe sociale të një vendi. Një shoqëri që ka stres të shtuar dhe depresion, më e pakta që mund të ndodhë është mungesa e eficencës, d.m.th. e të bërit të gjërave mirë. Por nga ana tjetër, trajtimi i sëmundjeve mentale është i kushtueshëm. Këta persona kërkojnë angazhimin e shumë burimeve të tjera si njerëzore edhe materiale. Medikamentet që trajtojnë shëndetin mendor kushtojnë shumë, ndërkohë që depresioni nuk zgjedh. Në këtë këndvështrim, Shqipëria një vend i vogël, por me problematika të mprehta, nuk ka mjete të mjaftueshëm për të trajtuar me dinjitet këto kategori pacientësh që po shtohen çdo ditë e më shumë, – shton doktoreshë Arjana.

  2. Zustände in Albanien, ohne Ende, vor allem diese Inkompetenz, nur Voll Idioten der Partei, als Direktor einzusetzen, wurde Programm der Internationalen als Partner auf allen Gebieten.

    Gefälschte Weine, Bier usw. eine Fabrik wurde beschlagnahmt Fleisch aus Brasilien, nicht für den menschlichen Verzehr zugelassen, wird um edikitiert, ist 20 -50 % so im Handel, wobei Bier ebenso mit dem billigen Extract und Geschmacke Verstärkern, schon sehr peinlich ist, weil davon alle neuen Bier Marken betroffen sind, welche nur 4,1 % Alkohol haben, wenn man das extract mit Wasser anrührt. Kupfer Bier Sud Kessel, Hgyiene brauchen die Albaner nicht, die haben ihre eigene Methode, von der EU Lebensmittel Betrugs Mafia kopiert, denn jeden Müll kann man in Europa ohne Problem ebenso verkaufen. Mehl, ein altes Mafia System, kommt Minderwertig aus der Ukraine und Russland, hat wenig Protein, ist nicht für den Menschlichen Verzehr zugelassen, macht 50 % in Albanien aus.

    Man kennt keine Gesetze, Null Standards und Kompetenz und wird AKU Tourismus Lokal Inspektor

    Verseuchtes Wasser wird in Tirana für Eiswürfel verwendet – Pas këtij lajmi, mos kërkoni më akull në lokale…

    Mafia Minister Panariti und der neue Chef Ende 2014: Dritan Sejkom der schon am 1.9.2016 wegen absoluter Inkompetenz, entlassen wurde. vor allem weil er nicht genügend Geld erpresste, für Edmond Panariti, Edi Rama und Ilir Meta.

  3. Straffreie Verbrechen des Edi Rama, wenn Grundstücke an der Küste in Sarande, Durres, Vlore besetzt werden, illegal gebaut wird, identisch wie mit Salih Berisha, und noch schlimmer. Klement Balili (Pablo Escobar, des Balkans)sein Partner, ein Langzeit Skandal, weil das Grundstück, der Unabhängigen Gewerkschaft für Nahrung gehört, per Regierungs Dekret und Gesetz vor 25 Jahren schon als Eigentümer registriert.

    Drogen Baron: Klement Balili (Mitte)- Edi Rama: 2015wo man nicht gleich abgehört wird

    10 % der Pässe und ID Karten gehen an Kriminelle mit falschen Identitäten: Der Skandal der „Sagem“ Druckerei

    Kleines Land: Hellmut Hoffmann: Politiker, Staatsanwälten, Richtern, korrupte Minister fürchten Justizreform.

    Typisch wie Grundstücke besetzt werden, parzelliert werden, illegal bebaut werden, das Super Mafia Hotel des Klement Balili, ohne Baugenehmigung,
    “Santa Quaranta“ Ilir Meta, Arben Ahmeti, Klement Balili: Albanias Mafia und Koko Kokodhemi

    mit besten Politik Verbindungen in Sarande. 17 Jahre gibt es Prozesse um das Grundstück, das einer Gewerkschaft in Wirklichkeit gehört. Wie überall werden Fakten, Gerichts Urteile, Dokumente ignoriert man baut und besetzt die Küste, als Geldwäsche Projekt. Identisch in Vlore, Durres, Shengin. Edi Rama, ist nur mit Verbrechern unterwegs, das Edi Rama, Geldwäsche Programm in Tradition, vor 15 Jahren auch gut bekannt, sein direkter Drogen Handel.

    Konflikti 17-vjeçar; si u tjetërsua ish-kampi i Sarandës në hotelin luksoz të Balilit

    Një sindikatë e vogël, e quajtur Sindikata e Pavarur e Ushqimit dhe Bashkim Balili ndodhen në konflikt gjyqësor prej vitit 2000 për pronësinë e Santa Quarantës-pasuri e cila u tjetërsua në mënyrë të kundraligjshme përmes dy vendimeve të kundërta të Bashkimit të Sindikatave të Pavarura.

