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PM Rama Kicks MP Out Of PS Parliamentary Group
Prime Minister and head of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama, has expelled Laçi MP Gjetan Gjetani from the Socialist parliamentary group, one day after the latter accused the Kurbin police of being an “incapable and corrupt ring.”During today’s PS assembly, Edi Rama declared:

He hasn’t shown up here today, good for him. This MP does not belong with us anymore. He has done no work. All he did was ask for favors to appoint people. He wanted to be the one to appoint the heads of precincts.

A day before, via a Facebook post, Gjetani called for purging the Kurbin police of the incapable and the corrupt, as a response to the serious criminal incidents that took places the last few days in Kurbin:

The latest events in Kurbin have me very concerned. They made us not feel safe in Kurbin anymore. Explosives, armed threats, and the murder of two youths, all show that the police is a highly incapable chainlink. This shows that they send useless and corrupt officers to Kurbin. Within September, I will demand a motion with the Minister of Internal Affairs and, if no measures are taken for the purging of the Kurbin police precinct, I will be the first to go out and protest, asking for the support of all the citizens of Kurbin, no matter what political alignmen