25 Jahre keine Justiz, Betrug und Mafia Politiker: Letter from Albania: Why I want to leave

Ein uralter Blocker, bereitet ebenso die Auswanderung vor, was man den Albanern nicht verdencken kann. bei den nun kommenden Phantom und Alibi Wahlen, für kriminelle Clans und Systeme. Was die Albaner denken, über die sogenannten Werte des Westens, wo man lieber auswandert, wenn sogar ein Ehepaar gute Jobs hat, aber keine Zukunft für ihre Kinder sehen.

Wie man einen Diplomaten Posten erhält, wurde ja gerade durch Ilir Meta vorgeführt. Das Verbrecher Modell des Georg Soros hat nicht nur die EU ruiniert, sondern viele Staaten. Man kann es kaum glauben, das Deutschland diese Verbrecher System  auch mit Terroristen und Kriminellen, überall finanziert und seit 20 Jahren. Ein Balkan Experte schon in 1996 über die selben extrem Strohdummen und korrupten Leute, blähten die Botschaften extrem auf, ab 1999:
Schon vor weit über 20 Jahren, hat man das sinnentleerte Dasein, dieser Gestalten durch prominente Journalisten gehuldigt. Die sind so hoch kriminell dumm, das diese Leute auch noch einen Maulwurf finanzieren würden, der ihren Untergrund unterhöhlt.

Die albanische Erneuerung ist gescheitert – unter aktiver Mithilfe des Westens (in 1996 schon geschrieben, über die Deutschen Politik Ratten, der korrupten Hirnlosigkeit)

Von Norbert Mappes-Niediek

Manche Analytiker gehen so weit, die suggestiven Parteinamen „demokratisch“ und „sozialistisch“ für willkürliche Etiketten zu halten. Tatsächlich, bemerkt Carla Still, die seit 1992 die deutsche Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Tirana vertritt, wird über die beiden Begriffe gar nicht nachgedacht – sie tun einfach als sinnentleerte Handelsmarken ihren Dienst.

Die Zeit

In Albanien gedeiht das organisierte Verbrechen – Decoding Albanian Organized Crime

Avaaz.org und der geheime Informationskrieg um Syrien

EU – Wild West Zustände an der Küste, man die korrupte EU, als Förderung des Öko Tourismus verkauft

Der Bank Governeur gibt Alarm, das die Wirtschaft weiter abstürzt, was dann wie im Deutschen Modell mit kriminellen Politik Methoden neu geputscht: Wirtschafts Wachstum ist in Deutschland mit der Asyl und Migranten Mafia, was viele Jobs gibt, für Hirnlose Kriminelle, die ansonsten keine Arbeit finden, als Schleuser NGO Organisation, oder anderen Murks korrupter Politiker, Anwälte, Dolmetscher und die Promoter der „Fachkräfte Mangel Lüge“, was mit Dumm Kriminellen dann aufgeblasen wird.

Deutsches Modell: Student packt aus „75 Prozent meiner Uni-Leistungen sind Betrug“

System überall: Verbrecher Imperium korrupter Deutscher Politiker, u.a. mit den DAAD Programmen und Georgs Soros’s „Open Society“ und mit vielen NGO’s.

In Albanien ist es Geldwäsche aus Drogen, Waffen, Kinder und Frauen Handel und die Schleuser Mafia ist immer dabei. Deshalb wandern die Leute aus, weil Deutschland nur Geldwäsche, Schrott Bauten finanziert in Durres, Sarande, Orikum und Landesweit und immer mit Vorsatz mit 100 % korrupten und kriminellen Banden.

Identisch die EU, oft die Amerikaner, welche nur 100 % Betrug auf allen Gebieten brachten.

Betrugs Phantom Wirtschaft, von Kriminellen wie in den USA, aber auch die Albaner investieren seit Jahren nicht mehr in Albanien.

Letter from Albania: Why I want to leave

Dear Alan,

You ask me why, I, as a successful professional   with a good  job and  a  husband who works for a successful company living in   a small but comfortable flat, want to leave Albania.

I’m looking at my   young son who  is  happily drawing.

He’s an intelligent little boy who likes to help people. He has  an enquiring mind but  His enquiring mind gets him into trouble with teachers who see his  questions as a challenge to their authority.  I  want him to be able to learn from a stable educational system, which teaches him the skills of crucial analysis that makes him competitive to his peers in developed countries. I want him to grow kind and helpful without their being seen as a weakness to be laughed at. In our culture, men shouldn’t be kind. They learn this in the playground.