    Wo sind die Grundstücke, Gebäude der Gewerkschaften verschwunden?

    Kaum zuglauben, aber dieses Rauben, Stehlen, ist Tradition in Albanien und Ehrenwert, wie bei arachischen Clans, wenn man im Verbrecher Clan, Ansehen haben will.

    Monika Kryemadhi: LSI Mafia Geschäfte direkte Partner beim „Pablo Escobar“ des Balkan: Klement Balili

    Wenn die Presse einen Abgeordneten als „Idiot“ bezeichnet: Eduard Ndocaj, der den Drogen Baron Klement Balili als „Patriot“ verkauft

  4. 43.000 Albaner beantragten Italienischen Pass in 2016 und noch mehr wollen in die USA

    Manjani mocks the government for the high number of Albanian applicants for the US Diversity Visa lottery
    08:24, 04/05/2017

    Former minister of Justice Ylli Manjani has mocked the government for the high number of Albanian applicants for the US Diversity Visa lottery.

    “200 000 Albanians blocked the US (computer) system with their applications for asylum. The same number is already in Europe. Strange! The government is the best for years”, Manjani writes in Twitter.


  5. So ist die kriminelle Energie der EU und Berliner Politiker zuverstehen: Einziger Antrieb: soviel stehlen und betrügen inklusive Ethnischer Säuberungen und Massenmorde im Ausland, schlimmer wie Hitler und Konsorten.

    Europas kinderlose Führer schlafwandeln uns zur Katastrophe

    von Giulio Meotti19. Mai 2017

    • Da die Führer Europas keine Kinder haben, scheinen sie keinen Grund zu haben, sich um die Zukunft ihres Kontinents zu scheren.
    • „Das Europa von Heute hat wenig Lust, sich selbst zu reproduzieren, für sich selbst zu kämpfen oder sogar in einem Streit für sich selbst einzustehen.“ — Douglas Murray, The Times.
    • „Uns selbst zu finden wird wichtiger, als eine Welt aufzubauen.“ — Joshua Mitchell.

    Leben für heute: Europas wichtigste Führer sind alle kinderlos, darunter Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (links) und Mark Rutte (rechts), Ministerpräsident der Niederlande. (Bildquelle: Ministerpräsident Rutte / Flickr)

    Es gab noch nie so viele kinderlose Politiker, die Europa führen, wie heute. Sie sind modern, aufgeschlossen und multikulturell und sie wissen, dass „mit ihnen alles fertig ist“. Kurzfristig ist kinderlos eine Erleichterung, da es keine Ausgaben für Familien bedeutet, sie keine Opfer bringen müssen und dass niemand über die zukünftigen Konsequenzen klagt. Wie in einem von der Europäischen Union finanzierten Forschungsbericht steht: „Keine Kinder, keine Probleme!“

    Eine Mutter oder ein Vater zu sein, bedeutet hingegen, dass man ein sehr grosses Interesse an der Zukunft des Landes hat, das man führt. Europas wichtigste Führer hinterlassen keine Kinder.

    Artikel weiterlesen

  6. Albanians’ exodus, Bojaxhi blames the govt. and promises to return hope to citizens
    02/06/2017 – 18:40

    The ‘Challenge for Albania’ candidate in Tirane, Gjergj Bojaxhi accused the government and the Prime Minister of being the cause of Albanian people leaving the country.

    According to him, the program of the government ‘the renaissance’, and lied to the Albanian people and this is the reason why 200,000 Albanian people left the country, stating:

    “The country has been so good during “the renaissance’, those 200,000 Albanians left the country in 4 years. They left the country where they were raised, abandoned their family, their friends, and their houses they barely constructed. They left because “the renaissance” took their last hopes”

    Mr. Bojaxhi, continued saying that this is the time to remove the Socialist party, the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, declaring:

    “We do not have to leave the country. Let them leave politics. We will raise our children here”

    Mr. Bojaxhi, who stated that the vote for ‘The challenge of Albania’ means the recovery of the economy and the fight against corruption.

  7. Einfach Idioten diese Regierung was schnell erkennbar ist und durch und durch kriminell.

    Wegen der Zukunft der Kinder, verlassen die Meisten das Land, oder auch als Kriminelle um Netzwerke aufzubauen
    Edi Rama, Agron Shehaj, Underage Migrants, and Useful Idiots
    By Alba Mborja , September 19, 2017, 09:04

    Did you notice how useless the new PD deputies are? Did you see Agron Shehaj’s speech, how ridiculous it was?

    Social media was flooded with such rhetorical questions and comments, right after the discussion session of Rama’s government program.

    There are plenty of tough, illiterate, and ugly criminals in the Parliament, but never before had I witnessed a public reaction against them, like the one against the PD deputies, and especially against Agron Shehaj. I don’t recall there has ever been a similar resistance against the violent ignoramuses and painfully ridiculous people that have filled up the Albanian elite these past years.

    Therefore, I listened to Agron Shehaj’s speech because I was curious. I was revolted and in despair, because it was a speech that is rarely heard in politics these days: it was a sincere speech that is rarely shown in our public discussions.

    It seemed though that people hadn’t considered the content of the speech, what Shehaj had said, but that they had focused on the manner this speech had been conveyed. In reality, it was sad because of the speaker’s noticeable lack of experience in public speaking.

    What did Agron Shehaj really say?

    He condemned Edi Rama’s approach to include everyone, including Democrats, in the same category with himself. Shehaj addressed Rama by expressing that he, Shehaj, would never make an alliance with crime for power, would never allow the cannbization of the country, and would not put poor people in jail to give money to oligarchs.

    Shehaj said that it was ironic that Rama made 300,000 Albanians leave the country in the past four years and has now created a Ministry for them, the Ministry of Diaspora. Shehaj highlighted that this will continue because the US government data shows that the number of applicants for American lottery has spiked up from 65,000 in 2013 to 200,000 in 2016.

    Shehaj condemned the Minister of Finance Arben Ahmetaj for his manipulation of public opinion, skillfully using technical terms and intricate indicators that are hard to understand by the common people to create the impression that there is economic progress. Shehaj showed simple numbers, easily understood, and coming from trusted sources. He informed that the latest IBM report on foreign investments shows that Serbia is the country that has created the most job openings per capita through foreign investments, while Macedonia is third and Moldavia fifth. Albania doesn’t figure at all in this list, which includes the 20 main countries in the world according to this indicator.

    Shehaj held up a printed copy of this report, and the Prime Minister asked him contemptuously to give him a copy, proving that he and the Minister of Finance have no clue that this report exists, even though it is one of the most important and trusted reports in the world regarding foreign investments results in the world.

    Shehaj said that he had conducted an online survey that he admitted was not scientific, but only illustrative, and discovered that 82% of those who had answered wanted to leave Albania and 56% of those were actively searching for ways to leave. The main reason to leave was the uncertain future for their children.

    Then, Shehaj announced that according to official Italian statistics, only in the past 6 months of 2017 1,600 underage unaccompanied Albanians have migrated to Italy. Shehaj asked the deputies to imagine for one second the trauma experienced by an underage migrant alone in a foreign country. He asked them to imagine how these young people would feel in refugee camps together with Afghans, Syrians, and other citizens from war-torn countries. He asked them to imagine the trauma experienced by parents of these kids, who decide to part with them because of despair felt in their own country.

    Shehaj shared a message with the deputies he had received from a parent, who had just put his kid on a plane to Canada for school. Together with all the advice that the parent had given to his child was also to never return to Albania, not even for his father’s funeral.

    Shehaj showed that after he became a deputy, he had to close his company’s account in London. Shehaj was the owner of the largest callcenter company in Albania, which exports services all over Europe, because English banks are banned from opening accounts for Albanian politicians, for reasons that are easy to imagine.

    Shehaj admitted that while with the former Berisha government things were not going smooth, they at least headed in the right direction. But with the Rama government Albania has gone in the direction of drugs, and ever new forms of theft. Now they use new public–private partnership (PPP) schemes, not just simple tenders and concessions. Shehaj ironically added that PPP sounds better than “concession” or “tender” (referring to the acronym of the former communist Party of Labor, PPSh).

  8. Mehrere Autoren aus der Politik, denken das Albanien das kleine Land, wo man leicht eine Funktion des Staates aufbauen koennte, erst fruehsten in 2030 EU reif waere, andere sehen den EU Beitritt noch duesterer, weil die Albanische Regierung sprich Mafia, sich weigert Gesetze zu implementieren. Albanien fuehrt praktisch einen Krieg gegen Investoren, Arbeit, hat ueberall ein Verbrecher und Erpressungs Kartell gegruendet, seitdem Edi Rama an der Macht ist

    „Laut der Studie würden Albanien und Bosnien-Herzegowina möglicherweise erst 2050 die Beitrittskriterien erfüllen. Die politischen Ambitionen in diesen beiden Ländern würden die realen Möglichkeiten weit überschreiten, schreibt die Autorin Tina Freyburg.“

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