He works hard, but this is not enough. Some of his teachers expect some sort of monetary recompense at exam time otherwise he stands no chance of passing.  The teacher herself  possibly received the job through payment to the headmaster and  who knows whether the headmaster paid the Education director for his.  These days,  it seems that the teaching   profession has attracted many of  who are not interested in being teachers and who do not want to teach. This is an insult to those teachers who genuinely want to. =
Daad-logo Ohne-schrift Osi-kl

Original Georg Soros und DAAD System

It’s not the worst thing.  What really matters to me   is that the values of honesty or decency are not  taught. On the contrary, they are seen as a barrier to survival in our country.  The parents of his friends realise this and indulge their children’s every whim and   train them to fight to get what they want, regardless of anybody else around them.

My child  turns on the television and  see politicians – his role models – calling each other names and behaving like spoilt children who cannot get their own way.  And he will meet the children of many of these people driving fast cars and avoiding police fines or receiving university diplomas and jobs through the simple expedient of paying bribes or using the name of their father.  If  these ‘role models’ have managed to accumulate material goods without working for them honestly,  how can my son appreciate hard work, either as a means to an end or for its own sake? Knowing this teaches children to grow up with a sense of hopelessness and apathy.  They think the only thing left for them is to drink coffee,  gossip about each other and recycling the same news which is usually from a media controlled by one of the main parties and which continue the name-calling and insults. I don’t want my child to grow up in this environment.

He, like me will get a job, possibly even a good one. But he, like me, is super-conscientious. This means he will focus on getting the job done even if that means doing other people’s work because they are too lazy to do it themselves (possibly because they got the job through a ‘friend’ so they know their  job is safe). Then so be it. He must be prepared, like I am,  to be treated as naive for working so hard. He will suppress his natural intelligence lest the boss sees him as a threat.

I  want him to live in a country where he pays his taxes and knows that the taxes will be used for the country rather than into  a speedboat, a villa or  a fast car for somebody’s son. I want him to know that the taxes go to paying decent wages so that he doesn’t have to bribe the doctor or the policeman. I prefer his taxes to go into a kidney machine to save the life of his grandmother or to mend the  hole in the main road so that his father’s car doesn’t get damaged: it’s better than paying   for a Rolex watch or a smart suit for somebody who doesn’t deserve it. I want him to know that if he has a dispute in court, the judge will make a decision based on the merits of the opposing cases rather than on the number of zeros  in the opposing bank notes.

I  wanted  to stay and change the system from inside but I cannot do it alone. I know that many of  my fellow Albanians have a tendency to vote for the politician who promises them a job, bribes them or threatens them. Maybe I cannot blame them for doing it: they have to live.  I can certainly blame those politician who sees government jobs, not  as  positions of responsibility that are given to the most deserving candidate but rather as favours to be  dispensed to repay moral debts in the way that kings bestowed titles to friends in sixteenth century Europe or as despotic minister give jobs  in 21st century Africa. And as new people with no experience are given responsible jobs after every election and as new rules are made simply because the old rules ‘were made by the previous government’, the whole system is paralysed and stagnant.

I know that foreign governments who could help us will not interfere because they respect the right of our leaders to misrule and the right of the electorate to mis-vote for them. The fact that so many of us want to leave might suggest that we want   foreigners’   moral code to intrude on our sovereignty, although, of course, our politicians do not.

So as the international community won’t come to me, I‘ll try to  go to them. We’ve had 25 years of pseudo-democracy that has overseen a decline in morality  and, given the current educational system, there is no reason to believe there won’t be another 25 years of it.

While I may be able to grit my teeth and live through it, I don’t want my child to.

Alan, that’s why I want to  leave

Article reproduced with kind permission of The Tirana Times www.tiranatimes.com


Bildungs Mafia ohne Ende, wo heute im Universitäts Tempel ein Kindergarten betrieben wird und Diplome werden verkauft.

Keine Anklage gegen den Gangster: Astrit Veliaj mit der UFO Universität und NATO Versagen der Albanischen Küstenwache

Betrug, der Mafia Regierungen, finanziert und aufgebaut von Deutschen Politikern, einer verbrecherischen Entwicklungspolitik, mit der KfW dem sogenannten BMZ Ministerium und in Tradition, die absolute Inkompetenz im „Camorra“ Stile.

43.000 gekaufte Albanische Diplome und 21.000 im Ausland gekaufte und gefakte Diplome will die Albanische Regierung anerkennen

Klartext des OSCE Botschafters: Bernd Borchardt: Ambasadori i OSBE: Qarkullojnë më shumë se 2 miliardë euro nga droga


Wie man Präsident wird durch Richter Bestechung und Erpressung, Selvi Becaj, erhält nun den Kandidaten Posten in Kukes und der US Botschafter aktuell

„State Capture“ ohne Ende und vor aller Augen. Statt im Gefängniss, ist Ilir Meta nun Präsident, nachdem der hohe Geldsummen an US Regierungs Lobbyisten (sprich Bestechung und Erpressung) bezahlte. Deshalb verlassen auch gut situierte Albaner mit guten Posten, Albanien, wenn nur noch Betrug, Bestechung, Erpressung und Verbrechen nun seit 25 Jahre zum Erfolg führt.

Letter from Albania: Why I want to leave

Plötzlich erhält Selvi Becaj einen guten Kandidaten Posten, für das Parlament bei der LSI, denn die Tochter der vor wenigen Jahren höchsten Richterin Shpresa Becaj, erhielt nicht nur OSCE Diplomaten Posten in Wien, sondern die Mutter sorgte für den Freispruch von Ilir Meta, wo FBI Gutachten für illegal und echnisch nicht anerkannt wurden.

Nennt man „Demokratie“ heute, wobei eine korrupte Krähe, die Andere deckt. Schon der Generalstaatsanwalt Arben Rakipi, ermittelte vor über 15 Jahren, gegen Ilir Meta Premierminister damals, wurde in 2002 dann deshalb abgesetzt, weil die EU, USA, die Joschka Fischer Verbrecher Bande, dieses kriminelle Enterprise mit allen Mitteln als „Reformer“ verkaufte.
Selvi Becaj
LSI Kandidation in Kukes: Selvi Becaj
Alles International bekannt. Die Mutter wurde von Ilir Meta, genau gesagt von Spartak Braho unter Druck gesetzt, und weil man korrupt ist, wie der Vorgänger T. Kondi, erhielt man für den Start, einen Diplomaten Posten für die Tochter, und weitere Zusagen, über dieses dunkle Justiz Kapitel der „Skrapari“ Bande mit Ilir Meta.

14 Jan 2011 / 15:51

Albania Judge Denies Pressure From Scandal-Hit Meta

The head of Albania’s Supreme Court, Shpresa Becaj, has denied that any court decisions were influenced by outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta, who resigned today amid a corruption scandal.

Besar Likmeta


In a video published on Wednesday by broadcaster Top-Channel, which has not been yet authenticated, Meta is overheard saying that because he is on good terms with Chief Justice Shpresa Becaj – after having hired her daughter as a diplomat – he can influence the ruling of the court.

“I distance myself as chief justice of the Supreme Court from this issue,” Becaj said in a press conference on Friday. She said that she does not have the capacity to influence the court’s decisions, which are collegial, and added that her daughter had been hired because she deserved the post, and not as a favour.

However, in a television interview on Thursday on Klan TV, Meta said that had hired Becaj’s daughter at the request of the chief justice. The outgoing deputy PM. who was foreign minister at the time the videotape was recorded, said that Becaj’s daughter fulfilled the requirement for the position, and that his heart was touched because she was suffering from health problems.

Meta resigned from his post on Friday amid the controversy.

Corruption in the judiciary is pervasive. Many judges issue rulings that do not appear to have any basis in law or fact, leading some to believe that the only plausible explanation is corruption or political pressure. Broad immunity enjoyed by judges prohibits prosecutors from investigating corruption allegations until they make a public request to the High Council of Justice to lift the accused judge’s immunity, and receive its approval. Few judges have been prosecuted for corruption because most criminal investigations must remain secret, at least initially, in order to be successful.


US Botschafter: die korrupten Richter, Politiker, Adminstrative fürchten die Jugend

Ambasadori amerikan Donald Lu: Politikanët dhe gjykatësit e korruptuar frikë nga të rinjtë

Ambasadori amerikan Donald Lu: Politikanët dhe gjykatësit e korruptuar frikë nga të rinjtë
Ambasadori amerikan Donald Lu: Politikanët dhe gjykatësit e korruptuar frikë nga të rinjtë

Kohët po ndryshojnë. Politikanët, zyrtarët e qeverisë, gjykatësit dhe prokurorët e korruptuar kanë frikë. A e dini se nga kush kanë frikë? Ata kanë frikë nga ju!”

(Skandal)Kur reforma në drejtësi ka mbetur për sesionin tjetër parlamentar, ambasadori Donald Lu flet për frikë politikanësh dhe gjyqtarësh.

Para nxënësve të shkollave të mesme të 8 qyteteve, ambasadori amerikan theksoi se ka ardhur koha e ndryshimit.

Ambasadori i Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës, Donald Lu shprehet se politikanët, zyrtarët e qeverisë, gjykatësit dhe prokurorët e korruptuar kanë filluar që të kenë frikë nga të të rinjtë.

EU Vertreter in Tirana: “das Verhalten der Albanischen Politiker” ist ein Schande

Marije Cornelissen
Marije Cornelssen, Holländische EU Abgeordnete, spricht aus was sie über die Albanische Mafia denkt – welche sich heute Politiker nennen. Einer dümmer wie der Andere, mit oft extrem kriminellen Hintergrund. lt. SHIS Geheimdienst Report, von der Mafia finanziert.

14 Jan 2011 / 15:51

Albania Judge Denies Pressure From Scandal-Hit Meta